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Syrian Rue Dosage
by Erowid

Peganum harmala (Syrian Rue) seeds contain approximately 3% (2-6%) harmaline, harmine, and other harmala alkaloids (Shulgin 1997; Most 1985; G&Z 1985), along with uterotonic alkaloids that should be avoided by pregnant women (Ott, 1996; Shulgin 1997; Massoud 2002). Peganum harmala seeds are commonly used as a short-acting reversible MAOI in combination with DMT or DMT-containing plants, less commonly with other psychoactives such as mescaline and/or peyote (Ott 1996; Shulgin 1997), and even less commonly as a psychoactive in their own right (Ott 1994; Shulgin, 1997). While some people report chewing and swallowing the seeds directly, or swallowing crushed seeds in capsules, simple acid extractions are often used.

For use as a MAOI, 3-5 g of seeds (approximately 1.5 mg harmala alkaloids per kilogram body mass) appears to be sufficient to activate oral DMT; i.e., no increase in activity is noted above these doses (Ott 1994; Shulgin 1997; G&Z 1986). Dosages from 3 g up to 28 g are taken to produce psychoactive effects (Shulgin 1997; Most 1985). At psychoactive dosages, Peganum harmala typically produces heavy somatic effects (cf. Shulgin 1997). Due to its MAOI effects, it may be advisable to avoid certain foods in combination with Peganum harmala.

The charts below show typical dosages for use of Peganum harmala as a MAOI and as a psychoactive substance on its own. Note: Since Peganum harmala is not a standardized product, some batches of seeds have a higher alkaloid content than others.

Oral Peganum harmala Seed Dosages
Taken for MAOI Effect
Common3 - 6 g seeds (extracted)

Oral Peganum harmala Seed Dosages
Taken for Psychoactive Effect
Light0.5 - 3 g seeds (extracted)
Medium2 - 4 g seeds (extracted)
Strong4 - 8 g seeds (extracted)
Heavy8+ g seeds (extracted)

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