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Erowid Announcement #96
Jan 14, 2009
Friends of Erowid,

This Announcement message (#96, Jan 14, 2009) can be read online at:

Over Solstmas we kept ourselves busy with end-of-year accounting, working on back-end support systems for the site, and tracking some topics that are getting current media attention, notably the "Spice" product and 4-methylmethcathinone ("Mephedrone") (see below). As you know, it can take a bit of effort to sort out fact, rumor and fiction in online information sources, and we're dedicated to monitoring and interpreting these sources, and cross- checking with Erowid's network of experts.

This network includes you! In particular with non-English news, we rely on Erowid visitors to suggest potential updates to the site. So please do let us know what's news in your neck of the woods.

Uninterrupted access to a reliable information about psychoactive drugs... what is it worth to you? Make a resolution to give yourself and others the gift of knowledge in 2009 by making a small donation:

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth


  1. Spice Product Vault

    The legal herb-based smoking blend is reported to contain the little-known cannabinoid agonist JWH-018. The product has received substantial attention in Germany. Includes Bits & Pieces, Law, Media links, and more.

  2. 4-Methylmethcathinone Law (Major Update)

    Denmark, Finland, and Sweden have added various bans on 4-Methylmethcathinone, referred to in the media by its commercial name, Mephedrone. Deaths and hospitalizations have been reported.

  3. Who's the Crew: People who make happen

    A new page with short bios of the Erowid Crew to help introduce visitors to some of the crew who make Erowid happen.

  4. Psychoactive Plants in Tantric Buddhism

    An overview of the evidence of the use of cannabis and datura in Indo-Tibetan esoteric Buddhism.

  5. In Memoriam: Albert Hofmann

    A short obituary with several photos of Albert Hofmann first published in the June issue of Erowid Extracts.

  6. Gabapentin Image Vault

    With the publication of one new image of gabapentin tablets.

  7. Three new images were added, including:

    Advertisement for "Sedation Dentistry"

    Cannabis sativa Seeds

  8. Library/Bookstore - 10 books added

    Matters of Substance, by Griffith Edwards

    The Man Who Turned on the World, by Michael Hollingshead

    Entheogene Blaetter

  9. The Erowid Review, one new review added:

    The Butterfly Hunter, reviewed by Erik Davis

  10. 177 New Experience Reports

    One of the top rated experiences published was:

    "Far Too Much" (4-Methylmethcathinone), by Bazza

For a more complete listing of What's New at Erowid go to:
Conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets.

Between Dec 4 and Jan 14, four new tablet results were posted.

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