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Erowid Announcement #91
Jul 15, 2008
Friends of Erowid,

Erowid Center Benefit Party & Auction
Seattle, Washington -- July 19, 2008
Ticket Price: $25

Come join us this weekend to celebrate Erowid's newly achieved non-profit status. A speakeasy style cocktail event is being held for Erowid Center in Seattle Washington. Earth Erowid, Fire Erowid and Jon Hanna will all be there as well as DJs, a raffle, and an auction of entheo-relics, art, gift certificates and other goodies. Bring your checkbook or credit card to the event to help support Erowid!

Buy your tickets in advance! For details, see:

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth


  1. Meet the Teafaerie!

    First installment of "Teatime: Psychedelic Musings from the Center of the Universe", a new Erowid column.

  2. Ayahuasca Recipes

    A short text about ayahuasca recipes, including a table of traditional admixture plants, excerpted from Christian Raetsch's The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants,

  3. Ayahuasca Analogs and Pharmahuasca

    A brief overview of ayahuasca analogs, including a table of plants that contain MAO-inhibiting beta-carbolines. From The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants.

  4. Caffeine Basics

    An overview of the basics about caffeine, perhaps the most commonly used psychoactive on the planet.

  5. Caffeine Health

    Summary of some documented overdoses and deaths attributed to caffeine ingestion.

  6. Response of Cluster Headache to Self-Administration of LSA

    Scientific poster by Sewell et al. describing a recent survey of cluster headache sufferers about their attempts to use LSA-containing seeds to help treat their headaches.

  7. One new image was added:

    Solanum dulcamera

  8. The Erowid Review, two reviews added:

    Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom, reviewed by Lux

    Psychedelic Medicine [Volume II], reviewed by Bruce Sewick

  9. 141 New Experience Reports

    One of the top rated experiences published was:
    "When Light Exists in Darkness" (M. hostilis & P. harmala), by Jungle Girl

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