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Erowid Announcement #86
Jan 29, 2008
Friends of Erowid,

As we mentioned in December, beginning Jan 1, 2008, is now under the management of Erowid Center, our new IRS-approved non-profit educational organization. While little will change at first, this development represents a big step forward in Erowid's mission of providing quality information to the public.

We are now set up to receive tax-deductible donations and will be having a series of fundraisers and membership drives throughout 2008 to build support for this new organization.

Since the end of 2007 was filled with preparations for the launch of Erowid Center, we didn't get a chance to sent out an announcement of new content. That means we have lots of new content to announce. We will be breaking it up between two announcements, this one and another to follow in a few days. Also, make sure to check out the event announcement about the upcoming World Psychedelic Forum in Switzerland.

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth

Event Announcement
World Psychedelic Forum
Mar 21-24 : Basel, Switzerland

* Note: Registration cost goes up February 1st! *

Expanding on the success of the January 2006 International Symposium "LSD – Problem Child and Wonder Drug", Gaia Media Foundation's "World Psychedelic Forum" will present a unique opportunity for experts, researchers, and interested persons from all around the globe to exchange views and hear presentations of the latest research on the value of psychedelic substances in medicine, psychology, science, religion, culture and the arts. Erowid will have a booth at the event, and S. Thyssen and J. Hanna will be presenting a talk titled "What about Erowid? Questions and Answers about Online Drug Information".


  1. Carbogen: An Introduction

    Carbogen Redux: Contemporary Exploration of a Ubiquitous Inhalant

    "Carbogen" refers to a gaseous mixture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2). These two articles, originally published in Erowid Extracts #12, explore the history of carbogen inhalation as well as presenting information about health risks, dosage, its unusual, and sometimes profound effects.

  2. Drug Web Cites: Erowid Mentions in Print and Other Media

    Originally published in Erowid Extracts #12, Drug Web Cites describes the way that Erowid is discussed and used as a reference in more than 100 books, 110 peer reviewed journals, and 80 newspapers, magazines, or other media sources.

  3. Don't Mention It

    Don't Mention It, a short sidebar to Drug Web Cites, describes an article based on EcstasyData results that was published in a peer reviewed journal without our knowledge or participation, effectively "scooping" Erowid and undermining six years of original research.

  4. MKULTRA: Psychedelic Mind Control and Its Legacy

    An article from Erowid Extracts #12 about the history of the government mind-control program MKULTRA and how it is central to the history of psychedelics. (From Erowid Extracts #12)

  5. How Do You Know That?

    The story of how at least one law enforcement agent uses Erowid for reference material. (From Erowid Extracts #12)

  6. Salvia divinorum Law Update

    Between November 2006 and May 15, 2007, legislation was introduced to ban possession or sale of Salvia divinorum in fourteen additional U.S. states (From Erowid Extracts #12)

  7. Ketamine Effects

    Description and duration of effects of the dissociative psychedelic and anaesthetic, ketamine.

  8. Ether Chemistry

    Some basic info about ether chemistry.

  9. Ergot Timeline

    Significant dates in history regarding the ergot fungus, from which ergotamine, a potent vasoconstrictor and precursor to LSD, is derived.

  10. Caffeine and Drug Testing

    Information about caffeine and drug tests. Though caffeine is not specifically tested for in most tests, there are exceptions and issues.

  11. Conference Report: American Public Health Association Conference

    An Erowid probe into the world of public health (from Erowid Extracts #12)

  12. New Image Vaults
    Three new images vaults were added:




  13. 31 new images were added, including:

    Tabernanthe iboga root power

    Hyoscyamus niger Seedpods

  14. Ask Erowid: Can you extract ether from starter fluid?

    Ether is present in engine starter fluid, but it is not as easy to separate from petroleum distillates as the pervasive "water extraction method" would suggest.

  15. Art Vaults

    December Featured Artist: Gouy

  16. The Erowid Review, two reviews added:

    "Psychoses", reviewed by Adolfo

    "Hofmann's Potion" (film), reviewed by Thomas R. Roberts

  17. 507 New Experience Reports

    One of the top rated experiences published was:
    "Laughter, Tears, Rebirth" (4-AcO-DMT), by IndoleDreamStudies

For a more complete listing of What's New at Erowid go to:

Conducts laboratory testing of street Ecstasy tablets.

Between Sep 25 and Oct 31, results for six tablets were posted:

For the first time, we've included a result from the DEA's test results published in their online newsletter Microgram.

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