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Erowid Announcement #63
Dec 21, 2005
Happy Solstmas (!

We're psyched about the progress of the current matching grant offer, and have just 18 more *new members* to go to take advantage of all the available funds. For New Members:

Unfortunately, we're falling behind on our second goal of reaching 1,250 current members by the end of the year. It doesn't look like we're going to reach this target, but *we need your help* to get 100 new members or renewals in the next 10 days. For Renewals:

If you've been thinking of making a contribution to Erowid but have been putting it off, now is an excellent time to do so (an Erowid membership with a t-shirt also makes a great gift). Your donation of any amount helps us keep the collection of documents up-to-date and growing, providing advertisement-free information that can't easily be found anywhere else. Thanks for your help!

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire & earth


  1. Psilocybin Mushroom - Poisonous Look-Alike Images

    A new page for photos of mushrooms that resemble psilocybes.

  2. Silent Censorship: Risks and Benefits of Digital Content Filtering

    An article examining different types of content filtering and the impact they can have on data quality.

  3. Towards a Psychedelic Canon

    An introduction to the new Erowid Review. Including a description of why it's important to continue to review print books in the midst of the digital content age.

  4. Denmark Bans Several Chemicals

    In Nov 2005, Denmark passed a ban on several psychoactive chemicals including 2C-T-4, TFMPP, BZP, mCPP, and MeOPP.

  5. Missouri Schedules Salvia divinorum

    Missouri has placed Salvia divinorum into Schedule I of their drug regulations. We believe they are the first U.S. state to officially schedule Salvia.

  6. Two New Ask Erowid Questions

    Was MDMA first synthesized by Merck or by Fritz Haber?

    Does Bromo-Dragonfly fall under the UK ban on phenethylamines?

  7. eScottology - "Anticipation"

    November installment of the monthly column by Scott O. Moore.

  8. Art Vaults

    Seven new artists have been added to the Art Vaults this month.

    December Featured Artist: Adam Scott Miller

  9. The Erowid Review
    Three new book reviews were published:

    "Psychedelic Chemistry", reviewed by Merlyn

    "The Yage Letters", reviewed by LaMalice

    "From Chocolate to Morphine", reviewed by Midevil

  10. 97 New Experience Reports

  11. New Image Vault Additions
    Four new images were added, including:

    Galerina autumnalis

    Unusually tall Psilocybin cyanescens

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Between Nov 18 and Dec 21, results were posted for 5 pills.

The Ecstasydata project's funding ran out August 1st, 2005. At this point we are no long accepting pills sent in for testing. We are currently seeking grants to support this important project.

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