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Denmark Bans Several Chemicals in Dec 2005
Nov 2005

In Nov 2005, Denmark passed a ban on several psychoactive chemicals because they had shown up in the grey market in Denmark. The law comes into effect on Dec 3, 2005. The new ban includes 2C-T-4, TFMPP, BZP, mCPP, and MeOPP.

Translation by S, based on

Five euphoric drugs banned

Department for National Business and Health, Lars Loekke Rasmussen (Venstre, the governing party) bans five drugs, found for instance in ecstasy. The drugs can cause psychosis and poisonings.

/ritzau/ - 12:37PM - 24. nov. 2005 Lars Loekke Rasmussen (V) has decided to ban five new euphoric drugs, which Denmark's forensic chemists found in f.i. ecstasy- pills. The ban is following an appointment by the Agency of Health.

- Even though the Agency of Health has only received very few reports of the use of these new drugs, there is no doubt that there is a potential market for these drugs in Denmark - and very much so, when the drugs can be bought and sold legaly. It's about closing this market, before the young people really see these drugs, and start requesting them, Lars Loekke Rasmussen says.

The ban, effectuated on 3th of December, bans the drugs BZP, mCPP, MeOPP, TFMPP and 2C-T-4, which can cause psychosis and risk of poisoning and serious accidents and violence of the user, because the hallucinating effects, which alters the users state of mind and perception of reality.