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Erowid Announcement #34
September 17, 2003
Greetings Friends,

This is the second of two announcements we're sending out at the end of the summer, representing the last few months of updates and news.

As many of you know, the major recent story has been how a group of MDMA researchers accidentally gave their test animals methamphetamine instead of MDMA (details below).

Thanks to everyone who helped Erowid reach both our summer membership goals: 600 members by June 1st and 700 members by the end of July (we actually met it by August 11th, but that's close enough). In our ongoing effort to broaden our base of support to ensure that we're able to continue our work, we have a new goal of 800 members by the end of the year.

Chicago-Area Erowid Fundraiser! Some very kind people are organizing an Erowid Fundraiser on October 12th, featuring Daniel Pinchbeck, author of Breaking Open the Head. Details about this fundraiser can be found at:

In July, we participated in "Altered States and the Spiritual Awakening" [ ], a small conference organized by a new community group called False Profit. It's exciting to see really successful grassroots organizing that results in events of this quality.

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire, earth, & the Erowid crew


  1. Light Reading for the End of the World

    Scott O. Moore, editor in chief of TRIP: The Journal of Psychoactive Culture, presents this bizarre and interesting collection of short-stories as a fund-raiser for the Erowid Project. It can be ordered from: .

  2. Major Error in Ecstasy Research : Ricaurte Retracts Paper

    In September 2002, a John's Hopkins research team published a controversial paper suggesting MDMA caused "severe" damage to the dopamine (DA) system of the brain. In a major blow to their credibility, the Johns Hopkins researchers have now issued a full retraction of the article stating that all but one of the monkeys were accidentally injected with methamphetamine, not MDMA.

  3. eScottology

    "A Scotto eye-view of issues relating to psychoactives." Scott O. Moore, editor of TRIP: The Journal of Psychedelic Culture, writes a monthly column for Erowid visitors.

    August : A Story I Often Tell
    July : Dionysian Guilt

  4. Spirit Vaults 3.0

    This vault has been languishing in the background for quite a while. It has now been updated, cleaned out of dead links, and serves as the first vault in which the new "Erowid 3.0" front-end is being tested. That means the navigation has been upgraded for these pages, and represents an early taste of what's to come for the whole site.

    Because the new design uses javascript and CSS, please let us know if you have trouble viewing or using this area ( If you do report problems, please make sure to include information about your operating system and browser name/version.

  5. Overview of GHB Neuropharmacology, by BilZ0r

    The understanding of GHB's mechanism of action has changed substantially in the last 7 years. This article gives a brief overview of the current state of information about GHB's pharmacology.

  6. 4-Acetoxy-DET (Ethacetin) Degradation Investigation

    An analytical look at degraded 4-Acetoxy-DET.

  7. Sources en Francais [French Language Resources]

    More translated pages have been added (and continue to be added!) to this vault, notably from the psilocybin mushroom, Salvia divinorum, MAOIs, and Cannabis vaults. Deep thanks to LaMalice for all his work on this.

  8. Ayahuasca Law : 10th Circuit Court Approves Preliminary Injunction Protecting UDV

    Another (very) small step in the legal protection of the União do Vegetal (an ayahuasca-using church).

  9. New Chemical Basics Pages:

  10. New Plants Page : Diplopterys cabrerana

    A long-missing vault on an important DMT-containing ayahuasca constituent plant.

  11. Families : Dialogs

    Erowid has been gathering stories of families who value cannabis and psychedelics, and how they address issues surrounding psychoactives. The newest dialog is:

    'Leading really different lives...'

  12. Art Vaults Additions

    September Featured Artist : Misterkeith A
    August Featured Artist : Erial
    July Featured Artist : Goodvision

  13. New Image Vault Additions
    We've added four new images to the Vaults:

    Glass DMT Water Pipes
    Ketamine Bottles

  14. 261 New Experience Reports

  15. Two New Ask Erowid Answers

  16. Books Added to the Library / Bookstore
    We've added eight new books to the library. A few highlights:

    Psychedelic Monographs & Essays Volume 4
    Plants in Garden History
For a more complete listing of What's New at Erowid go to:

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