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Psychedelic Monographs and Essays
Volume 4
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Thomas Lyttle
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PM&E Publishing Group
Part One - Sociology
  • The 'Seven Deadly Sins' of Media Hype Considered in Light of the MDMA Controversy, by Thomas & June Riedlinger
  • The Breaching of Don Juan's Teaching: A Twenty Year Review of Carlos Castaneda's The Teaching of Don Juan (1968), by Ray Clare
  • A Visit with the Albert Hofmann Foundation, by Phoenix
Part Two - Cybernetics
  • Meditation and Resonance Effects, by Philo Stone
Part Three - Pharmacology
  • Risk Assessment: The FDA and MDMA Research, by Rick Doblin
  • A Chemical and Pharmacological Review of U4Euh / Intellex, by The New Age Chemist
  • The Mushroom Entheogen - Part III: Harvesting and Storage (with Appendices), by C.B. Gold
Part Four - Literature
  • Criminalizing the Natural, by Dr. Timothy Leary
  • The Poet and the Dreamer: A Perspective on R. Gordon Wasson and Timothy Leary, by Thomas Riedlinger
  • Where the Pantagruelion Grows, by Ben G. Price