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Erowid Announcement #31
March 19, 2003
Greetings Friends,
"It's Erowid's reports on side effects, on precise doses, and its
long list of recipes, that make it the encyclopedia of altered states."
-- CBS Evening News, Jan 27 2003.
On January 27, CBS Evening News ran an short "Eye on America" feature about "recreational drug web sites." Their report focused on Erowid's role as an information source and questioned whether such information should be available to everyone. This 3 minute piece led to a doubling of Erowid's traffic for several days following the report, with more than 40,000 visitors each day. For a transcript see:

It's been a few months since the last email announcement we sent out. As usual we've been hard at work on a variety of projects. We've also been trying to hone our fundraising skills this winter as we continue the challenge of trying to make up for a $60,000 shortage in 2003.

We've just finished a matching donation offer for contributions over $200. We successfully reached our goal of $8,000 before the April 1 deadline and would like to thank those of you who helped us make the most of this generous grant. We are really amazed by the financial and moral support people have been sending our way. We'll be continuing with the fundraising efforts throughout the year. If you have the ability to help, please consider joining the growing ranks of Erowid supporters.

As we have for the last two years, Earth and I will be presenting at the Mind States conference this May. The conference will be held in Berkeley, California May 23-25, 2003. The list of presenters is looking great! For more information about the conference, see:

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at

fire, earth, & the Erowid crew


  1. 1987 DEA Blotter Catalog

    This is a collection of LSD blotter published in 1987 in the DEA publication "Microgram". It shows (poor resolution, black and white) images of more than 150 samples of street blotter along with testing results showing the amount of LSD found on each. Great historical data.

  2. DARE Vault

    This new vault provides some information and a collection of links about the DARE program, including studies about its efficacy.

  3. Syringe & Needle Basics

    Basic information about needles and syringes including the most common types, what various measurements mean, and which sizes are used for different types of injections.

  4. 4-Methylaminorex Basics

    A summary of the basics about 4-methylaminorex, also called euphoria, intellex, or "U4Euh".

  5. Poppy Biscuits

    Information about a novel poppy preparation method.

  6. List of Journal Articles on Presence of DMT in Humans and Mammals

    A collection of 20 references about the presence of DMT in both humans and mammals.

  7. UDV New Mexico Ayahuasca Case Timeline and Overview of Events

    This timeline of the UDV Ayahuasca trial in New Mexico provides a good outline of the case with links to more information.

  8. Major Law Updates

    On January 28th, the DEA announced its intention to emergency schedule both AMT and 5-MeO-DiPT. The final emergency order placing them in schedule I has not yet been issued, but could be made at any time.

  9. New Vaults
    Nootka lupine
    Justicia pectoralis
    Mescal (Sophora secundiflora)

  10. Art Vaults Additions

    March Featured Artist : Scott Cranmer
    February Featured Artist : shiptu shaboo
    January Featured Artist : Jorn Endresen
    December Featured Artist : Erin
    November Featured Artis : Drew French

  11. 552 New Experience Reports

  12. New Image Vault Additions
    We've added 136 new images to the Vaults. A few highlights include:

    Atom LSD Blotter
    Tabernanthe iboga Seeds
    Psilocybe weilii
    Carisoprodol Tablets
    Nitrous Oxide Cartridge and Cracker

  13. 36 New Ask Erowid Answers

    Featured Question: Does LSD Make Your Brain Bleed?

  14. Books Added to the Library / Bookstore
    We've added 91 new books to the library. A few highlights:

    Scrapbook of a Haight Ashbury Pilgrim
    Shamanic Snuffs or Entheogenic Errhines
    Legal Muscle: Anabolics in America
    The Peyote Religion Among the Navaho
    Magic Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy

For a more complete listing of What's New at Erowid go to:
The EcstasyData project is running out of funding. The testing of tablets is an expensive process, costing $100 for each tablet tested. If you have any suggestions for organizations who might be interested in providing a grant for this ongoing harm reduction project, please let us know.

84 tablets were received and tested between October 22, 2002 and March 18, 2003. Visit the submissions page to find out how to send in a tablet for testing.


If you find Erowid a useful resource and are interested in supporting its future development, please consider donating or becoming a member.



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