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Erowid Announcement #14
May 29, 2000
Hey Entheophiles,

A few gems and a few basic additions in this announcement. Things continue to go well at Erowid. We're not getting many donations...but that's ok because we're really enjoying what we're doing. :}

Keep your eye out for the next announcement where we'll show you all the great collection of images that have been submitted during May. Image Submission Month runs through June 5th. There's still a few days to submit images and be considered for a couple of prizes.

We welcome submissions, suggestions, criticisms, or corrections at peace,


  1. Opium Poppy Cultivation

    Originally published in 1972 this booklet has now been republished online at Erowid. It is a nice introduction to the cultivation of the opium poppy by John W. Allen.

  2. PMA Vault

    PMA, a chemical which is reported to have been found recently in tablets sold as Ecstasy (MDMA) in the Chicago area, Canada and Australia. Two people died last week reportedly after ingesting these pills. We've collected some information here both about PMA and about the Chicago deaths.

  3. New Drug Testing Vaults
    DMT :
    DXM :
    LSD :
    LSA :
    2C-B :
    Ketamine :
    Salvia :
    Mescaline :
    Meth :

    We receive a lot of questions about whether or not certains substances will show up in a drug test so we've started putting together more pages to answer this question for a wider variety of psychoactive plants and chemicals.

  4. Notes from the CA toxicologists conference on rave drugs

    Earth attended a recent conference of the California Association of Toxicologists on "Rave Drugs" and has written up notes on what he heard. It's an interesting to see some outside perspectives on the rave scene. Thanks to MAPS for sponsoring his attendance.

  5. Training the Trainers - Notes from a MI anti-medical mj conf.

    We've started collecting notes from variuos conferences related to psychoactives. This is the second to be added to the collection.

  6. 2 New MDMA Studies

    Two more studies on MDMA and it's effects on memory and cognitive function.

  7. New Timelines
    GHB :
    Cacti :

    Two new timelines, listing a few of events in the history of GHB and the use of psychoactive cacti.

  8. Alprazolam FAQ

    A brand new and comprehensive FAQ on Alprazolam (Xanax). Written and submitted by Mr. Egomaniac.

  9. Methamphetamine FAQ

    Not a new FAQ, but new to Erowid.


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