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Like Ketamine but With a Clearer Head
Methoxyketamine, Alcohol, Ethylphenidate & Cannabis
by khyral
Citation:   khyral. "Like Ketamine but With a Clearer Head: An Experience with Methoxyketamine, Alcohol, Ethylphenidate & Cannabis (exp99776)". Oct 2, 2015.

  repeated   Ethylphenidate
    repeated   Alcohol
    repeated insufflated Methoxyketamine
    repeated smoked Cannabis
    repeated smoked Tobacco


Jolly-Dí intro

Got 500mg 2-meo-ketamine free with other rcís. I've done 100+g 99.8% pure ketamine plus many other hallucinogens and dissociative drugs at high doses. I donít feel like Iíll die tonight so meo-ket time. I've taken this shit in like 10mg bumps before to negate ethylphenidate (which btw was exactly what I was looking for) but tonight it's time to really feel it. I donít have scales so I estimate weight by eye. I have a very fast metabolism and have taken dangerous amounts of drugs without issue before. Due to this I suggest you do not take my dose or with my combinations, and remember, no one likes ketamine.

JD went to the pub to write lyrics (rap) on around 30mg ethlyphenidate and consumed 6-10 units (UK) in the process. His girlfriend joined him after work at around -0045.

Dat man just insufflated a large amount, 100mg by eye measurement from a 500mg bag, fuck it, the phenidate has a weird comedown with his depression which makes him feel shameful and in need of punishment.

Went to the garden and let the dog out while he has a one-skin ting. High THC and very low CBD on this blend so more of a sedative than a cerebral high. Drank 2 units in 330ml solution.

Just started typing this report, he feel clear headed aní that his retrospectives are a clear reflection of the feeling at the time. He feels slight body sedation and finds it hard to type at speed, such as a large amount of alcohol. He is aware that he may not be making sense yet is unable to remedy the situation. J feels like he need to go for a walk which is common on phenidate ( which he must say is beautiful and he is about to stock back up) JD feels he will take some more (as he has no work or classes tomorrow). He is listening to vinny paz (dark hiphop) ďI donít care if I die, upload it anywayĒ he thinks. He feels very floaty at this point, like real ketamine but with a clearer head.

(direct quotes from audio interview) ďI feel really depressed but very very awesome. I havenít taken ketamine in ages and this stuff is better. I did shit tons and Iím not in a hole, Iím not really tripping but the fucked up wobbly floaty feeling is there, but it's nice, I will take another bump and go for a walk along the hills.Ē He is really into the music in his headphones. He must be being quiet because his girlfriend is asleep

(drunk) Still listening to dark angry hip hop (vinny paz, ICP ETC) The fields he is about to walk through are hilly and covered in hidden bogs and rabbit holes, my friend will remember what he can about the trip both before and after he smokes his planned 50-50 weed to tobacco one skin of fresh skunk and light tobacco in his Rizla blue king skin with a 2cm roach.

01:15 Hey yo it's JD, I'm just rolling my 50-50 high thc weed to light baccy king skin. I will do around another 100mg of 2-meo-ketamine before I leave. I'm relatively shore I'll be fine. It's not that strong compared to pure ketamine. I have taken most drugs so I know how to deal with the feeling, I feel it would be novel for a first dissociative if nothing else. Slight head high amplified by alcohol. Feel floaty.

(from audio recording) ďI'm finally done rolling that joint. Cant wait to go out to see if I can walk cuz I feel fucked up a bit, one leg numb-ish. Imma do one more lilí bump before I go blaze. 30 mg up the nose. Let's do thisĒ

Rolled a cig and had to come back from my joint (which I left by my keyboard) listened to a song and got a quote in my head (living for living sake) fuck it. Imma do another line.

Entered the code into my safe wrong the first time. About to take about 25mg. Overall I must have done 250mg after this. I would not suggest this amount to anyone but I feel I can take more without death occurring. Did it, nostril still stings, deep breaths, clenched jaw. I canít stress enough how people should not try this dose unless they donít care if they die. Nostril fine now, I'm going out.

Back. I can kind of walk and kind of talk although talking isnít my main concern. I assume if someone saw me they would assume I was drunk. Extremities are difficult to control. Typing is slow and inaccurate yet my mind is clearer than on real K. Slight light generating hallucinations in peripheral vision, listening to dark lotus, zone in and out, in is brilliant but low concentration. I will have one last spliff (a strong ciggerate size) and report back before I go to bed. I only see the publisher of this occasionally but I will soon review Ethylphenidate and AMT.

So goneÖ.its like 4am and my partner is getting up in a few hours. Very ketamine-like feeling, everything is far away and hard to touch. Legs are drunk. Iím drunk my partner woke up and harassed me a bit. I will do the remaining 200mg and report while off everything else. For now, nice ket feeling without dark thoughts and association with death. Donít do this high of a dose, ever.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99776
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Oct 2, 2015Views: 2,869
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Methoxyketamine (709), Ethylphenidate (563) : Combinations (3), Various (28)

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