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Good Morning Sunshine
Sceletium tortuosum
Citation:   Trichilia. "Good Morning Sunshine: An Experience with Sceletium tortuosum (exp96637)". Sep 23, 2019.

  smoked Cannabis (daily)
    oral Vitamins / Supplements (daily)
    oral Tea  
  1 bump insufflated Sceletium tortuosum (ground / crushed)
This isn't going to be a painstaking Shulgin-grade trip report, but rather a simple explanation of the effects of a single dose of Sceletium taken when under the influence of nothing much else at all.

Background: I'm experienced in, well, everything. Stimulants, psychedelics, empathogens, sedatives, narcotics, deliriants, tranquillisers, dissasociatives, hallucinogens, RC's...all of the above, and a wide range of things known only to insects, animals and distant tribes. I smoke tobacco infrequently, cannabis daily and drink alcohol but not on a daily basis. I take a few minerals and nutrient supplements each day too, but no prescription drugs. I consider myself fairly healthy and have no mental health issues.
I consider myself fairly healthy and have no mental health issues.

I recently received two vials of a gram of Sceletium powder from a friend who is very well versed in the ways of the entheogen. I live close to the worldís source of native sceletium, so itís fair to say the substance is fresh and, as I trust my friend implicitly, unadulterated. Itís a light brown powder, very fine, which have the unique woody plant smell that Iíve come to identify Sceletium by. I must also add that, until this morning, I had taken the same powder before many times, when under the influence of other drugs (mostly stimulants such as methcathinone, cocaine, MDMA, methylone, mephedrone accompanied by alcohol and mild amounts of cannabis or hash). All of these previous times, the powder Ė almost always snorted off a card or off my thumbnail Ė had little effect. Iíd even compared it as having Ďno more effect than an espressoí. This time was different. Because I wasnít high on other, stronger, substances? I would say so.

So Ė itís 8am, Iíve just had breakfast and Iím about to head off to work, Iím 100% sober. I look over at the two vials and think ĎHmmm. Why not try this, straight up?í So I do Ė with my usual technique of tapping a fair bit (approximately 60mg) out of the bottle into my crooked forefinger, wrapped around the end of my thumb. Whoof.

I sip my tea, and go about my busineÖwhoa. Suddenly, everythingís a little lighter, a little faster and ever so slightly dizzy. I would compare this (much as Iíve seen reported elsewhere) as being comparable to a small amount of alcohol, without being too physical. My mental state is sharpened, but thereís no push as with a stimulant. Rather, this is a gentle lift in mood and faculties. I continue to drink my tea, pack my work stuff and wait for my wife to join me as we head off to work. We walk a mile or so to the train and chat about our planned holiday. While waiting for the train Iím in a pleasant mental state, planning my day and going over work matters. By the time I get to work about half an hour later I would say all effects had worn off, though, having said that, I noticed an improved mental ability that lasted until about midday.

All in all, the experience reminded me that I should allow substances to work their magic instead of expecting them to smack me upside the head
the experience reminded me that I should allow substances to work their magic instead of expecting them to smack me upside the head
, as is my usual method.

Iíll be doing Sceletium again, quite soon. Iím looking forward to using it on its own, to see how it performs without being overshadowed by other, stronger, chemical, drugs. Itís a safe, positive and mood-enhancing substance.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96637
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38
Published: Sep 23, 2019Views: 10,443
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Sceletium tortuosum (179) : Alone (16), General (1)

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