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I Doesn't Stand for Impressive
2C-I, Nitrous Oxide, Cannabis, & Kava Kava
Citation:   HeWhoLives. "I Doesn't Stand for Impressive: An Experience with 2C-I, Nitrous Oxide, Cannabis, & Kava Kava (exp9599)". Erowid.org. Sep 24, 2001. erowid.org/exp/9599

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T+ 0:00
16 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 3 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  T+ 2:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  T+ 6:30 275 mg oral Kava (roots)
I managed to obtain some 2C-I just days before it became unavailable on the exotic market. I was very excited about this because the reports on Erowid were mainly glowing. I originally wanted to start with a 20mg dose but decided to scale down after reading the one bad low dose report on Erowid. I am now glad that I acted cautiously. I realized that I have gone about ingesting research chemicals in a rather rash way in the past and have subsequently decided to use more caution.

I went over to a friend's house on Saturday and we eyed out approximately 16-17 mg of this substance. Our method for measuring this type of dose is to eye out 3 equal piles from a pre-measured 50 mg pile. Thinking that the doses may turn out to be too small, we each also eyed out and set aside a 5 mg booster.

At 9:50 PM we mixed the doses in with Coca Cola and drank it down. It was a beautiful fall night out so we went out to the porch to sit and wait for the effects to begin. About half an hour into it, I felt tension in my neck and jaws. There was energy and shivers going through me but at first I couldn't tell if it was caused by nervousness about the experiment, the drug itself, or the chill in the evening air.

Around 10:50 we decided to go inside because we were too cold. I definitely felt effects at this time. A lot of mucous accumulated at the back of my throat and I was salivating more than usual, both common signal effects when I start coming onto many psychedelics. My friend said he felt kind of like he was rolling and his knees felt weak when he walked. I think that we were more sensitive to the chilly air because of this drug. We both had the chills for quite awhile after we went inside.

Half an hour later, the physical effects were fully manifesting. These effects were similar to Ecstacy but with more of a body load. The tension in my neck and face increased quite a bit and both my friend and I developed heart burn and had upset stomachs. The body load felt more uncomfortable to me than Foxy, 2C-T-7, and even 2C- T-2. Strange as it sounds, I prefer the stomach cramps of T-2 over the heartburn and other effects of 2C-I. In my opinion, T-2 feels more earthy almost like mushrooms. 2C-I felt very synthetic and slightly toxic. I do want to note that I went out drinking the night before and the beer gave me an upset stomach all that day. Another experiment with this drug may not produce the stomach problems. However, since my friend also complained of heart burn, I tend to think that the 2C-I at least had something to do with the upset stomach. The body load was intense enough that I decided not to take my booster and my friend never took his either. Around this time, we got into some nitrous while listening to psytrance. The nitrous added its classic 3 minutes of intensification of course. However, the nitrous also increased the general synthetic feeling of the experience. We inhaled about 6 whippets but I really didn't feel like doing any more.

Around midnight, we smoked some Kind bud. The weed pretty much settled my stomach, which I found amazing because weed, even good weed, usually doesn't do this for me. The weed also took the edge off the physical part of the trip and seemed to bring out the visuals. I think I'll make sure I have some weed around when I try this drug again. I found that this substance, as well as being more physical, was less visual than T-7 or T-2. I don't recall seeing any patterns but the visual aspect of the trip consisted of heightened colors, wall breathing and slight visual distortions. My friend experienced more visuals than I did though.

As with most research chemicals, the transcendental mind effects were completely absent. I decided that I have paid too much attention to these purely recreational hallucinogenics and need to start focusing on more entheogenic substances. I've struggled with the possibility of spirituality in general over the last 3 years. Psychedelics have facilitated some of my most spiritual experiences. I need to get back to entheogenic substances to 'refresh the faith' so to speak.

The rest of the night was not very eventful. We had a very pleasant time talking, listening to music, and watching the raging thunderstorm that developed later on in the evening. Around 4:15 AM, we each took a gel cap of Kava to help us sleep and smoked some more weed. Around 5 AM, we went to bed. I had no trouble drifting off but my friend told me the next morning that he had trouble sleeping. I opened my gel cap though and he did not, which might explain why I easily fell asleep. Like the other 2C's, 2C-I was a definite stimulant.

Today, the next morning, I feel sore and a little hung over. I stayed up pretty late on Friday and Saturday though and slept on the couch, so the 2C-I may have not had much to do with my state of being the next morning.

I am disappointed with this drug as I thought it would be a more lush physical experience like Foxy. I want to experiment with it some more but am anxious about upping the dosage. I am afraid that the body load might become too uncomfortable at higher doses. I think that I will also try to be well rested and feel good physically when I do this again. I might try taking Kava to begin with and see if that smooths out the trip. As of now, 2C-I is one of my least favorite research chemicals.


Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9599
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 24, 2001Views: 26,980
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2C-I (172), Nitrous Oxide (40), Cannabis (1), Kava (30) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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