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Opiated Hash - or Something Else
by Partly Dave
Citation:   Partly Dave. "Opiated Hash - or Something Else: An Experience with Hash (exp94006)". Nov 1, 2019.

  joints/cigs smoked Cannabis - Hash
    smoked Unknown
    smoked Tobacco


At the time of this experience I had been doing a lot of drugs, and doing them every day. LSD, mescaline, magic mushrooms, Mandrax (downers), cannabis, hash oil, and my favorite – hashish. I had a good cheap supply of hash as my neighbour was a major importer, and I got to try most types from around the world, including some opiated varieties.

Around the corner from my apartment was a fast food place, run by three Lebanese brothers. I ate there most nights and I guess they had seen me and my friends carrying on like idiots.

One night I was eating alone and the eldest brother approached me and quietly asked me if I wanted something to smoke. He said that someone had given him four joints but they were too strong for him, he didn’t want anything for them and thought I might like them. “Sure,” I said “always grateful for a free smoke.” He went out back and returned with three skinny single-paper joints, as he passed them over he said that he had thrown away the one he had been smoking after a couple of hits. I put them in my jacket pocket and promptly forgot about them.

A few months later, I had moved to a different apartment in another part of the city and was visiting four girls who lived next door. We were just hanging out, had had a couple of smokes and were chatting and listening to music, as you do. I reached into my pocket for something, and came out with one of the joints the Leb had given me.

The girls were like “What is that, a toothpick?”, and “That’s not going to go far between the five of us…” Anyway, I lit it up and we passed it round. It smelled like hashish, and also had another scent over top of that, similar, but not the same as some of the opiated hash I had previously smoked.

By the time the joint got back to me I was feeling pretty wasted, a couple of the girls passed it on without smoking on the second time round, saying they had had enough.

I finished it off, and by that stage I was starting to hallucinate swirling patterns on the walls, and intense rainbow lighting effects from the lamps. The physical effects were very strong, with waves of tingling all over my body, heaviness of limbs and general lethargy.
The physical effects were very strong, with waves of tingling all over my body, heaviness of limbs and general lethargy.
None of us were speaking, just zoned out.

About three or four minutes after we finished the joint, one of the girls threw up. That was the trigger for two more of them to do likewise.

The remaining girl (she had only had one small drag) and I got them into the bathroom and cleaned them up a bit, and then got them a bucket each and put them to bed. She then said she was going to bed too, and could I lock the door when I left.

By this stage I was still really high, but had switched into a coping mode, having got the girls to bed, and reassured one of them who was having a hard time dealing with the effects. She was becoming very fearful, and worrying that she would never come down from the high, but eventually went to sleep. None of them threw up again, and the other three didn’t have the paranoia.

I then decided to clean up all the vomit. That’s how stoned I was! I managed to do most of it until it occurred to me what I was putting in the bucket – then I nearly threw up too! I crashed out on their couch for the night, and we finished the job in the morning.

We opened up the remaining two joints to see what had caused such strong results. There were a few strands of tobacco, probably less than a third of a cigarette, and the remainder looked like black dirt.

We end up splitting up those two joints into a six or seven joints, and saved them for weekends! Two of the girls didn’t want anything to do with “that stuff”. With the “dilution” of the hash, it was still strong, but easier to handle.

I went back to the diner a couple of times to find out what it was we had been smoking (and could I get more), but never caught up with the oldest brother. One of the other two knew about it, but not the details.

I had opiated hash a few times after, and the effects were in some ways similar, but nowhere near as intense.

Forty years on, this is one of the few drug experiences that stand out.

Exp Year: 1972ExpID: 94006
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Nov 1, 2019Views: 1,187
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Cannabis - Hash (93), Unknown (120) : Combinations (3), What Was in That? (26), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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