How I Became Omnipotent
2C-P & Amphetamines
by RainbowEater
Citation:   RainbowEater. "How I Became Omnipotent: An Experience with 2C-P & Amphetamines (exp93863)". Jan 2, 2017.

50 mg oral 2C-P (liquid)
    repeated insufflated Amphetamines (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Tobacco  
    repeated smoked Cannabis  


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

Hello. I will tell you the story of a young boy, me, who took 50 miligrams of 2c-P. I am 18 years old and live in the suburbs of a city. I kinda took drugs to my liking when I was in high school, at the year 14 I started smoking pot, at the age of 16 I started doing everything else (except opiates, I've never wanted to try them). Well, psychedelic substances are my favourite group. For the past year and a half I've done over some heroic doses (40mg 2c-E, 0.6g mescaline, 285ug lsd + dmt, are some of them), tho I never really counted them for heroic. So I decided last week to do something special. I took 50mg of 2c-P (heavy dose is reportedly 16+mg).

I was at my friends house (I will call him P), he introduced me to this drug, Pentedrone, which was kinda MDMAish. But in about half an hour I had to take my leave and go pick up my 2c-P. I got it mixed with water in 1mg/1ml ratio and I drank whole 50ml of it after I picked it up. The time was 17:44.

I went to grocery store and bought cigarettes, oranges and some juice. I can feel something inside me.

I arrive back at P's house. Another friend was also there (I will call him C). They were both on pentedrone. Me and C sniffed some speed and P some pentedrone. We went and smoked a blunt too. I could feel butterflys in my stomach, because I was a bit nervous, I had never taken such a big amount of a psy. I had expierienced ego death on several occasions before and I was not scared anymore, I knew I will probably experience one tonight. I can slowly feel 2c-P inside me.
We listened to music, did speed [around 0.75 mg] and smoked weed.

Another friend arrived at P's house (I will call him H). We went outside on a local hill and smoked to blunts and did a bit speed. Effects started kicking in. I could not really see what is on the ground, everything was moving and I knew this is nothing. There was rainbow everywhere and especially in my head. I was not able to converse normally with my friends anymore. H left us and we went back home to P.

We arrived back at P's house. Me and C sit down on P's bed. We were in his room listening to music. We also did a bit more speed. Visuals were starting to get intense, I was getting lost in everything. And music was so magical. I started feeling that 2c vibe I also had on big doses of 2c-E. Might be those were only stomach aches but I felt as if energy was moving trough me. Music slowly fucked my head up. The real mindfuck came when P started playing electric guitar, those sounds totally blew my brains.

We went on a blunt and C left the house. Just me and P now, listening to music. But there, shit began. I started getting paranoid, I just couldnt handle it. My being would not listen to reasoning of my friend anymore, because I was starting to see police lights out of every window I looked. I started asking P if we were about to get in trouble and no matter how many times he told me we werent I just kept asking him, because I started hearing cops talking outside and people walking around hallway. Then came the devil. Everything resembled something satanical. I had encounters with Satan before on my trips but this was too much. I also couldn't do anything to calm myself down. I didnt even notice my friend wasnt on drugs anymore, I kept asking him if he is also tripping, but he said he isnt and that blew my mind. I slowly realized I am looking at hallucinations. I've rarely had them or at least this powerful, there were patterns and colors everywhere yes, but reality itself was warping into something disastrous.

Then it hit me. I totally broke and I've never broken in my life on any other psy substance. I have had bad trips and stuff, but I never let that ruin the fun of the spectacle, I went through them with a smile on my face. But this was something different I couldnt do shit and reality collapsed.

My friend vanished from my field of vision, I could only feel him somehow through warmth. My body temperature was going nuts, not one finger on my hands had the same temperature as his neighbour nor did any part of the finger had same temperature as the other. I slowly didnt even hear my friend anymore. I got lost into this plane of 2c-P.

I starrted whispering to my friend P, I started shouting his name, I repeated hundred times »WHAT IS TIME?«, I asked him again if he was tripping, but to my grief, I couldnt even understand what he answered if I even heard his reply.
Time stood still.

I was lost in the universe of dimensions. My story began here. There were these spirits in this world, that would help guide me. But first I had to figure out how to live here.

And I clenched to that VILE, VILE vibe, that was going trough my whole body, raging like nothing I ever felt. So I slowly learned how to control the vibe.

It was actually a story happening in several dimensions altogether. Look dont get me wrong, I'm not a spiritual kinda guy, and I know this was just drug messing with my brain, but there is no other term known to me that would describe this. And it was happening inside me. First, I was just lost in this enormous space. I despaired for some time, but slowly I started noticing that the vibe that goes through me is having an effect on how things worked here.

I dont recollect much memories but through practice I worked on my skill of handling this vile energy, first in one dimension, next in two, after that in all three and then spirits told me I will be able to control this if I can control it in several dimensions.

I kinda reprogrammed myself or at least that is how this tuning worked and I could follow my friends through time into some kind of world of spirits, where I honed my skills even more.
I wont go through whole story, because it lasted for something that seemed like several months.
it lasted for something that seemed like several months.
I am not kidding, I even forgot I have a body outside this world. And the end of the story?

Well, I grasped control of the vibe, learning all its secrets it was then that I truly became god of the 2c-P universe, I became omnipotent being in this wicked bowl of dimensional mindfuck.
AND BAM I was slammed back into reality.

I hugged my friend and slowly understand what he was saying. I told him I was now fine and I wasnt tripping anymore (yes, tho I was still in the peak, that experience was so intense this seemed like the substance wasnt even working). I saw that he was out of his mind, he told me he called around, checked the net and everything because I was going nuts and that he is tired of my shit if I dont figure out what to do (he said I can be in his room or I can leave but he was tired and just wanted to go to sleep already). I understood and took my leave, apologizing to him, because I finally understood what he meant.
This story took place between 21:30 and 00:30.

I went outside, but I was happy. I reprogrammed all my fears and all my doubts, my omnipotence was undeniable. I could still hold onto the vibe and listen to its stories and nothing could surprise me anymore. I called a friend (I will call him K) and asked him where he was (I knew he was somewhere outside). So I went to this public place where a lot of young people meet and drink and smoke weed. I walked by many policemen and even an ambulence drove by me, but that stuff didnt make me nervous anymore, I had everything under control. I then slowly realized I was still tripping hard, because if I wasnt listening to the vibe inside me I would get all lost again, but that was okay, i If fell into a fractal a story came up and I could listen to the story in several dimensions through the 2c-P vibe.

I came to K and there were other friends around and people I didnt even know. One of my friends was having a birthday party outside and people were drinking and rap-battling. I started telling K the story of my evening, but I was really confused, if I talked for more than half a minute I would lose myself in the visuals and in the vibe. So it took me long to explain him basic details.

After that me and K and another friend went and did some speed. And afterwards we smoked some and I made myself confortable at this fire barrel. I was eating my oranges and listening to the vibe. If someone started a conversation with me, I was a bit silent because I knew I could not talk for long. I also lost my wallet that evening and no one reported to find my wallet anywhere. Though I had my personal ID, student ID, bank card and healthcare id inside I wasnt irritated much, I knew I couldnt do shit, I checked everywhere but just couldnt find it. Visuals were still intense and vibe told me stories of landscapes and dimensions I cant even imagine anymore.

People were leaving home and I was the last one left. Trip was starting to get down a bit even though I still saw rainbows and things were moving. But it was not intense anymore. I put on my grumpy face and went home. I wasnt really grumpy though, I just didnt want to be bothered by people. It was a trick I learned, I could listen to the vibe and be just conscious enough to see where I was going.

I forgot to mention, but all this time I was able to split my ego or go into artificial ego death. If I did that I could follow the vibe and its story.

I arrived home and played a videogame and browsed the net. Trip was wearing off, at first I was still a bit rainbowish and even the vibe started being weaker.

Visuals were almost all gone, but I could still feel some vibe inside me. I went back on the bus to see P and to apologize to him again for my rudeness of yesterday evening.

I returned to where I started tripping. I realized that the 4 key characters in my story were actually P, P's cat, C and another of P's friends, which came to visit us previous evening but I was tripping so hard at the time I almost didnt remember him. He too came again to P's house about half an hour after I arrived for the second time. We smoked two joints and talked for a long time. Weed made colors come back again, and I was starting to zone out again.

We left P's house and smoked another one, but I went out and met with H from yesterday evening and explain to him all this crazy stuff that happened. We smoked some and later, few other friends came too (one of them K) and we smoked some and then K had to leave and those guys came with me to my place, but I was getting tired, I have slept for three hours in last three days, and my trip started getting deliriantish.

We were at my place, but guys took leave after twenty minutes, I dont think I was good company. I was silent and rarely spoke, mostly just giggle at things and I couldn't say I knew what people thought.

I passed out on my bed.

I then woke up 15 hours later and the substance was gone. I dont feel any different then before this trip. And it was a totally wicked trip. Visuals were astounding, mindtrip blew me away. Shulgin wrote in Pikhal: »There was one report of an experience in which a single dosage of 16 mg was clearly an overdose, with the entire experiment labeled a physical disaster, not to be repeated.«

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93863
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jan 2, 2017Views: 1,554
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2C-P (305) : General (1), Various (28)

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