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Entering Insanity
Belladonna (root) & Cannabis
Citation:   Marty M. "Entering Insanity: An Experience with Belladonna (root) & Cannabis (exp93015)". Sep 29, 2014.

T+ 0:00
4 g oral Belladonna (liquid)
  T+ 0:15   bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I have long been interested in the belladonna plant, so one weekend I decided I would buy some of dried roots of the plant and make a tea with them. One other friend of mine was also going to trip with me, and a third friend who was going to be our sober sitter. Make sure you have a reliable location to trip at, because this plant causes the most vivid hallucinations Iíve ever seen. Iíve experimented with several different psychedelics in the past, acid, 2c-e, 2c-I, 2c-b, and mescaline, to name a few. But none of them adequately prepared me for this trip. Belladonna is not to taken lightly, and you can very easily fall into a bad trip. However, if you just let the drug work inside you, it can be one of the most intense (in a good way) moments of your life.

T0:00 (3:35 am) We first measured out 8 grams of the roots and boiled them in 2 cups of water for 25-30min, basically producing two 4 gram doses. Trust me, you want to drink as little as you can, purely because the Ďteaí tastes like dirt and sand.

T0:35 It took about 5 or so minutes for each of us to drink our cups. We felt nothing initially, perhaps just placebo/anxiety mixed with excitement. Tip: the awful taste can be remedied with food (I had starbursts, yum) and by pinching your nose to cancel out some of the taste.

T0:50 My friend and I then smoked a couple bowls as we were waiting for the belladonna to kick in, and by the time that we finished the second bowl, we could both tell instantly that the belladonna was taking hold.

T1:20 The belladonna was starting to make itself known quite effectively now, and many of the starting side effects I read about in other reports were visible. Blurred vision, random fits of laughter (may have been the weed at that point), very slight vasoconstriction in hands and feet. One thing I did not expect from this plant was the almost unbearable cottonmouth. Seriously, the drymouth is hell incarnate. I recommend NOT EAT ANYTHING while coming up, it makes the dry mouth so bad that it may cause a bad trip. Stay hydrated at all times during the comeup, if you fail to consistently drink water your mouth and throat will become dry to point of dry heaving until you drink something.

T1:45 At this point I lost all concepts of what was reality and what was a hallucination, but I will try my best to portray what exactly was going on with my body. Because I had been drinking so much water, I really needed to relieve myself, but simply getting out of my chair proved to be a somewhat impossible task. It took all the strength in my body to lift myself from the chair, and after I stood up I collapsed onto the floor, beginning to drag myself to the toilet. Once there, I became fully aware of how powerful this plant is. Inside the toilet bowl were millions of black dots scurrying all around, it actually became an entertaining game to try and knock them into the water with my urine, however, to my dismay, when I woke up the next day I found out that I didnít even pee in the toilet, just all around it.

T?? This is where my memory of the night stops, and I completely submitted to the plant. I only have bits and pieces of my own memory, and my sober friend tried to fill me in on what happened. The hallucinations became extremely realistic at this point. Audio distortion was very heavy, and the visual distortion was to the point where I could not read anything. One thing I noticed was that the visual blur only affected letters/numbers, whereas the rest of the world retained (I use that word loosely) its normality. My brain became mush, and a powerful, powerful state of confusion washed over me, making mundane tasks such as getting more water almost impossible. I remember walking around my dorm thinking I was naked, and there were at least 10 people in every room. I didnít know any of them, but I was able to talk to quite a few of them. They seemed to ignore my nudity, and I understood this to be a sign of friendship. In my room there were 4 people Iíve never seen before, my little brother, and a hallucinated version of my sober friend (who at the time was actually trying to help the other guy was tripping off the floor). We all talked for what seemed like years, discussing many things from the roman empire to how butterscotch was made.

At one point in the night I vomited all over the dorm, which I remember quite well. My sober friend was starting to freak out at this point, as he really had no experience with dealing with people who were tripping. He told me to get some paper towels to help him clean the mess (in my defense, the majority of my vomit landed in the toilet, but I let some slip out onto the floor before I could get there), and he sent me to the dorm kitchen to pick up his paper towels. Upon arriving, I could clearly see the roll of paper towels in a basket. I stared at the paper towels for what seemed like hours, watching numerous patterns race across them, making them change colors and glow with light. I then forgot why I needed them and went back to where my sober friend was, and upon my arrival he got angry because I didnít bring back the paper towels. He asked me why I didnít have them, and I told him that I found a basket and some tea, but fooly cooly wasnít there.
The next thing I remember was being in my bed listening to pink floyd listening to my sober friend yell that I was never to do this drug ever again. Lol.

According to my sober friend, he heard me stop talking and moving around 8AM in the morning, but because I locked myself in my room on accident, he couldnít check to see if I was doing okay. It is now 8:20 pm, and there are still very slight effects from the plant present and observable. My vision is still somewhat blurred, but only to the extent where it is noticeable, and as I write this report my vision is getting clearer and clearer.

To wrap up: only take this drug if you are ready to descend into complete insanity. When the drug takes hold of you, you do not control how you function, it does. Itís far, far more intense for me than LSD, or most other hallucinogens. Stay hydrated at all costs. I cannot stress that enough.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 93015
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Sep 29, 2014Views: 27,157
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