Fantastic Time
H.B. Woodrose, Meclizine & Cannabis
Citation:   Moopie. "Fantastic Time: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose, Meclizine & Cannabis (exp88791)". May 28, 2020.

T+ 0:00
15 seeds buccal H.B. Woodrose
  T+ 2:20 1 tablet oral Pharms - Meclizine
  T+ 0:00     Cannabis
While this was my first H.B. Woodrose trip it certainly wasn't my first plunge into the ether. I regularly smoke marijuana and occasionally indulge is some sort of opioid or another. But I look for fun trips to take when the mood washes over me and the last couple of weeks I have been wrestling with the mood. After doing much research I decided on HBW because LSA seemed like an appealing chemical to me
After doing much research I decided on HBW because LSA seemed like an appealing chemical to me
and HBW seemed like the best way to get it. After doing even more research I decided on a method of ingestion that combined the best parts, at least in my mind, of the reports I had read. It mostly relies on sublingual absorption but I do ingest some of the seed matter.

I started by finding what seemed like a reliable source for HBW. I initially picked up some Ghana strain seeds from an online vendor. I saw “not for human consumption” on the website and in my haste didn't read the fine print. Once I realized my mistake I promptly found someone selling the Hawaiian strain online who had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and ordered from them. After receiving my Hawaiian strain seeds I set to work preparing myself and the seeds.

First I ground the seeds in a coffee grinder to get them as fine as possible. Finer the grind the more surface area of the seed is exposed. I DID NOT remove the outer “furry” layer from the seeds. In my research, anytime I came across something remotely scientific it spoke of the cyanide in the outer husk as nothing more than a popular urban myth. I'm sure nothing would be lost, besides some time. (Note: When grinding the seeds I used pulse power. LSA is very temperature sensitive and spinning blades and motors can lead to serious heat if left on for too long.)

After grinding the seeds I mixed the powder with half a teaspoon of distilled water. At this point I let the mixture sit for about ten minutes as I prepared myself.

I brushed my teeth and my gums. The ideas here are to make sure there are no foreign objects or dead cells in way of absorption as well as increasing blood flow to the area to aid in uptake speed. I then swished a mixture of vodka and mint mouth wash (50/50 mix) around my mouth for several minutes. This burned like hell, but the idea here is to weaken the cell walls of the gums to increase uptake further.

By this point my mouth felt exceptionally clean and the seed powder had absorbed the water turning it into a sort of a paste. I then spread the paste along my lower gum line and my upper gum line the best I could. It then became a waiting game. After ten minutes the saliva had turned the paste into a seed stew in my mouth and I began swishing the mixture back and fourth, allowing the mixture to touch as much gum surface are as possible.

After 25 minutes it was time to spit out the mess in my mouth. But knowing that human saliva is vastly underrated as something that breaks things down I feel like spitting out what is essentially a warm, and potentially powerful, extraction down the drain. At this point I moved as much of the grit as possible to the front of my mouth and sucked all the juices out of it and swallowed them. I then spit out what looked like the majority of the actual plant matter and a small amount of brown saliva.

6:20 PM: Finished dosing less then five minutes ago but already felt a warm sensation rush over my body.

6:45 PM: Started feeling what can only be described as drunk. Decided to play some Street Fighter.

7:00PM: Feeling completely trashed and barely able to tell what I am doing with the arcade stick. Finally feeling hungry after fasting all day in preparation for the trip. Asked the wifey to make me some pasta. I took a hit of marijuana.

7:20PM: Somewhere in between asking for pasta and it being made for me I found myself entering into the ether. I had lost interest in Street Fighter and wandered to the couch to relax a bit. By the time the bowl of pasta made it to me I was less interested in the food and more interested in how good the warm bowl felt in my hands.

7:25PM: After I spent five minutes staring at my food and feeling the bowl the wifey asked if it was good. It then occurred to me I had not yet tasted it. I took a single piece of pasta and put it in my mouth. It was good and, more important to me at that time, it felt good in my mouth. I rolled the piece of pasta around in my mouth for several minutes before swallowing. After proclaiming it was good I set the bowl down with the intention of eating it. But I shortly entered into an amazing internal struggle. The LSA had crept up on me and it started to feel completely normal to be torn between eating the food and not. I laid on the couch and fought with myself for a long time. I would sit up and grab the bowl and set it back down promptly then throw myself back on the couch to continue my internal debate.

8:00 PM: The wifey spoke to me again and it was enough to let my grasp reality long enough to know I wasn't going to eat the food anymore. I had her put it away for later and manage to make my way over the computer. I opened up MS Paint and had a grand time drawing whatever my heart wanted while listenign to music. The music felt excellent and unexpectedly the drawing was less about making fun stuff, as it was when I colored when on shrooms or drew on cactus, and it was more about how amazing each individual mouse stroke looked and felt. I took a hit of marijuana.

8:20 PM: From here until 9pm I don't really remember what happened, I lost myself in the ether, but I do know there was a period during which I could not stop dancing regardless of what else I was doing.

9:00 PM: My favorite TV show came on for a two hour special. I was instantly engrossed. For the first hour it felt as though I was in the show with the characters. I was emotionally invested in every action they took and found myself asking the wifey things like, “What are we going to do next?” when the show went to commercial. Oddly enough when the second hour of the show started I lost the feeling of being part of the story and felt as though I was the director. I could clearly hear calls for action and cut. I found myself critiquing the acting of each person on screen as though they could hear me and would care.

11:00 PM: At this point I've come mostly back to earth. Things make sense again and I no longer was exhibiting the signs of tripping. But the tail end of the affects were still easy to feel. Things were much more pleasant than normal and I felt very at piece. I took a shower and the wifey and I took a trip to the grocery store. Things there were nice too but nothing terribly overwhelming came of it.

After sleeping soundly for nine hours I exhibited an extremely pleasant mood that seemed unshakable until almost twenty-four hours from the dosing.


1.About halfway through the trip I had a bit of nausea. I'm not sure if it was a function of not eating all day, the HBW or a little of both. Regardless a single “less drowsy” Dramamine later it went away.
2.Marijuana did seem to intensify the trip the times I smoked it. But I was so far gone I couldn't tell you if it was the marijuana effecting the trip or if I just smoked at convenient intervals that allowed it to seem that way. On my next trip I intend to take a smaller dose and see if the Marijuana actually increases the experience.
3.I took, what seems to be, a rather large first dose. I know it may not seem like it from the way I write it. I enjoy the feeling of being lost in the trip
I enjoy the feeling of being lost in the trip
, having little to no control over where it goes, there were several times during the trip where someone not prepared could have panicked.
4.I didn't have any CEVs of OEVs but the fact of the matter is I was so engrossed in the things I did I forgot to even look for any CEVs and the room was bright and vibrant I would have been amazed to find OEVs.

All in all it was a great trip that I plan on revisiting in the near future.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88791
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: May 28, 2020Views: 1,530
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