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The Effect of ADHD on Various Drugs
2C-I, 2C-E, Spice, JWH-018, Cannabis & Alcohol
by Stephen P.
Citation:   Stephen P.. "The Effect of ADHD on Various Drugs: An Experience with 2C-I, 2C-E, Spice, JWH-018, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp88323)". Dec 28, 2013.

  oral Alcohol
    smoked Cannabis
    smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids
    smoked JWH-018
    oral 2C-E
    oral 2C-I
    insufflated 2C-I


When I was a child, I swore that I would never use drugs in my life. I was against them and I never wanted to have anything to do with them. Why? Because I respected the adults that surrounded me. I heard the message that drugs that were deemed illegal by the government were dangerous and bad for your health. I believed every word of it. I was around kids my own age that received the same message from their parents and I maintained a drug-free life for many years.

I had first been offered to smoke marijuana when I was in the beginning of my 8th grade year. It was my first opportunity and I rejected it due to being indoctrinated by the adults that my friends and I were always around. After that opportunity, I didn't come across another opportunity to do any type of controlled substance for several more years; however, in my 9th grade year, I had turned 15 and was being surrounded by friends of mine more frequently. My friends were very much your average adolescent teenagers who lashed out against their parents and did things against their wishes regarding drugs. This began my turn in my perspective of drug use. My friends had started drinking alcohol, and I was very much against it due to it being illegal for minors. One day, I decided I wanted to party with my best friend Alex who was a year older and far into the scene far before I knew about it. I drank for the first time in my life, outside of those sips of alcohol my parents offered me, and I was drunk for the first time in my life. It was an experience that I took for granted and would open up my life to inhibition of my mind.

After my first night being drunk and my first hangover I was open to drinking alcohol because I liked the feeling of being drunk. It was something I hadn't experienced for the first 15 years of my life and I nearly fell in love with it right away. I wasn't addicted to alcohol nor was I addicted to being drunk. I was addicted to slowing down my mind. The sensation was something I hadn't experienced before and I liked it.

By the time I had turned 16 I drank occasionally with friends but since I didn't have any friends old enough to buy alcohol, I didn't get drunk often. I did have friends that occasionally smoked weed, but I was still against it due to it being illegal. In retrospect I appreciate the irony however I don't know if I would be writing this if it weren't for my opinion back then. My opinion kept me out of trouble in school (regarding drugs). I continued to drink, until my worst experience with alcohol: alcohol poisoning. It happened when I was 16 and I had drank many times before at this point. I drank so much that I blacked out while at the mall and my friends ended up calling my best friend Matt to come pick me up. He showed up and so did his mom. She was incredibly pissed at me as I vaguely remember, however she took me to my house where I was handed off to my parents. I later woke up on the floor in only my boxers, laying on a towel. I later learned that my parents took care of me and I was absolutely shit housed. My punishment by my parents for drinking underage was very fair and I didn't drink again for several months. It was then that I learned alcoholism ran in my mom's side of the family and they weren't upset at me, more so worried that I had an alcohol problem at the age of 16. This was not the case however, and it is this reason that sparked my hypothesis on drug dependency and ADHD. My Papa doesn't have ADHD nor does my uncle or Mamoo (grandma). Both of which were alcoholics earlier in their life. Even now, my Mamoo and Papa drink nearly every night and are what are considered functional alcoholics. Alcohol doesn't cause a problem in their life but their body is dependent of the chemical. My body, when I drank alcohol did not feel a dependence no matter how often I drank, or even when I stopped drinking after a binge.

Skipping ahead to my first time smoking weed, I was 17 (3 months from turning 18). The details of why I decided to try it are unimportant but it was along the lines of knowing I was joining the Army and didn't think I was going to have an opportunity to try it until I was out of the Army. This was an obviously uninformed rationalization on my part but I wouldn't take it back for the world. I fell in love with being high instantly. I had been around people who got high all the time and from a sober perspective being high doesn't look like that much fun at all. From a high perspective, it is easily one of the most enjoyable things I have ever introduced to my brain. From there on out, I smoked weed at every given opportunity that I could. The opportunities increased with the more friends I made that smoked weed. It was essentially a self-perpetuating cycle. I smoked weed with new people and later I would smoke with them again while new people came and smoked with us and I would then smoke with those new people later, etc.

I was definitely considered a stoner by the end of my senior year. I wouldn't touch any other drug, due to the successful indoctrination of the adults in my life of how dangerous drugs were. I didn't do any research for myself so I believed everything that was told to me. I would have been able to do ecstasy nearly any day of the week, however that didn't appeal to me. I liked my marijuana and I was not looking for anything different. It was then that I accepted that I had an addictive personality. Prior to weed, the only thing I admit to being addicted to is video games. I spent countless hours on video games. Essentially years of life after adding up all the hours spent in front of the computer or TV were used playing video games. I say used, not wasted, because I do not regret any of those moments. However, I can honestly say that I have never had a physical addiction, only mental. This is the worse of the two, because your mind is powerful and is nearly impossible to separate from your body, whereas someone who is physically addicted to something can physically be restrained from doing something until the physical dependence subsides.

I would consider myself addicted to the state of being stoned. My whole life, my brain worked faster than many of the 'normal' type people who surrounded me. I have always been much more impulsive, easily distracted, and I had ridiculously large amounts of additional energy. Getting stoned put my mind and body in a state of relaxation and I would appear much calmer than my usual self. While I was stoned, I could still think rationally, and I could still have brilliant epiphanies that I had when I was sober.

Now, skipping ahead to the point where I had been in the Army for 9 months. I met another one of my best friends while in Alaska, named Devon. He told me about the 'legal' marijuana substitute called 'spice'. I decided to check this out for myself and I did a little bit of research online. I was skeptical of course because I didn't believe that I was going to be able to get high as if I was smoking weed, without being able to piss hot on a drug test. However, I took his advice and I ordered some.

My first time trying it, I was instantly high. I was equally as high as I was when I was smoking weed. It acted exactly as though THC was in my body. This was something I started to abuse right away. I was back to my old weed-smoking self. I would get high as soon as I got off work. One bowl got me stoned and lasted hours. This however was my recreational use. Recreational in the sense of the amount I would smoke and frequency.

About 6-7 months later, Devon did some more research and found out how to make spice. I jumped on this as soon as I found out. He found that the active ingredient in spice that actually got you high was the chemical JWH-018. This chemical acts as a cannabinoid agonist against the CB2 receptor in your brain. THC is a cannabinoid agonist against the CB1 receptor, and gets you high in a slightly different way. Regardless of the type of high it gives you, it still gets you high. I was suddenly able spend $100 to make 50g of spice where before I would be spending $75 for 3 grams. My pockets started to bulge with money because I no longer had to spend so much money to get high. I was getting stoned like never before. I would smoke around 10 grams a day after work and around 2 ounces between my friends every weekend. Life was good and I felt like I was a pioneer in the drug industry. I would sell small amounts here and there to people who were also as interested in the drug as I was. I wouldn't get greedy by any means but the operation to make the spice would pay for itself and I was then able to save my Army paycheck every month.

I then began to experiment with other types of JWH and the amount I would use when making the spice which all acted in a similar fashion to 018, but some would trigger the cannabinoid receptors at different frequencies, so the high would be more intense. The beautiful thing behind the JWH series is that none of them are physically addictive and to those with normal type brains (those without ADHD/ADD) wouldn't even become mentally addicted. Several of my friends have ADHD/ADD like myself and we all had our love of spice in common. The friends that didn't have ADHD/ADD didn't like the stuff as much as us and were able to take frequent breaks in their use of the spice, compared to those of us that had ADHD/ADD. The problem with those of us that have ADHD/ADD is that our tolerance to the drug increased at a very rapid pace. Originally when we were buying 3 gram bags they would last us nearly all week. By the time we were making it in such large quantities, we could smoke ounces at a time and not get nearly as high as when we first started. Our friends with normal type brains did not experience their tolerance go up as much as us as fast. They eventually got to our level but it took a much longer time and all they'd have to do was to take a short break from smoking and they'd be back to their old tolerance. We weren't that lucky.

This is where this article becomes very applicable to the title. We found yet another research chemical (JWH is a research chemical), a drug that was made in laboratories and very little testing has been done on it and is not recognized to be illegal, called 2C-E. This was something on a completely different level. In short, it was Super Acid.

I had never had experience using any other drug in my life outside of the cannabinoid type drugs and was trying something completely outside my normal realm of drug use. 2C-E is best described as a combination of Acid and Ecstasy combined into one little pill. The amount for an average dose is around 20 milligrams. Since I didn't have prior experience and I knew this was a research chemical I was prepared to take a light dose. I split the pill between 2 other friends and it sent us tripping balls for 9 hours. It was an incredibly strong drug and I threw up due to the body overload I received. I was able to watch walls melt, paintings dance, toilets talk, small cracks in the ground became canyons that I could scale, etc. I had no experience with this and it was the greatest thing I have ever taken. My senses (touch, sight, and sound) were multiplied by 3. The amount of happiness I felt was completely unsurpassed in anything I've done in my life before. Imagine the carefree joyous experience you felt when you were a kid who woke up on Saturday morning after school and Saturday morning cartoons were ready to be watched and then you'd go outside and play with your friends and have no cares in the entire world. Nothing could possibly go wrong to ruin your day. Now multiply that by 3 and you'll know what that happiness felt like when I was on 2C-E. My other friends who were also tripping with me all felt the exact same way and they all had ADHD/ADD. Our brainwaves were completely synchronized. We were able to see what the other saw in our hallucinations and we could affect the world to each other and see the exact same thing. It was absolutely phenomenal. Keep in mind, this was all of us on 2C-E and all with ADHD/ADD. The next day we all felt mentally drained, but that was due to the power of the drug, and we did not have any sign of dependencies.

Another time, we had another friend who did not have ADHD/ADD try it with us. She started out the exact same way as us. She felt very happy, saw the amazing visuals, and even threw up from the body overload. It was during this time I realized that not everyone responds to drugs the same way. Yeah, no shit I heard it before, I just never experienced anyone having a bad trip and to this day I still have never had one despite the negative things that have happened to me during my trip. We were all enjoying the trip and then she started having a bad trip. She saw something in the mirror that she didn't like which was her distorted self image and she punched the mirror. It broke and she started freaking out. She felt the extreme emotions of anger and sadness which I did not think was possible because I was literally incapable of feeling those emotions while on the drug.

I've talked with all my friends regarding it and even after that bad trip she tried it again and had a blasty blast. But it was the fact she was able to have a bad trip that raised my questions in the differences between those of us that took it. The difference was that she did not have ADHD. This was only a hypothesis and one 'test' is not something you can base your final result off of.

Later on I found out some of my friends dappled into using cocaine. I did not partake in this due to the fact that I just am not interested in trying something that doesn't make me trip. I personally love to see hallucinations and trippy stuff and I am well aware that cocaine is not something that will do that for you. What I heard regarding this was that since cocaine is a party drug it amps you up and all that good stuff and I already knew that cocaine is definitely associated to addiction. Our same 'normal type' friend was part of the group that did it and after her first few lines she was experiencing symptoms that my friends recognized as fiending (the bodies craving for more to feed it's physical addiction). The friends of mine that have ADHD/ADD did not feel any of the physical dependencies with coke.

Their experimentation with the coke didn't last long enough for the mental addiction to set in, but the instant physical addiction associated with coke was not present in those with ADHD, compared to the one who did get the near instant addiction.

After a period of time I met more people and separated myself from others but maintained my friendship with my friends that have ADHD/ADD and we decided to start trying more hallucinogens. This was where we discovered 2C-I.

I describe 2C-I as a mushroom and ecstasy sandwich. I have not personally taken ecstasy but when I was on 2C-E everyone was telling me that the body buzz feeling is associated with ecstasy so I know that if I were to take ecstasy I know exactly what to expect. The active ingredient in Mushrooms that cause you to trip is psilocybin. 2C-I causes the body buzz in conjunction with the trip of psilocybin (which I have taken straight). I would consider 2C-I a mild form of 2C-E. It's more of a party drug than 2C-E because not everything is nearly as intense to deal with. I consider it a 'energy' drug. It's magical because I can pull myself out of a trip if I want to. 2C-E is far more difficult to control however it is still possible if you have a strong mind which is something I strongly associate with ADHD/ADD. When I say energy drug, I mean that if the people around me are partying and the energy is high, I'll feel like I'm rolling. If the energy is low and people around me are tripping out to colors and visuals, I will to. If nobody is doing either and I am just talking and having an intelligent conversation my mind will be incredibly open and I'll have amazing intelligent thoughts that just fall into place as well. If I am around someone else who has been drinking but not on 2C-I I'll actually start to get a little drunk without having any alcohol in your system. It's a very mind expanding drug similar to mushrooms. One of the glories of the drug is that it over rides all previous body inhibiting drugs. For example, I can smoke a shit ton of weed/spice and I won't get high and I can drink a nearly endless amount of alcohol and I won't get drunk. In my opinion it's best to take by itself and just enjoy the ride wherever you want to take yourself to.

My friend Devon had a brilliant idea of putting 2C-I into an absinthe bottle. He measured out the amounts so that 1 shot of the absinthe will equate to 1 dose of 2C-I (about 20-25 milligrams). He brought this bottle to a party in which many people took a shot or several if they were already drunk and didn't realize the potency of the drug. Since the drug doesn't actually start to kick in until around 45 minutes to an hour after oral consumption (30-35 minutes if consumed nasally) many people started freaking out when the 2C-I kicked in. Not everyone had a bad trip but the people that did were people who did not have ADHD/ADD.

I have later discovered in my research that those with ADHD (not associated with ADD) actually have a naturally high production of serotonin. This allows us to feel happier and overcome other natural emotions such as sadness, fear, and anger, which are emotions that cause for a bad trip. So from the above experiences with the various drugs and hours of additional research from various scientific websites regarding ADHD/ADD I have come to the conclusion that many drugs are indeed affected by ADHD/ADD in a positive fashion. It allows for users to have an overall positive experience when taking drugs of different sorts without the potential of the negative side affects associated with the drug being used.

I am in no way a scientist with a degree, nor do I have credentials for being considered an 'expert' in the field. I have written this article through my experiences and read articles of scientific research done by professionals for hours to come to my conclusion.

I hope my article will lead to more research in the scientific community on this very topic.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 88323
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Dec 28, 2013Views: 5,400
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