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Not the Best Idea
Buprenorphine with Naloxone (Suboxone), Alcohol & Cannabis
by Tela
Citation:   Tela. "Not the Best Idea: An Experience with Buprenorphine with Naloxone (Suboxone), Alcohol & Cannabis (exp87969)". Nov 23, 2022.

T+ 0:00
1 shot oral Alcohol - Hard
  T+ 0:00 2 mg insufflated Pharms - Buprenorphine
  T+ 0:30 1 shot oral Alcohol - Hard
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
A friend of mine instant messaged me, asking me to go to a get-together at another friend's house. The initial plan was just to drink, and I was fine with that.

The friend and I arrived more or less at the same time, and the mutual friend and two others were there and already very intoxicated from Bacardi Superior rum. It didn't take much insistence for me to take a shot of the rum right off the bat.

A few minutes later, my friend took me aside and asked if I wanted to do some Suboxone with him. I agreed, not thinking much of the shot I'd already had (I've drank while on Oxycontin and other pills before in my life, so I knew I'd just have to not drink much at all at this point) and he gave me about a quarter of an 8mg pill, taking a quarter for himself, and we snorted the powder.

The tiny bit that went to the back of my throat tasted somewhat citrus-y, and he told me it would take about two hours to really feel it, so I already knew to wait and not ask for anymore Suboxone.

Within about 25-30 minutes, it felt vaguely like a Lortab high, and I didn't think it was going to really get substantially stronger. I took another shot of Bacardi, deciding that was all I was going to drink that night, and thinking that I would be completely fine. My friend had compared it to an Oxycontin high, saying it was the strongest he'd ever had, but he'd also previously insufflated more than a quarter of a pill a few weeks previous. I figured that's what he was referencing.

I went outside to have a cigarette, and felt very slightly more high. My friend lit a joint, which all of the people there and I passed around, and I felt even higher. This seemed typical, however, as marijuana has always intensified my highs.

I smoked another cigarette and sat down on the back porch, noticing that I was beginning to feel extremely tingly, the way I had with Oxycontin previously in my experiences. I hadn't been keeping track of the time very well and had left my phone in the house, so I assumed it had been over two hours at this point. In reality, it had been just over an hour.

We went back inside and listened to some music, and the others there had us do 'The Cupid Shuffle'. I was a little more off-rhythm than usual, and I thought that was kind of odd, but felt otherwise okay.

We went outside close to the two hour mark to smoke a bowl. At this point, I was sighing to get deep breaths occasionally, which was uncomfortable, and my mouth felt really dry. I poured myself a cup of water, and that alleviated the dryness of my mouth, and talking made my respiration feel much better.

We smoked the bowl, all had another cigarette, then I sat outside on the porch. Everyone wanted to go in, but I told them to go on, that I just wanted to sit for a minute. I felt extremely comfortable, and had a great body buzz. Everyone told me it was cold outside, but I just shrugged it off. In spite of my t-shirt, I thought it was the perfect temperature.

Everyone went back inside, but left the door open. I didn't follow them back in. After about half an hour, they came back outside to make sure I wasn't unconscious or something, and I was sitting up just fine, staring off into space and feeling great, albeit a little warm. We decided to smoke another bowl.

After the bowl, we again elected to smoke a cigarette, and I was definitely feeling the Suboxone at this point. I was shaky, slightly nauseous (which sipping the water seemed to help), and alternating between chilly and hot. I was still feeling the more positive effects of the drug - the amazing body buzz and calmed thought processes I often get from opiates - but I was becoming a little concerned about how strong Suboxone was proving it be
I was becoming a little concerned about how strong Suboxone was proving it be
; it really was comparable with Oxycontin.

Everyone but my friend who had also done the Suboxone went inside, and I sat there with him, sipping my water and attempting to read my horoscope on my phone. After ten minutes or so of trying to read the four or five sentences, I was forced to give up. The Suboxone was that strong. I also noticed that I had been zoning out a lot, and that my eyes kept crossing. I could barely see straight at all, and I wasn't sure I was a huge fan of the feeling.

He talked to me for a bit, and I was seized with the urge to vomit. I quickly took a few sips of my water, and the urge passed, but I was still uneasy. Puking on pills is a horrible feeling, and one I had no intention of having that evening.

At about the four hour mark, one of the other people at the get-together came outside and said everyone was going to sleep, and that we should come inside so we could crash and lock the door. I was kind of tired, having been nodding out a little bit, so I agreed.

I discovered then that it was quite a chore to walk. I couldn't see straight, and my limbs felt really heavy and useless, so it seemed to take ages to finally make it to the living room.

When we finally made it to the living room, my friend and I sat on the couch for a little while, looking at apps on his iPhone, but both of us were way too high to play any of the games proficiently. After a little while, we decided to lay down and go to sleep, he on the couch and me on the loveseat.

I tried to go to sleep, but kept having minute muscle spasms which kept me awake. My mouth also kept getting really dry, so I kept having to sit up to sip on my water. My friend likewise seemed unable to actually fall asleep for more than ten minutes at a time, and was also sipping on his water.

At about 8AM, some contractors knocked on my friend who owned the house's door, and she asked us to head home so that we could actually sleep and not be in the way of the contractors. Neither of us had really been able to sleep, so we agreed and walked to my house, which was a little less than a mile away - at this point, it had been about 8 hours since I'd taken the Suboxone.

We got to my house and I walked in, only to be immediately overcome with nausea when I sat down. I rushed to my bathroom, where I promptly projectile vomited up mostly liquid. I felt immediately better, but hadn't projectile vomited in some time, and had a really bad feeling about the Suboxone.

I turned the air conditioner on, and made my friend up a bed on the couch, then went to my room with my laptop. I tried to get on [social media], but still had problems focusing on words, and finally had to resort to just listening to music and smoking a cigarette.

At this point, I felt really chilly, so I put a jacket on over my t-shirt and then felt very sudden nausea again. I rushed to the bathroom just in time to projectile vomit again - this time also liquid. When I sat up, I was alarmed to notice that my face, and arms were noticeably saturated with copious amounts of sweat. This was alarming, but I did feel better again after this bout of vomiting, so I went into the living room and made up a bed on the other couch with a sheet and pillow; I had decided my room was an overall uncomfortable temperature.

At about 1pm, I woke up and took my friend home, but still felt kind of weird. There was a huge thunderstorm, so I fell back asleep at about 4pm, and slept until about 8, still feeling a little funny at that point.

At about the 24 hour mark, I no longer feel high, but I still feel a little odd. Suboxone is very strong stuff - I'm sure it's great for its intended purpose. I would not, however, recommend it as a recreational drug for anyone.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87969
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Nov 23, 2022Views: 1,282
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Cannabis (1), Alcohol - Hard (198), Naloxone (339), Pharms - Buprenorphine (265) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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