Intense and Unexpected
Cannabis, Passionflower, Mugwort & Controlled Breathing
by SelrahcMada
Citation:   SelrahcMada. "Intense and Unexpected: An Experience with Cannabis, Passionflower, Mugwort & Controlled Breathing (exp87640)". Sep 2, 2020.

  repeated smoked Cannabis
    repeated smoked Passion Flower
    smoked Mugwort


An Intense and Unexpected Experience

I had smoked a dozen or so cones from my bong over the night and was ready for bed, I had mixed my chop with Passionflower.

While lying in bed listening to my iPod I felt far higher than usual, regardless I had another couple of cones this time with some Mugwort added.

I went back to bed and began listening to Carbon Based Lifeforms – Hydroponic Garden (meanwhile I was smoking bush!).

I blanked out for a bit thinking off on random tangents, as often happens when I’m high, instantly forgetting them after they have been thought.

2 weeks prior to this night I had (somehow, after a terrible year of both my parents' mothers passing away along with my half sister's biological father’s mother and other dramatic events) managed to score my dream job of becoming a Graphic Designer and finally could quit my shitty job in retail.

Because of this long overdue stroke of luck (I also scored tickets to a fantastic concert!!) I was in an extremely happy mood, the best I’d felt since my Mother’s Mother passed away 10 months ago.

I began making a conscious effort to breathe slowly and deeply, this helped focus my thoughts and allowed me to remember my thoughts.
I began making a conscious effort to breathe slowly and deeply, this helped focus my thoughts and allowed me to remember my thoughts.
I soon found myself narrating my thoughts in the style of a trip report (after becoming quite interested in the world of psychedelics 12 months earlier, mainly LSD but wanting to try mushrooms and DMT, I began regularly reading trip reports online).

I quickly realised I could use this familiar experience as an aid for meditation, assisting lucid dreaming and hopefully “breaking through” if given the opportunity.

I soon began to smile after reading about how meditation helps people have stronger experiences and hearing about laughing meditation classes at a bush doof I had been to earlier in the year.

When I began to laugh and feel happy and then began to smile, I suddenly felt my sore muscles relaxing and headaches and sinus problems easing up. My stress levels were decreasing and I was feeling absolutely euphoric.

I began to answer many questions about myself that I had previously avoided thinking about and believe I found a key step to achieving ego loss in the future with my deep breath and smile meditation routine.

After discovering many interesting things about myself I had never really noticed or thought about my thoughts began to turn to my family and in particular my Mother’s Mother.

I had been closest to her and hers was the first death to ever impact me like this.

I began to feel very scared and could feel a presence reassuring me that everything would be okay and that I must open my eyes. I somehow knew this presence was my grandmother. Still slightly untrusting, I wanted the voice to change to sound like my grandmother and for me to be able to visualise her as a CEV.

The voice changed slightly towards my grandmother’s and said I had to open my eyes to see anything. She reminded me to breath deep and smile, at this point I had a realisation that smiling was an important key to ego loss and eventually “breaking through”.

Taking a deep breath I smiled and opened my eyes. What I saw amazed me. What I saw were nowhere near as intense as LSD visuals but for just Cannabis and a few other herbs I was absolutely astounded. I couldn’t see my grandmother but I can almost describe it as seeing her aura.

I began to become very emotional and let my grandmother know that myself and all her family love her very much and always think of her.

My grandmother disappeared and intense euphoria rushed over me once again. The visuals intensified slightly more and I felt myself become more and more detached with the world and become sucked into the music I was listening to.

Continuing to smile and breath deeply I began to get the most intensely colourful and 3D visuals I have ever experienced from Cannabis. Being a creative type, one of my favourite aspects of tripping on acid are the visuals (though I always crave more fantastic ones with each trip haha).

With every acid trip I always seem to come closer to understanding how my visuals work. I would never have thought I would come to completely understand how my visuals worked (or at least how my mind wished to theorise it :P).

I had come to the realisation that I was in fact seeing in fractals, my vision while hallucinating always seems to become what can only be best described as mathematically perfect kaleidoscopic patterns infinitely layered onto everything in my vision accompanied by varying strengths of glowing orange tracers that resemble the bullet trails from The Matrix or the time paths from Donnie Darko (Also for some reason when I close my eyes on LSD I see a bright Magenta and Lime Green checker board across my entire vision which morphs and twists as if made of liquids that don’t mix together).

I began to be able to manipulate my visuals at will (with varying levels of success mind you), creating fantastic drawings with my imagination.

I am not sure when the exact this next section happened exactly (oddly enough like the time distortion common with acid, weird :S), but there was a moment where I understood the concept of a single consciousness , a Universal Mind.

I am currently still quite high as a type this and cant quite remember my theory unfortunately, at least not in a way in which I can communicate through words or any form of communication. It’s as if I still remember it but in an alien language. Frustrating indeed.

It was after this understanding of a single consciousness that I experienced the brief glimpse of ego loss, the peak into the spiritual world, finally came to understand how to manipulate my visuals and came a long way in the process in preparing to try and break through on a DMT trip when I feel I am ready for it.

At the end of this experience I have a new found respect for Cannabis and a much more positive outlook on life.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87640
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 2, 2020Views: 522
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