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Heaven on Earth
Cacti - T. peruvianus
Citation:   KronicFury. "Heaven on Earth: An Experience with Cacti - T. peruvianus (exp87199)". Erowid.org. Dec 19, 2013. erowid.org/exp/87199

T+ 0:00
9 in oral Cacti - columnar (extract)
  T+ 5:30   smoked Cannabis  
First I'd like to say a little about my drug history. I've tried Ecstasy couple times, got pure mollys once. Done acid about 4 times, one time almost freaking out because the patterns were changing on me too intensely and everything was melting. Mind racing through the universe. Shrooms 5 or 6 times getting some nice visions of faces and skulls in wood textures and colors melting into each other, and morning glories twice being a more earthy version of acid.

At this point I wanted to try something new and truly special. Mescaline I thought! The rarest and most mystical of them all. I researched for an entire week. I decided to order 3 feet of fresh T. peruvianus, because I read it's 3 to 4 times stronger than regular ol' San Pedro. I used my own preparation to ensure the brew was strong enough. Here's a brief description of the preparation I used.

First I chopped the fresh cactus in slices, and then sliced the slices into smaller slices. Then I froze the slices for 24 hours to break the cell walls so the mescaline extracts more easily. Then I thawed it, blended it spines and all with water and boiled it. When the foam went all the way down I again added my own element and added the juice of 7 to 8 limes so the acidic water would extract more mescaline and then simmered it down the next couple of hours. Then strained it out, all in all the 3 feet came out to 2L of cactus juice, being 4 strong doses of mescaline. I drank the juice the next day. My guy M was suppose to come early but had shit to do and would come try it later so I decided to drink it early, boy was I in for a trip.

3:30 pm: I start drinking a plastic beer cup filled to the rim with the cactus juice. Doesn't even taste too bad, little bitter, but I think the limes helped a lot with taste. I space it out over time, within a half hour I get down to a quarter of the cup, I decide, what the hell, so I pour a little more in so it's filled of the cup. Then go out to smoke the remaining bowl of kush I saved for the nausea.

4:30 pm: I get down to a quarter again and this time can't finish it, it gets to me, I'm not nauseated I just have a bitter cactus taste in my mouth, and the juice starts to smell awful. So I pour the rest back into the container, lay on my couch in the living room with trance music on tv, and hope for the best. All in all I must have drank 550-600 ml of juice.

4:45 pm: It starts to hit me, my body feels tense and cold, so I hide under a blanket. My thought process is getting weird, kind of like its getting deeper or more intense.

5:10 pm: I start feeling really hot, sweaty, tense and panicky. I go upstairs to fetch the fan then get down to my basement to lay there to avoid my mom when she gets home. Stop by the mirror to look at my pupils, they were quarter sized. My thought process is really fucking intense, I wasn't thinking anything, and I had nothing to worry about, I just felt so panicky and wild for no reason, just wanted my guy M to get here already. But I knew this was 2 or 3 hours away, to which point I would keep peaking, and panicking. At this point I started praying to the cactus, I remembered McKenna said he would to do this on the come up of mushroom trips. So I prayed to the cactus spirit that I was sorry that I underestimated it and said that I am in its complete control, I just prayed to it to be gentle with my soul, because it was fragile, that I just wanted to learn what it had to teach me. I put on some very calm relaxing meditation music as the uncomfortableness and wildness decreased.

5:45 pm: As the panickyness and uncomfortableness decreased almost to non-existence the craziest wildest best euphoria in my life suddenly hit me like a brick. It was 5 times, maybe 10 times better than pure molly but extremely mellow. The music also just magnified it more. It was just the most peaceful, mellow incredibly joyous and happy feeling I ever felt in my life. It felt like all the sin and evil was ripped away from my soul, and left it the cleanest and most peaceful its ever been in my life. It was literally heaven on earth. I literally had tears of joy running down my face. I thanked the cacti spirit for cleansing my soul and asked it to lead me on my heaven trip.

6:15 pm: This is where the visuals started, It isn't like acid or mushrooms where I have to stare at something for it to melt, breathe or swirl, change colors, etc. I can't even focus on one point, everything across my whole plane of vision breathes with good vibes. The visuals aren't like acid, although kind of similar, though acid visions have to do with patterns and very geometric type visions. Also not like shrooms where colors seem to melt together and I see things (faces, etc) in textures. It's more like everything around me breathes and flows with this very nice earthy energy. Colors seem brighter but not as much as shrooms, everything has just this very big, deep mystical look to it and breathes with life and good vibes.

The mindfuck is way more enjoyable than the visuals though, and especially even more enjoyable than acid or shrooms, and even X. Unlike these other psychedelics it is not an emotional rollercoaster. The only emotion that I feel to the extreme is peace and happiness. It is very mellow, deep and peaceful, pretty much what I described in the previous paragraph.

6:45 pm: At this point I went for a walk. It was very windy and cloudy, yet the sun was setting, so it was shining its rays of light on things beneath the dark clouds above. Needless to say this looked beautiful. The way the light hit the trees and made them look so mystical, even holy. Everything looked so big. The trees and houses looked huge. I felt so small in this big world. Cars didn't freak me out at all like they do on acid or shrooms. They looked funny to me how they buzzed around and went so fast. The sky with the clouds in the horizon was incredible. The sky had an orange purple hue to it, and the clouds had a vibrant bluish grey. Dunno if this was part of the trip but needless to say it looked incredible. I then went back to the house because I realized I didn't have a destination and M would be coming over soon.

7:15 pm: At this point, I think I reached my peak, the same heavenly feeling was still with me just as strong as before if not stronger, visuals were at the same pace as before. M called and I told him I would meet him half way, after all it was so beautiful outside. Walking the second time it was darker but just as nice. Night seemed to bring on a totally different vibe, though still euphoric. Trees seemed to flow with life energy and swayed rhythmically to the wind. The sidewalk seemed very swayed and uneven as I walked along. Everything seemed so natural and full of life.

I met up with M and headed back toward the house, explaining to him all the wonderful things that happened to me and still were, and how he was about to be in the same heaven I was in after he drank it.

7:45 pm: We get back to the house, and I pour M a dose of cactus juice. From this point on the visuals decrease a little bit. They aren't as intense as before but still there if I focus on them. The super heavenly euphoric feeling goes down the slightest bit, but is still very strong. I start to get very speedy, I feel full of energy unlike when I was coming up I felt very mellow and relaxed. The energy feels amazing though, I feel like I could run a marathon. This energetic euphoric feeling stays with me for the rest of the night, the visuals too but not as much as when coming up. M drinks a little less, about 3/4s of his cup, but still has a great heaven-like experience.

9:00 pm: We get a gram of kush. Smoking weed on mescaline doesn't really increase the trip at all, it just affects it. After smoking I got the giggles like crazy, which I haven't gotten since I first started smoking. I'm talking I was laughing for 10 mins straight for no reason at times. Also it kind of put a weight on the trip, like gravity was twice as high as before smoking.

But anyways the rest of the night I had that energetic, extremely euphoric, peaceful feeling with slight visuals. Oh and the heavy gravity feeling and giggles from combining weed all night with the mescaline. Then I started getting sleepy at 3:00 A.M. which I'm guessing was the comedown. And I fell asleep at 5:00 A.M. Woke up at 11:00 A.M. feeling extremely tired and brain-dead. I couldn't think straight all day the next day, but all in all mescaline is my favorite experience of all drugs. It truly is a healing experience. It has been 3 days since I'm typing this report and I am still feeling very at peace with myself. Nothing satisfies and puts your mind at ease like mescaline. I highly highly recommend this experience to everyone.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87199
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Dec 19, 2013Views: 15,947
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Cacti - columnar (10) : Various (28), Mystical Experiences (9)

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