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Shape of Mind
DXM & Cannabis
by Chromaxion
Citation:   Chromaxion. "Shape of Mind: An Experience with DXM & Cannabis (exp79360)". Feb 14, 2016.

T+ 0:00
3 g oral Piracetam  
  T+ 0:00 15 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 0:20 0.5 bowls smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:20 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


Shape of Mind


15mg DXM
3000mg Piracetam
1 cig

Having ten years ago taken about a dozen 250-500mg DXM trips, the subject found that they started with amazing visuals and alien intercommunicative mindspace, including persistent closed-eye visuals and open-eye space warping. They were great but soon were replaced by psychosis mindspaces, especially on the second half of the trip.

One day the subject will undoubtedly write about those past experiences, however they will be referenced only in examplar cases within this document.

The rationale for this test, more than a decade later from the highly undesireable experiences, was to use DXM not as a psychoactive but to prevent the nasty cough that had the participant wasting large quantities of bud trying to smoke. This cough was dry (ie., unproductive).

In short, the desired result was achieved but something else - rather startling - emerged. Not completely unexpected, but fascinating nonetheless.

Please note that this is being written starting at time 20min.

At time 0 a standard teaspoon (15mg) of DXM liquid preparation was orally ingested. The DXM preparation contained pure DXM, artificial sweetener, colors, etc. but did not contain CPM, ASA, or any other medicinals. There was also no sugar present, as the artificial sweetener took the duty entirely.

At time 20 or thereabouts, half a bowl of decent cannabis bud was smoked. It was found to go down easily and the effects were achieved quickly. A definite lack of coughing or irritation was observed.

Since the subject was also able to feel the shape of his awareness very tangibly, and capable to some extent to test the shape, conformity values, and dimensional flexibility of said awareness, the subject did so continuously during the period up to the end of this writing.

Carefully the tendency to become nanoinsane (slightly detectable tendencies, based on internal, motion and volitional trajectories) was observed.

It was found that the tiny 15mg dose was able to significantly strengthen and clarify the resulting cannabis high.
the tiny 15mg dose was able to significantly strengthen and clarify the resulting cannabis high.

The most important item to be watched was the noise function versus signal function. That is not an accurate description, but an approximation of how the mind can bend or be bent, grow or intermodulate between various poles. The particular pole in question is one of the most important, because it concerns the neural network's function-unit - level amplification. It does so not by applying amplification directly but by blocking receptors such that the brain's own internal production of natural receptor ligand (NRL) increases, via a sensitive feedback system.

The subject's previous experiences would be closely compared with for even the slightest traces of resemblance to his present condition.

One such event happened while dosing the cannabis at T = 20 min, while he was holding the cannabis pipe for a draw that would be at about a quarter bowl used. Momentarily he stopped, realizing that somewhere, inside his mind a tiny thing that was not normal had occured. Not in the way that such things occur on cannabis alone. For an instant, he noted the fleeting feeling - the ghost - of that insanity of decade's yore. Even upon realizing it, it had promptly slipped away, easily displaced by the moment of concern and awareness.

After the half-bowl was consumed, the subject smoked a usual cigarette. Instead of the usual it was a lot more conscious, cleaner, lacking the tensions and slight jitteriness that had always accompanied it after a dose of cannabis.

Even as the subject moved inside to his computer, he was intensely pressing his awareness to find a flaw, and thinking much, much more clearly and logically than usual after such a dose of cannabis.

There must be a sacrifice to using this microdose, but if it existed it was small. That, he felt, was close to the entire truth, the totality of the answer. The nasty sliver of remaining doubt, the three-percent or one-percent remaining, however, was a concern.

Such clarity must be paid for. Errors were made due to the speed (and ease) of the cannabis comeup. Only half the usual amount was smoked, which lowered the activity yield by somewhat less than fifty percent. The somewhat less part came from the DXM, with a few extra gifts.

To conclude, it must be said that DXM is very much psychoactive at the 15mg level. The subject was clearly stimulated relative to his usual effect on the other substances (which was routine), but also noted that there seemed to be some loss of the fine coefficient. Such loss was also expected but appears to be higher than the stimulation value alone would indicate compared with classic psychostimulants. The difference is attributed to DXM's psychotizing effect which only becomes testably apparent at larger doses. The full penalty of the psychotizing effect portion is paid during comedown. Because it is a tiny effect-fraction at the test dose, it is not strictly noticed.

As a sidenote, visual noise in darkness (VNID) was not affected. However, the subject was during notation only illuminated by dim red light from a software-monochromatized LCD monitor.

Using a minimal dose, it is possible (at least with the piracetam) to amplify, and somewhat alter, the cannabis / piracetam / cigarette experience (cannabis / piracetam phase and total phase). The alteration is toward being able to think more clearly, write quicker, and not suffer the head fogginess of the former. Piracetam does help the subject, but was never by itself this effective.

Also, memory is enhanced significantly, and so is hearing, probably mostly due to the lower cannabis noise and higher alertness. Exactly the opposite of the usual effects shown to the subject by his high-dose DXM trips (usually alone, sometimes with small amount of low-potency cannabis) a decade ago.

Memory enhancement ocurred with both short-term and long-term functional modalities. It is hoped that this document can best illustrate the actual case, as it was written during the peak.

The clarity of this combination is truly profound and not a placebo effect. It is there but if allowed to bloom with even higher doses will corrupt into insanity. That is how it is with the deliriants. The corruption point differs between people and other factors.

Visual effects were also looked for, in particular the subject's usual measures: room corners that don't meet at ninety degrees, motion trails and other visual effects both on moving the head rapidly and moving the eyes alone, rapidly. These visual effects were so close to nil as to be indistinguishable from it.

Balance and gait were excellent, in fact far superior to the effect of cannabis, cannabis-tobacco, and cannabis-piracetam-tobacco combinations of the subject's former experiences.

Organization ability including working with difficult objects outside in darkness was observed to be distinctly improved, with typical time-to-completion decreases of 40-60%.

Finally, a noted relaxation began somewhere around twenty minutes after the DXM ingestion. The usual muscle tension and shivering that occurs to the subject on cannabis (smoked outdoors in cold wind) was not present. Instead, a calm warmth especially in the legs was noted. Also noticed was even warmth of general body temperature, and a slight increase in heat generation (basal metabolic rate).

Urination frequency and difficulty were as normal: no detectable change.

The subject found that DXM aided the effort of tobacco smoking, and modulated its affects in a positive way by decreasing excessive stimulation and altering the qualitative effects.

Overall, the experience was found to be excellent, cheap and on-label safe. It has been a net benefit, and the subject sees a continuation of the practice. If tolerance reduces effects, dose will not be raised but staggered, or simply maintained. The subject doesn't want a trace of the nasties that might start to crop up at 30mg.

If smoking cannabis, DXM makes the process much less uncomfortable, ie. it is soothing. Beyond that, many will not likely notice any other effect, but it is likely that many would find the warming, stimulating and clarifying effect of a DXM microdose to reduce some of the negative effects of cannabis.

The compromise of 'purity' for those not wanting any of the usual DXM trip effects is so miniscule that it isn't a reasonable objection in the subject's opinion. And the subject is picky. There is a qualtitative change in the high, but it is not in the obvious direct of a typical DXM experience. The extreme divergence of DXM's effects at different dosages has often been mentioned in the literature - this case is exemplar.

Some of the negative effects reduced significantly or eliminated:

1. body coldness in cold weather.
2. muscle tension
3. shivering
4. mental fogginess

All accompanied by a significant mental energy boost and increase in the sound effects and other effects typical of the cannabis high.

For those worried about trace psychosis, after careful but singular testing it appears the threat is so minimal as to be unnoticeable. Thus this technique is viable for all cannabis smokers that want neither the risks nor usual effects of a DXM trip, but do desire an easier smoke and cleaner, more powerful effect from their cannabis.

End of Report

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 79360
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 14, 2016Views: 2,958
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DXM (22), Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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