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Dreaming Enhanced
Kava & Mugwort
by Calyx
Citation:   Calyx. "Dreaming Enhanced: An Experience with Kava & Mugwort (exp72110)". Aug 20, 2019.

T+ 0:00
1 Tbsp oral Mugwort (tea)
  T+ 0:20 4 tsp oral Kava (liquid)


A few weeks ago, as I was on vacation in Maui with my family, I found myself in a local herb shop where I purchased some organic Maui grown Kava Kava. In the past I have had some disappointing experiences with internet bought Kava, so I was hoping that buying kava in Maui would land me potent, authentic root. The store owner told me that only 1 tsp was needed to obtain a buzz, and that a tbsp would fully numb me out. I tried the Kava twice in Maui and experienced a mellow and delicate appreciation for the scenery, followed by intense and vivid dreaming.

Recently I have been reading about Calea Z and its dream enhancing potential, and not wanting to buy off the internet, ventured to a local herbal healing store. While they did not have Calea, they recommended that I try some mugwort to potentiate my dreams. I bought an ounce of the flowers for incredibly cheap. They did not tell me how to prepare the mugwort, but I have read that teas are affective.

I decided that I wanted to combine kava and mugwort to see what the experience would be like, so I started by boiling 1 tbsp of mugwort in water for a few minutes. I then let it sit in the water for around 3 hours. Meanwhile, I added 4 tsp kava with water in a separate cup, but did not heat it. I then stirred for a few minutes and let it sit for 3 hours as well.

At 7:45 pm I began ingesting the mugwort, but it took about 20 minutes to get it all down because of the bitterness. After that I begin to drink the kava, which does not taste nearly as bad as some make it out to be. The taste reminds me of the earth, and is comforting in a strange way. Just dabbing my finger in my kava drink and rubbing the water on my gum was enough to numb my lips, so I think it's safe to say the kava I was using was fairly potent. At the time of ingestion I had just had an argument with my parents, so I was feeling somewhat bitter. I did not expect to feel much from the herbs, but was optimistic over what might occur.

T 00:45 - After about 45 minutes of drinking the mugwort, my kava is all in my belly and I patiently await effects. I already sense some sort of mild buzz, perhaps placebo...but maybe the mugwort is already affecting me.
T 01:15 - I went up on the roof of my house and experienced a nice buzz, that left my calm and relaxed. Definitely much more than placebo. I don't think the kava has had time to become digested yet, so hopefully there will be more to come!
T 01:45 - I feel somewhat intoxicated, and time is losing meaning...Things seems much more dream like. I also feel sick to my stomach. I think if I went to sleep right now I would be in for some wild dreams.
T 02:00 - I'm getting sleepy, which is weird for me because it's still really early and I slept late. My consciousness at this time is different, but not incredibly pronounced like on weed. I feel strange and sedated.
T 02:40 - Really tired, want to go to sleep pretty soon. I think good dreams await me in my sleep
T 03:15 - going to sleep now, we'll see what dreams occur overnight.

Overnight - I had some crazy dreams, that were very vivid. I can still remember snippets of some of them. My dreaming was definitely more active than usual, and I ended up sleeping 11 hours instead of the 7 to 8 which I am used to.
I ended up sleeping 11 hours instead of the 7 to 8 which I am used to.
Strange, considering I set my alarm and went to bed quite early. Unfortunately I did not reach lucidity in my dreams, but with xhosa and calea dream herbs coming in the mail, hopefully I will be able to combine all 4 of these for lucidity.

In conclusion, this combination is not good for socializing. After taking these I just wanted to go to sleep. During the night I had many intricate and realistic seeming dreams, but did not reach lucidity and ultimately overslept by several hours.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72110
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 20, 2019Views: 2,562
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Kava (30), Mugwort (292), Dreams (85) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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