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3 Whole Nutmeg
Nutmeg & Cannabis
Citation:   James O.. "3 Whole Nutmeg: An Experience with Nutmeg & Cannabis (exp71764)". Erowid.org. Oct 4, 2013. erowid.org/exp/71764

T+ 0:00
3 seeds oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  T+ 5:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 9:20   smoked Cannabis  
The week before I had been planning out what was to happen on the weekend. Preparing my nutmeg and doing a lot of research about it. It seemed to be good new experience and I felt an urgent rush to experiment with such an available product out there. I had grounded up 3 whole nutmegs and my friends had ordered 2 grams of cannabis to smoke. I thought 3 nutmegs would be a good dosage as this is roughly 10 grams or 3 teaspoons.

I had set my alarm to 7:00am, I woke up in an extremely good mindset and surrounding as I had just finished my exams and my mum was at work until 5:00pm. I had already grounded up the Nutmeg the night before. I mixed it with some yoghurt and ate it. It tasted so damn bad and at this point I was ready to vomit. But I held strong and ate the lot. My main point to eat it so early was that I would have a whole day trip and I would have an empty stomach so it would digest faster therefore hitting me faster. Afterwards I had the after taste of nutmeg in my mouth which was very unpleasant. I made some breakfast and brushed my teeth and it was gone.

I had made plans for the day already for some mates to come over with some cannabis to have a smoke and a dance later that night which was making my mindset more happier as I had things to look forward to.

About and hour and a half later I began to fall into a “placebo”. For those who don’t know what this is, it is the effects of the brain tricking yourself into a situation that is not actually happening. E.g. if I am given a vitamin, which will have no drug effects, and someone says it is XTC and I begin to feel the effects of XTC, this is a placebo. As I thought of this “placebo”, I began to relax and stay calm and realized that I could not feel any effects what so ever.

About 3 hours later I was beginning to peak and it was very humorous. I began to grin to myself and the music I had playing sounded so good. I had a very stoned feeling mixed with a drunken feeling. Although feeling this it did not impair my ways to walk, or operate difficult actions. I felt a slight tingling sensation and an increase in energy similar to amphetamines and my leg started jumping up and down as people do when they are excited or have lots of energy.

About 5 hours later (12:00pm), I had almost reached the plateau, now the feeling was at its highest. It was not as intense as I was expecting it. The expectations I had of this experience at the beginning were that the feeling would be quite intense and strong, but they were more supple and more of a knocked out psychedelic feeling that was quite nice, despite this I could absolutely feel it and was enjoying it very much.

Whilst I was having a cigarette on my balcony I began to make objects or characters out of the surrounding objects been trees and bushes. Similar to making objects out of clouds. This was very, very hilarious and I was feeling an increasing amount of euphoria. I began to look at a tree straight in front of me and made the figure out into a pig. It started waving with the wind giving it a slight animation making it quite amusing. As my friends were taking so long I decided to meet up with them.

About 7 hours later (2:00pm), the feeling was still the same and nothing had changed, my mood and mental state was sooo chilled out and felt great. I was waiting at the train station and my mouth was beginning to get dry. Not as dry as cannabis but about half way. The train was taking for ever but I didn’t care what so ever as I was in such a relaxed state of mind.

I arrived at my destination and met my mates. They were still waiting to pick up the cannabis. If I were sober this would annoy me greatly as it was taking so long, but I just went along with this and relaxed.

9 hours later and I was beginning to feel a bit lethargic and was wanting to sit down a lot. Besides from that I was still feeling the effects and nothing had changed. Finally at 4:20pm the grass came and we headed straight off to smoke. We had drastically changed plans as a result of the time and distance. It was as soon as I looked at my phone my feeling of euphoria and relaxed state disappeared. But it was exchanged with very tense and impatient mood. This was mainly because my mum would be home at 5:00pm and I was worried that I may not make it home in time. Besides this, we headed to a park to smoke. I had the first cone from a bong and it was very large, after this cone my lungs were on fire, the cone was completely gone and my exhalation of smoke was huge. The effects of nutmeg at this stage were still completely running through me and very great. The early and very minor stages of marijuana hit me straight away and I was very happy. After every one and there first cone it was time for me to have my second and last as I needed to be home very soon. I lit the cone and stopped the lighter. I let the cone run and burn naturally with my lungs. I sucked the whole cone again and my lungs actually needed firemen. They burnt so bad. But after about 30 seconds this faded and I headed home.

The aftereffects on my lungs were irritable and annoying but I found space to ignore the feeling.

It is now about 4:55 and I am really paranoid and impatient. My mum is going to be home in 5 minutes and I am going to be home in at least 10 minutes. My phone rings and look at it. It is my brother. He tells me mum is on her way home which adds to the freaking out and panic, but he also finds the humorous side to chill me out as I am stoned. He speaks with a funny voice to me and gives me reassurance of the situation. Now my mum rings me herself. Now my stomach drops. As if I just slipped off a cliff. A quick burst of adrenalin smashes me and she tells me to get home quickly and she is on her way home.

It is about 5:00 and I am waiting for the train. I am to the highest degree so stoned and I am enjoying it. Paranoia and panic have dropped down and have almost left me. As I am sitting down I feel a new wave of high come across me. I feel as if I am so high off the ground and then quickly come back down and I am sitting in the chair normally. I laugh out loud to my self as I just tripped out so bad. For my embarrassment everyone around me at the station looks at me with a “wtf?” look and brings me into more laughter as they do not know what I just saw and thought.

About 5:07 I arrive home and to my extreme good luck no one is home and quickly strip off and get into the shower. Again as I entered my house a brand new wave of high smashes me and the walls of the house look side ways as if taken out of a cartoon or animated house. Before I went into the shower I thought to myself “I just have to see that tree with the pig in it again”, so I look at it through my window to the balcony and it is jumping around and swaying, maybe I am hallucinating or it was my balance that was influencing this but it was sincerely alive at the time.

I got in the shower and turned it on. The warm water felt so good. It water ran down my neck and back. The steam from the water was very intense and they looked like air bubbles. The steam also gave me lots of power and a rapid, intense increasing feeling of euphoric force came over me. I felt like a “super saiyan” from Dragon Ball Z charging up as I had a force field around me and the incredible might I had was extreme. I began to wash my face and it felt so amazing I can’t describe it. I let myself fall into a massive spiral as I thought I was sinking into my hands. I was falling and spinning out of control to the extent I freaked out really bad. I made myself snap out if it and felt like I just died or came from another space. This whacked me out so bad. I began to think about what just happened and began to laugh incredibly loud as if I was going insane. My mum ran into the bathroom despite my nudity and told me to get out as I was heading off to the dance soon. It came to me as a massive fright as I was not expecting this at all. The time I the shower felt like 30 minutes or so but was actually 5 minutes. The type of high I am experiencing now is much different to past ones of just plain marijuana. It was incredibly more psychedelic and my perspective on everything was much more different. I saw my room much differently and thought of life in much different view.

The time now is about 5:40 and I am getting dressed to go the dance. The high of cannabis and nutmeg at the same time is intensely strong and interesting. I was feeling every situation and action I did as if it was part of a scene from a movie. As if it had a purpose and meaning for it. When dinner was served it was like heaven. The munchies right now was overwhelming. Every bitefull was orgasmic and delicious. I finished it all and then I began to peak even more. I thought by this time I had finished the peak and was well into the plateau. This peak was so very intense. I ran to the bathroom to check out what I looked like as I felt I was melting. I looked so stoned very evil as my eyes were blood red and my eye lids hid my eyes as if I had just woken up. For a second I could not recognize myself, as if it were another person. I freaked out quickly and then snapped out of it. Re entered the real world and laughed. I told myself to open my eyes more and act normal in front of my mum so she would not find out.

The time was about 6:00 and we headed off down to the dance. As mum turned the car on, the lights on the dash board flashed and looked very bright. At the same time the stereo turned on with the ignition and pumped smooth electro from my past CD I had in. It was as if a party started. I felt a large euphoric rush as the engine revved and we began moving. Moving along the road felt so amazing. It felt very dizzy and confused and rushed. I cannot remember the whole car trip but I can remember been dropped off. My actions as I left the car were very clumsy and awkward. I remember tripping everywhere and my mum asking me if I was ok. I said I was ok and headed off down to the dance. The car drove off and I was by myself. It was night time and everything was very dark and I was very alone. As my eyes adjusted and I began to walk the movement was very slow and time was in frames. Everything around me was moving I stopped to check it out and everything was dancing to the distant music of the dance. The plants, footpath and grass were waving and mobbing everywhere. As I was walking down to the dance, every single object was alive with moving features and personalities. Every different plant was a different person with a different dance. I was constantly giggling at this. Now the high I was in was overly intense and GREAT! I was so high and I loved it. I arrived and paid for my ticket. I was told that I was early. I wasn’t surprised as no one was around. I decided to head into the dance to check it out. I though twice about this as the gentle electro music suddenly turned into fast rave. My high was been controlled by the music and I began to peak with the music. I was very surprised as this was a very similar effect to MDMA (extacy), and I felt very happy. I took my chance and headed into the hall. Lights and smoke filled the air. The hall was dark but the lights filled it tremendously and looked like solid objects. I hurried through the hall as it was too intense and went to hide in the toilets at the other side. I sat on the toilet with the distant sound of the music outside. Although I was in a separate room the music was still very clear. I sat down on the toilet and put my head into my arms. Now I headed off into psychedelic dream thoughts and experiences. As I sat there the music began to be part of my thoughts and dreams. As if I were imagining the music or I had headphones on because the music swam through my brain even though it was outside. I opened my eyes and realized the door was swaying and the patterns on the door were moving and circling around. I was too knocked out to react but I just fell into my lap again.

At 6:38 I was woken by people in the toilet speaking loudly. I was still so very, very stoned but I was now able to control it. As I woke, I thought I had gained this controlling power from my dreams. I exited the toilet and onto the dance floor. The hall was now packed with people and they were all dancing. The music now is a more chilled out electro song and I started doing a sort of stoner dance. Swaying from side to side grinning at my friends who I had got stoned with earlier who were also stoned. I began laughing at my friend so hard I couldn’t breathe as I saw him stretching up and down and he was laughing as well increasing my laughter.

I arrived home at about 10:00. The effects of the nutmeg were still present. But the marijuana had settled down a lot more. I went up to my room and fell straight on the bed. The roof spun for a bit, then I was asleep.

The experience all up was overwhelming at some bits but the nutmeg had increased the effects of cannabis to a whole new level. This will definitely be an experience I will remember for the rest of my life and will definitely be one of the best. The nutmeg had seemed to add a psychedelic side to the high. I highly recommend this experience to all the smokers if they are interested in a more severe and intense high.

The bad side was that afterwards I could feel the nutmeg for about 2-3 more days. Although the hangover feeling was there, I did not find it annoying like many other people, but very chilled out.


Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71764
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 4, 2013Views: 28,700
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Nutmeg (41), Cannabis (1) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Hangover / Days After (46), Various (28)

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