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I Learned a Lot
Mushrooms & Passion Flower
Citation:   Tropein. "I Learned a Lot: An Experience with Mushrooms & Passion Flower (exp68807)". Feb 2, 2021.

  repeated oral Passion Flower (tincture)
  3 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
    oral Ginger (liquid)
    smoked Tobacco  
I've heard of a few random accounts of people boosting the effects of mushrooms by combining them with MAOIs, and have read plenty on it. MAOIs can be quite dangerous if used in a careless manner, but I figured that the relatively low quantity of harmine alkaloids I would have in my system from the organic passionflower ethanol extract I had been enjoying (from the health food store) would be safe to play with. Its winter time here and I can easily appreciate a slight warming lift in my mood that this herb gives me during the months of vitamin D deficiency.

A last minute invitation to a small circle of mushroom travelers, all close friends, started me into a giddy frenzy for the remainder of the night. It seemed like it had been so long since I've had the opportunity to take a dive into the sea of the subconscious. I had a lot on my mind around that general time, and I knew it would be a very philosophical experience. I am 23, and had recently lost one of my best friends - my father. Although losing him doesn't bother me terribly, it did leave a scar on my soul, and unfortunately I'll never be able to show him things that I wanted to.

I had probably 4-6 droppers full of this alcohol extract of passionflower throughout the day, including one with the chewed up wad of mushrooms right before swallowing, washing it down with some raw kombucha with fresh ginger juice (this really saved the experience for one of the girls...she was terribly hung over from the previous night and the mushrooms made her extremely nauseous, only to be saved by this kombucha tea when nothing else worked).

I had eaten about 3 grams of dried mushrooms, and instead of letting a little bit of pre-trip anxiety wear me down I went outside to enjoy the sunny break in the weather with a cigarillo. As I shared the smoke with my buddy, no more than ten minutes went by before all of a sudden I felt a powerful shift in my consciousness. Not like I was tripping all at once, but I was suddenly aware that I had just embarked on a journey much more powerful than I had planned. My sense of upright began to fade, a slight sense of vertigo carried me through the afternoon. Things began to dance and move around, colors intensifying drastically. After about 30 minutes of coming up, I couldn't look at any surface without it exploding into infinitely dancing fractal patterns scattered across the entire color spectrum. My world had completely come to life, and it wasn't slowing down any time soon.

I felt many things inside pulling at my attention, begging for me to think about them. I allowed them to do as they wished mostly, however I found myself in a few emotionally difficult moments. Issues that must have been extremely deeply buried in my mind came to the surface and sat their asses down right in the forefront of my perception.
Issues that must have been extremely deeply buried in my mind came to the surface and sat their asses down right in the forefront of my perception.
I was forced to confront many different things that had been bothering me in my life, almost like a major tune-up for my head and my spirit. I learned a lot about myself that afternoon!

I feel like I came up for about two hours, as things just got more and more intense in every respect for what seemed like eternity. Eventually I got a little overwhelmed so I grabbed my jacket from inside my friend's apartment as it was cold outside and sprawled out on one of his lawn chairs. I felt fine, I was just having an extremely intense voyage through some of the turbulence. Although I was physically stuck in my body, my spirit began to dance around a bit, tempting me without a leash around its neck. I couldn't make any sense out of anything I tried to say, my brain just wasn't able to remember how to talk I suppose. As I only just sat there, entertaining a state of zen, I thoroughly enjoyed the light show in the sky as the sun was setting. The colors at this point were so vibrant, and the light and energy of the sun pierced my membrane and energized my spirit, and I felt love energy build in my heart. The electric blue of the atmos up above failed to cease its pulsating patterned designs intermixed with its palette of clouds, dispersed with a thousand fine paint brushes all in the moment. This exotically orchestrated dance of the heavens nearby brought me into a new moment of existence. I was purely synaesthetic by now, as I had developed quite a physical reaction in both my tactile and olfactory senses. I couldnít help but to laugh, merely as a shuddering orgasm for a mere eternity as this transcended euphoria filled my senses. I was a young boy in Norway experiencing all of this as a 23-year old in California. An entity had caressed and pampered my heart and filled it to its seams with love during this time that my conscious self was distracted by such a light show. Maybe it wasnít so much a light show, but more a representation of some of the changes I was experiencing on that simple afternoon.

As soon as the sun was gone, and I had begun to return to earth the sky opened up and shared an incredibly violent downpour, as if for Mother Nature to suggest that she was still ultimately in charge. I feel that my father may have dropped a warm hello. Since then I have found my heart open to almost every single person with whom I cross paths, a trait that has been faded for some time. What started off as a recreational psychedelic mushroom trip manifested as a full blown entheogenic journey resulting in an astounding transformation. I now glow as I live, as there is more enthusiasm than I have thus far learned how to employ. I suppose that I learned a lot that day, but at the same time recognize how much I have yet to learn.

I have consumed magic mushrooms fewer than twenty times, but more than ten. On a couple of occasions Iíve used about the same amount as I did in this experience, but never before have I had such a powerful spiritual aspect to the trip. Iím wondering if maybe this had something to do with the passionflower dabbling with my bodyís MAO, and therefore allowing the mushroomís indole compounds to act much deeper on my psyche.

A note again, from all of the excess activity at my serotonin receptors in my visual cortex, as far as I was concerned I was in another world. Proceed with caution and an open heart.

Peace and love.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68807
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Feb 2, 2021Views: 1,932
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Passion Flower (121), Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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