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Spiritual and Emotional Battery
AMT & Various
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Spiritual and Emotional Battery: An Experience with AMT & Various (exp64003)". Erowid.org. Jul 30, 2007. erowid.org/exp/64003

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T+ 0:00
65 mg oral AMT (liquid)
  T+ 1:30     Kratom  
  T+ 2:30   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 3:30 10 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:30   smoked Cannabis  
Over the past year I have come to really love AMT (or more accurately, aMT), which is short for alpha-methyltryptamine. It carries the tryptamine skeleton, but it also shares alpha-methylation with amphetamine (which is alpha-methylphenethylamine). As might be expected, but certainly not assumed, AMT seems to share its profile of effects with both the tryptamines and amphetamine. However, it is truly a unique substance which is different from a combination of both and has unique properties of its own.

Forms of AMT
AMT seems to most often be found in freebase form, where it is hard, white to off-white crystals (not clear). In freebase form, like all freebases, it is not water-soluble, but it is soluble in alcohol and through the mucous membranes. The crystals are very hard, and they smell really bad and very, very strongly. The smell is sometimes compared to feces, but personally I think it smells not much like them, but very much like a horrible chemical fertilizer of some sort. The smell is strong enough to make me react in uncontrollable disgust and shock if I get a big whiff. I have found that it will smell right through a bag and leave its scent all over everything it's around, so keep it in an airtight jar or something.

AMT can also come in various salts, most often hydrochloric. This would be AMT HCl. I have not personally found it this way, but people have. I have turned the freebase into the HCl many times, so I can say that the quick and dirty HCl crystals with that method are less smelly, but still have a different and sharp scent of some sort. The HCl crystals are soluble in water, but not heavily so. I have transformed the freebase into the crystal by using the following method:

Get a small shot glass and distilled water, and a bit of dilute hydrochloric acid (like muriatic acid from the hardware store, at 30% HCl conentration).

Weigh out a dose and put it in the shot glass with distilled water, about 5mL (maybe less with a small dose. This works for up to about 100mg amounts). Stir it up, and the freebase will sit in the water but not be dissolved.

Next, drop 2 drops of 30% HCl solution into the glass, one by one. Stir the mixture for a while. The freebase crystals will clump and turn clear, and begin to sink to the bottom and slowly dissolve. It takes them a while to fully dissolve.

Now one can dose the HCl that way, or dry it to scrape up the crystals.

Dose and Methods of Administration
I have experimented with 3 different methods of administration with AMT. First, of course, I tried it orally. With this route, the dose ranges from 20mg to anything, really (within reason). My highest dose has been 100mg (in two increments, 80 and then 20 later). The curve is pretty forgiving, in that raising the dose is quite a linear progression of effects increase. A good starting dose would be 20mg, and then after you've calibrated your sensitivity, from 20-50mg makes a good, no-tolerance full dose, depending on individual pharmacology. Oral administration takes a while to come on and can often cause nausea during the come-up. It lasts the longest, though (12-20 hours or even more), and tends to be the most psychedelic in my experience.

The next method I tried was nasal, or insufflation. Let me say right off the bat that I do not recommend this method! It comes on quickly in this way, but the freebase (all I have tried) burns the nasal passages in a really bad way. Plus, the horrible smell and taste of AMT will cling to you and your breath.

Using it in this way makes the come-up fast, 15 to 30 minutes to be mostly up. But it burns for that entire time, a horrible, sharp burn that makes your eyes water and makes you feel like your nose is dissolving, which it may in fact be. The experience tends to be a bit more recreational and 'empty' this way (as is the case with snorting most psychedelics). This method also produces less nausea. This requires a slightly lower dose but really not by much. AMT is interesting in that oral doses are about the same as any other method's doses.

Finally, I have used rectal administration, which, although it's taboo in our society, is my favorite method because it produces all the benefits of oral without the downsides. By converting AMT to the HCl salt as I described above, you can proceed to squirt it with an oral (rectal!) syringe. This causes the first alerts to be within 10 minutes, and the come-up to be complete by an hour at most. Although the anxiety of the come-up is still there, I find it to be much reduced from the anxiety that oral dosing can cause, and less than nasal dosing as well. The duration is about the same as oral except it trails off quicker (which tends to be a good thing) and leaves less 'bodily residue' afterwards. Additionally, the nausea is totally eliminated, as freebase crystals do not have to sit in your stomach but are absorbed through the rectum's permeable walls.

Profile and Stages of Effects
AMT comes in three main stages, by my reckoning. The first is the come-up stage, which lasts about 2 to 2, hours if taken orally, or about an hour if taken rectally. This stage is characterized by an uncomfortable period of anxiety and uncomfortable stimulation. With oral dosing, there is also often nausea, sometimes pretty bad, and GI distress. Fortunately, rectal dosing eliminates this aspect and makes the anxiety less. The come-up can feel overwhelming, but like with all psychedelics, just tough it out and if you don't succumb to negativity, it will all dissipate as soon as the come-up is complete. I find it's worth the suffering, which is minor compared to the joyful bliss of AMT's main effects.

The second stage is the peak and early plateau. As soon as the come-up is over, I am hit with a wave of happiness and physical pleasure, most similar to MDMA out of all the possible comparisons to well-known drugs. Myself and seemingly most others find this stage quite MDMA-like, except with a distinct psychedelic twinge, or at higher doses, more than a tinge. The state has never been fully psychedelic for me, but it always makes my mind very fluid and quick and inspired, like the other tryptamines do. AMT makes me feel more social than I feel sober, which is very rare for a psychedelic to do to me. I find myself talking and talking and talking, as philisophically as company allows, on AMT. To me, it feels like discussion and sharing positivity and love are the most important and satisfying things I could be doing. Used properly, the AMT state can produce a very profound and lasting euphoria, which is clear-headed and intellectual, as opposed to MDMA's almost crude euphoria. The state feels very holy. Visuals may include coloring to objects, 'fuzzying' of sight, especially distant sight, halos around lights, and generally kind of blurry vision. It subtly changes the world and makes it wonderfully beautiful-looking and feeling.

At higher doses one can get some crawling and large-scale shifting/breathing, but I have not had it happen. Colors will be altered in slight ways, mostly to make them more glowing and more pastel. The state is not rushed like MDMA, which gives it a laid-back, truly peaceful vibe, whereas with MDMA one can feel rushed sometimes due to the short duration. Physically, it feels very warm, pulsating, good, euphoric. Adding in marijuana increases the body high a lot. Adding kratom makes the whole thing a bit more recreational-feeling but does not seem to impact the mental high.

The last stage is the trailing-off, which starts at maybe 6 or 7 hours in from the start of the effects. In this stage, the physical high remains pretty much the same but at less magnitude, and the mental effects start to drop off. The world seems a little less magical but still very pleasant. Mood is still much increased, but primarily talkativeness seems to go down back towards normal. This stage is basically a weaker version of the trip which lasts until the end of the total duration. This stage can linger with high doses for a long time, even possibly up to 2 days. Personally, I enjoy this. The aftereffects of AMT can linger on for up to a week, and the aftereffects consist of an increased sense of calm and a generally positive, glowing mood. I have gone through periods of using AMT once or perhaps twice a week in order to keep myself in a beautiful state of cosmic bliss for months at a time, although it began to tire me down too much after a while and I had to take a break.

For a day or two afterwards, one may feel physically tired and sluggish, particularly after high doses or multiple consecutive sessions. As mentioned above, though, emotionally and mentally the aftereffects are actually positive.

AMT combines with many drugs quite well. There are differing opinions on this, but some people think that AMT has weak MAO inhibiting properties, so it's not safe to take many drugs with it. Although I do not want to discount this possibility, I have personally found it to not seem to have any sort of MAOI activity aside from the small amount tied up from any substance while it is broken down.

It combines most spectacularly with other psychedelics. Generally, a tryptamine taken with or shortly after AMT will combine the effects of the two very beautifully, amplifying both the tryptamine and the AMT while perhaps adding some unique effects. With phenethylamines, it is okay to combine as long as the substance is not too stimulating. 2C-E, for example, combines well, as does 2C-B.

Specific ones I have tried:

4-AcO-DMT - This combines exceptionally well with AMT. It creates a state of powerful mental and physical euphoria, including a high-frequency buzz which feels amazing and powerful. It is extremely psychedelic while simultaneously grounding to the ego, a curious and highly useful state to be in. I found that it gives very direct access to the universal mind, while allowing me to be fully in and aware of my ego's relation to it. On this combination, I felt like I had fully woken to my spiritual role as an extension, a tool, of the universe. My third +4 experience.

2C-E - The AMT adds emotion and joy to the 2C-E space and amplifies the intense psychedelic experience that is 2C-E.

2C-B - Nothing too special, but definitely a nice addition to the AMT state.

Personal History With and Thoughts on AMT
I first tried AMT almost a year ago. I found it kind of jittery but nice. However, I tried only 10mg then. A couple of months after that, I tried a 40mg dose, and I discovered what AMT was all about. Since then, I've used it at least once a month, but usually more like once a week if you average it out. I have gone through periods of not using it for one to two months, and I've spent some time doing it daily for a week or more. Most commonly, I'd say, I've used it twice a week. I have found it to help me stay extremely positive and balanced and mentally healthy. It makes it easy to live in the now, appreciate what I have, be connected to the universal mind and flow of love. However, with too-frequent use, it becomes less special, so I have started to keep it down to more like twice a month. That is still enough to reap the long-term therapeutic benefits, but not so much that it gets old. A day on AMT (and trust me, the day-long duration is a good thing with this one) is a great, fulfilling, beautiful, enjoyable day.

AMT has come to be one of my favorite substances, in fact, perhaps my favorite. It's highly recreational as well as being useful for therapeutic benefits, especially inter-personal issues with people close to me. I've found that AMT seems to make it easy to connect to the universal by way of love, whereas a lot of psychedelics connect me more mentally or spiritually to the dark and the light. AMT is very 'light' and friendly. When used in combination with other psychedelics, it can channel them in a very positive direction while simultaneously potentiating them in unique ways.

That being said, it's also the one psychedelic I've used that seems to truly have a psychologically addictive nature. I've never noticed physical addiction of any kind, but its psychological potential can be great, because it's an exceedingly pleasant state to be in. Paradoxically - or perhaps not - it can be useful for coming away from other addictions such as opiates, by helping in a similar way as an antidepressant would.

An Example Trip - My Most Recent AMT Experience
6:30pm - Dosed 65mg of AMT, by converting it to HCl in a shot glass with two drops of 30% hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid from the hardware store), and squirting it into my rectum. The reason? My fiance and I are going to go over to the apartment of some friends we had a falling out with and haven't seen in over a year. It's my fiance's and their graduation, both from their master's degrees, so the mood is that of a party. I am using AMT because I find it to be extremely therapeutic and emotionally opening and there will undoubtedly be some healing to do between our friendships. Plus, I find AMT to be easy to transfer some of over to others - a contact high.

7:30 - It's swinging in strongly.

8:00 - It's stabilizing, and I take a small dose of kratom to help smooth it out a bit and, well, because it's a party day and I feel like being recreational with my drug use today.

8:15 - I begin to get very, very talkative with my fiance. We're still home and will not be leaving for our friends' until 9:00. The high rubs off on her pretty quickly as we vaporize some cannabis, and soon we're having wonderful conversations, analyzing our childhood influences and discussing how we can use these realizations to help us raise children as well as possible someday. She and I have really reached new levels of openness in the past year and I feel as if we have discussed almost everything about everything, and yet we still keep finding more things to have hours-long discussions about. This is why I am marrying her. I can't wait for the future... I am in no hurry whatsoever, as we're both only 24 and we don't want kids until at least 32. But I realize that I really can't wait to be a parent. I am a parent now, to our two kitties, and they provide me with so much love and positivity in my life that it boggles my mind. I can't imagine how amazing it will be to have that with human children.

9:00 - We leave to drive to our friends' house, with my fiance driving.

9:20 - We arrive. I walk in with confidence, throw my arms wide, and greet them. Immediately they perk up and without missing a beat, I took out my vaporizer and a bag of kratom and asked anyone if they'd like to try something they'd not heard of before. I explained that kratom is a Thai plant which has effects similar to opiates, but with some definite differences such as feeling natural and being much less sedating. They enthusiastically agreed. So I made the following friends the following doses: M, a good friend a bit like a younger brother, I made 2.5 grams. J, the friend we had the main falling out with, I gave 1.5 grams (as she is very small and not tolerant to drugs in general, at all), and Z, her boyfriend, I gave 3 grams. My fiance did not want any because she had had it with me earlier. I began the process of making it and we all started talking about what had been going on.

I'm feeling very excited and silly and totally uninhibited. I'm continually saying things to make people laugh and keep them on their toes and shock them a bit occasionally. I'm having an absolutely great time! After a little while, they mention to me that I seem so different since last year, so much more open and less inhibited. This makes me realize that I have made a lot of progress personally in the past year, especially in terms of social skills. Last year I was never fully comfortable with them, and I realize that I was really quiet and didn't express myself much. Although the sheer level of openness I was feeling now was because of the AMT, I have most definitely learned how to allow myself the freedom of expression that everyone needs, while simultaneously making things better for others as well.

9:45 - Kratom is ready, and we drink it. Before long, the kratom enters and further euphoricizes (new word alert!) the state of mind for all of us. I always find that doing kratom with people for their first time really brings back the excitement of the early days of it to me, as well, through sharing their state of mind. As it began to hit, my friends and I started talking more and more and more, endlessly talking, no silence for any length of time, everyone trying to wait for the appropriate time to get a word in edgewise. I could tell they were starting to feel it because of the excitement, but they were unaware as of yet, because they were expecting the effects to feel like a 'drug', but kratom feels so amazingly comfortable and natural. Then when there was a short break in talking for someone to use the bathroom, they realized that it had hit them, and they began to proclaim their undying love of the effects. I hope I haven't created a monster!

10:00 - I remember that I had brought a gel cap with 10mg of 4-AcO-DMT in it, and I took it by dumping it out in my mouth and letting the sweetly tart chemical (not bitter like most tryptamines are) dissolve into my mucous membranes.

10:15 - I begin to feel the wave of warm, buzzing tryptamine goodness wash over me, combining with the AMT in that special way that it does. The last rough edges of the AMT (what little there were that is) immediately smoothed out. The tryptamine free-association and spiritual euphoria roughly doubled. I had so much energy, and felt so fluid, that I began walking in non-stop circles and moving my body in amusing contortions to release my energy. I felt absolutely wonderful, and my confidence was heavily boosted while my soul was washed in so much euphoria and feelings of benevolence that my eyes began wiggling as MDMA can cause. Pratically moaning with pleasure, my eyes rolled up in my head and I felt powerful, but yet very much in my head, almost like a super-sobriety.

As the night progressed, the conversation began to move inevitably towards the philosophical. Tryptamine-fueled inspiration built and built until I felt bursting with desire to express it to everyone. Utter sublime joy was my companion along with my physical friends. My words and thoughts flowed naturally, effortlessly, cleanly. My head felt amazingly clear, moreso than it has in months. I felt as if I was able to cut right down to the core of any issue, and understand anything I thought about. Z and I discussed our spiritual paths, whereupon I discovered that he had also used psychedelics to help him start, although for him they led to too much anxiety. His main experience was a friend of his who had been struck by lightning and ever since had strong mental powers. This guy also did a lot of psychedelics and was basically an extremely eccentric guy who most people did not understand. He was able to transfer his thoughts to others and invoke paranormal experiences in them which he shared. He did this to my friend Z, gave him a strong, engulfing vision of himself in the past, as well as himself in different lives (according to Z). This was while Z was sober, as well, just through his friend leading him into a reverie with a chant and laying hands. The experience was so powerful for Z that it changed his life. We continued to discuss this lightning-man for some time... amazing stuff. I would like to meet this guy.

12:35 - At about this time, we had all just finished vaporizing a bit of marijuana and had taken a bathroom break and so forth. My trip was slightly lower in magnitude but just past the peak, still going strong. Our friend J and I began talking, which, as usual, was about spirituality. Now, Z and J are together, and Z had been telling me about how J was basically spiritually retarded, and never thought about anything herself and was a blind sheep. But in talking with her, I found this to not be true at all. I sensed that this is quite a problem with them, Z giving J subliminal scorn for his perception of her as an 'unenlightened' person. I found, however, that she was just not as far along but was very curious and inquisitive. She hadn't quite made the move past the church yet, but she was about to. So I began discussing it with her, discussing my past and my experiences, psychedelic and otherwise. I told her about my conception of the universe and consciousness. She was deeply affected and amazed. Before my eyes, and because of my guidance, I watched her open up to the possibility, I saw her world unfold and the infinity complexity of reality peeked in at her. She wasn't able to get out yet, but she began the journey. She would like to try a psychedelic to have that experience. I told her if she should, it will come to her, and I gave her some tips and advice on how to have an effective trip and avoid panic.

Also, we were petting her kitty (cat!), who has a reputation among our friends as being mean and evil and bitchy. But I find that most people, even a lot of sensitive and observant people, just don't understand cats, and try to treat them like dogs, and jump at them and make noise to make them run because they think it's funny. That is in fact the main thing that happened to this cat. They get some outrageous expectation of behavior about the cat, and when he doesn't comply, they tell him he's stupid and a bitch. And they wonder why he'll suddenly scratch or nip at them when they're petting him. It's because they start grabbing him with their hand and shoving him around like you would a dog! J isn't bad with this, but she takes out her bad moods on this kitty. I am the only person they know who the cat loves and will never scratch. This is because I do understand animals.

Anyway, I channeled as much calmness and love into the cat as I could through my interactions with him, and he began to relax tremendously. I could feel his muscles relaxing and going limp, and he laid down on me with his face buried in the crook of my arm and just purred and purred. It was therapeutic for me and especially the cat, and for J. I subtly discussed with her how the cat has been damaged, especially by her roommate and some other friends, and how, just like a human baby, he is confused and hurt when she treats him badly for no reason. I could see that she got it pretty well and felt bad, and began treating him more gently and more like a person. I felt great about that, because I love animals, especially cats, and this one is so sweet... he has a very bad rap, tragically unearned.

2:15am - As time wore on, L, my fiance, mentioned that she had to work in the morning, so we had to go. J and I wrapped up the conversation, and we all said our goodbyes and promised we'd be back soon, and we headed out. L drove us home, and we stayed up for about an hour, smoked a bowl, and talked. I was able to go to sleep just fine, and fell into a deep and peaceful slumber.

The next morning I woke up at 8:30am, bright-eyed and happy, ready to face the day. Ahh, AMT... the spiritual and emotional battery. And so ends another trip on the alpha-methylated tryptamine.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 64003
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 30, 2007Views: 25,233
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AMT (7), 4-AcO-DMT (387) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3)

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