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Not to Be Taken Lightly
Citation:   Dondante. "Not to Be Taken Lightly: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-MiPT (exp54932)". Jul 29, 2006.

T+ 0:00
22 mg oral 4-AcO-MiPT (liquid)
  T+ 0:45   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 1:15   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Previous experience:
My first experience with this tryptamine, not including a 4-5 mg taste, consisted of a 12 mg dose followed at T+1:30 with 6 mg for a total of 18 mg. The booster dose did not significantly intensify the trip, but made it last about 7-8 hours. I felt like the trip was definitely less intense than an eighth of Cubensis. There were some decent visuals and a great body high, but it was not too difficult to carry on a conversation. I would say that this experience put me at a solid ++ and then a light +++ after smoking some pot. For me, pot doesnít directly make the trip more intense but it helps me surrender control and let the trip take me where it will. I can let my mind wander much more easily.

The experience:
I had been debating the dosage for quite some time, but finally settled on 22 mg for myself. I had tried a few phenethylamines, mushrooms, 4-ho-dipt, and salvia, but other than salvia, never really had a totally overwhelming experience. My tripmates took 22, 18, and 10 mg respectively. I knew that this experience would probably blow my other 18 mg experience away, but I could not have anticipated what happened. This is an account of what happened two nights ago.

9:30 P.M
Ingested chemical. Tastes terrible, but that could be partly due to the 100% ethanol that it's dissolved in.

9:50 P.M
As we are starting to feel the initial effects, my roommate's dog is going nuts, barking and growling. I have no idea what it was sensing, but it definitely knew something was up. My stomach begins to rumble a bit. Pre-trip anxiety is setting in.

10:00 P.M
We are all quite anxious. One friend pukes. I feel slight nausea but nothing unusual. The body high is getting stronger by the minute. Hands are tingling and getting a bit clammy. Iím ready to get on with the trip. Soon the anxiety is replaced with excitement as the chemical takes hold. We are laughing at everything.

10:15 P.M
Go outside for a smoke. I donít smoke cigarettes, but it feels good to take a few puffs of a black and mild. It is a beautiful, almost cloudless night, but itís probably in the 30s. The trip is hits me hard as I am looking out across the rolling hills behind our house. Stars are wiggling and keep getting brighter when I stare. The faint clouds make a swirl of psychedelic colors against the black sky. The trees seem to be getting a little bit of a personality. I feel like the tree behind me is bending over to grab us, but I just find this funny.

We all feel like we are looking through a fish eye lens when we look up. There is a buzz in the air and vibrations are apparent everywhere we looked. My hand holding the cigar keeps getting numb and I have to switch repeatedly. I can tell I am cold but itís a very unusual sensation, like I am being reminded by my senses that Iím cold but I donít really care.

10:45 P.M
We go back inside. Debate where to chill and listen to music. Oneís bedroom has some really trippy tapestries on the wall, as well as a carpet, which we decide is crucial to a good trip. Visuals are quite strong, definitely like mushrooms, with maybe a slightly sharper edge. Mindfuck is getting stronger still. Start off listening to some My Morning Jacket (amazing band) and later switch to Peter Tosh. Smoke some pot. We keep drifting off into our own inner worlds, but the one tripping the lightest keeps wanting to talk.

For a minute I find this slightly annoying. But it is fun to listen to a conversation while my mind is making weird associations and connections. Words and ideas spark these very vivid mental images. Me and the other 22 mg tripper are having some trouble following a conversation, but we are enjoying the trip immensely.

11:45 P.M
The other three decide to go back out for another smoke, but I go to my room and listen to Pink Floyd, The Wall. If the previous hour was hard to put into words, this is where it is almost impossible. I was laying on my bed, tripping, but I didnít feel like it was too hard, then I found that I was thinking about myself from a third person perspective. I was analyzing my life, but it wasnít mine. I was slightly disturbed, but decided to see where this would take me.

I didnít actually go anywhere, but this was definitely the closest Iíve had to an OBE. My thoughts were slightly outside of my head, and though I wasnít seeing myself from the third person, I was thinking from it. I will not go into too much detail here because I donít know how to describe some of the things that happened, but when I met back up with the other three, I felt like I had seen some other part of reality, outside of the one we live in. It was like I was viewing reality at a slightly different frequency or angle, which was letting me see something bigger.

I don't think it was ego loss, but I did feel like I was catching a glimpse of Jung's collective unconscious or something. I never quite connected with this other reality or completely stepped out this one, but it was definitely something I hadn't experienced before. I would revist this thought later.

12:30 A.M
The experience in my room by myself was weird, but does not occupy my thoughts too much for the next few hours. We go back to the room with the soft carpet and trippy tapestries that we keep commenting on how they look like underwater sea creatures. At one point the tapestry was swallowing my friend, but I was just laughing. I pointed it out and everyone else agreed. We listened to some Flaming Lips and the two that werenít tripping quite as hard were having a conversation. The friend that had taken 18 mgs kept thinking he could talk sensibly, but he would keep forgetting the point of what he was talking about and end up going on tangents that didnít make much sense. Iíd try to keep up, but my short term memory was pretty much shot.

1:45 A.M
Go outside again. Each time seems like itís a journey to put on a hat and coat and make it out to the backyard which overlooks a 50 acre park. Two of us lie in hammocks and comment on the trees, which all seem to be moving and trying to tell us something. As usual, it ends up with us all laughing hysterically, about who knows what.

2:15 A.M
We are back inside. My mind feels exhausted. I have trouble making sense of a complete sentence, much less a topic of conversation. I feel like I am just existing, and I hear a trail of words, but can only hang on to a few at a time. There were a few points when I wanted to add a comment or ask a question, but I couldnít figure out why I wanted to say something, and had to ask how my question related to what we were talking about.

It was fun to try to work through this thick confusion to make sense of everything, but eventually became tiring. This may sound uncomfortable, but I didnít mind. It was peaceful to just sit and listen to music (now Modest Mouse) and hear sounds but put no effort into processing them.

4:30 A.M
So much happens over the course of the night, but much of my recollection is blurry. When I finally attempted to sleep, I was revisited by the fact that I had seen something that humans simply were not supposed to see. I had ventured outside of this reality and now had to cope with the fact that our reality was not the only one. The problem now, as I lay down in bed with my girlfriend, was that my sense of rationality was returning, and it was telling me that this was impossible. A drug induced experience cannot open the door to another reality.

I apologize to others who disagree with this. I finally understood how psychedelics can potentially be a model of acute psychosis. I had become temporarily schizophrenic! For a while, no matter what I told myself about the experience being the result of a psychedelic, I could not convince myself that it wasnít real. Luckily, this phase passed, and the rational part of me regained control and I was able to go to sleep around 5:30. This was an amazing experience, a strong +++. I still consider myself a novice in terms of psychedelics, but I learned quite a bit that night. I will continue to treat them with respect and I feel that doing them too often is sure to have some serious consequences.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54932
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 29, 2006Views: 14,801
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4-AcO-MiPT (312) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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