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Dead Alone
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Dead Alone: An Experience with 2C-I (exp54772)". Mar 22, 2008.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
  T+ 4:45 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  


I had tried several substances during my period of drug use, but 2-CI knocked me off my ass worse than any of them.

Me, my boyfriend, and his friend all decided to trip one afternoon not too long ago. This was my second time tripping on 2-CI, it was my boyfriend's third time, and his friend was an experienced 2-CI tripper.

I ingested 20mg (roughly) of 2-CI in capsule form at about 5pm. My boyfriend ingested the same amount. We decided to go take a quick walk in a nearby park, then head over to a restaurant to eat.

Got to the restaurant at 5:45pm. Neither me or my boyfriend are feeling any changes, yet. We order our food.

6:00pm. The food arrives. I instantly lose my appetite, which had been raging before. I can tell that the drug is definitely kicking in.

6:15pm. The smell of the food around me is making me sick, but that's probably the trip build-up. either way, i dont like it. We decide to leave.

6:30pm. Drug is in full swing, and unfortunately, i am the one driving us around. We decide to head back to my boyfriend's place. The half-hour drive is hell.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

7:00pm. Decide to watch 'Fun with Dick and Jane.' My friend is tripping hard. My boyfriend keeps trying to put his arm around me or kiss me, but i can definitely feel the 2-CI and it is wreaking on my body. My back teeth are clenched together, the room feels dangerous, and it feels like my right eyebrow is taking over my face. It feels like there is a huge lighting bolt right between my eyes, kind of leaning towards the left.

7:20pm. Time is going horribly slow, i want this to end. I can't close my eyes, it felt safer to keep them open. lights play on the inside of my lids, but my body is so packed with the drug that i cant focus on keeping my eyes closed. I cant focus on ANYTHING for longer than three seconds, then i have to shift my focus or else it feels like i'm going to lose control. I felt like if i let my mind drift, if i let it run away from me, i would surely never catch it. i hate losing control.

7:40pm. Decide to pass the time by counting every 20 minutes. They feel like hours. I keep having to get up to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes as well. Did i forget to mention that i'm a type 1 juvenile diabetic? crap.

8:00pm. Still wondering if things will wear off. I am huddled on the far end of the couch, absently staring out the window, with my knees drawn up to my chest. i wont let anyone get near me. its still hard to see.

8:20pm. I'm actually starting to understand some of the movie, and i get involved in it a few times. I think things may be getting better.

8:40pm. After another bathroom run, i feel better. I allow my boyfriend to kiss me, and im more talkative. My head is still spinning, but I can focus now.

9:00pm. The three of us decide to head out to my boyfriend's back yard and lie on his trampoline. It is pitch black outside. We sit and talk, i talk about how glad i am now that i feel better. my boyfriend and his friend converse, i lose myself in myself for awhile. i find it odd that im seeing flashes of light, small ones but noticable. if i slightly close my eyes, i see what appears to be a flashing white light under my lids. The only way i can describe it would be like sitting in a bright white room with a huge light above my head, and a fan spinning in front of it. a fanlight, with the light beams chopping constantly. its not bad, but it is strange to watch. I dont feel sleepy, which is completely abnormal for me. I wonder if i'll be able to get to sleep.

9:45pm. My friend and i decide to smoke a bowl. I had been heavily involved in pot, and was completely up for it, thinking it would do nothing. My boyfriend opts out.

10:00pm. We head back inside and im starting to feel dizzy again. I begin to silently panic. We sit inside, and my friend describes how intense the carpet is. I tell him that the weed completely brought back my bad trip, but this time it's several times worse. instead of waves of it, it feels like a fullfrontal storm to my head.

10:30pm. I sit and debate what the hell i'm going to do. How long will this one last? I'm supposed to be home in a few hours. I cant go home like this, i know i wont be getting to sleep tonight.

10:45pm. after some protesting from my friend and my boyfriend, i decide to head home. my boyfriend lives out in the dark backroads of the country, so driving home would be absolutely terrifying but i knew i needed to get home.

11:15pm. I arrive home glad that i made it in one piece. stoplights seemed endlessly far away, and the roadways felt like black holes in reality. i'm not scared, just extremely paranoid and annoyed as well that im feeling this way. its definitely not me.

11:30pm. My parents could tell that something was wrong with me, as i hadnt even bothered to take off my big boots and i was pacing around the carpeting stiff as a board. i couldnt keep still, i couldnt raise my voice, couldnt show any emotion. perhaps i didnt care anymore.

Long story short, a few hours later i ended up at the hospital. Not so good.

for days after my bad trip, i wondered if i would ever feel 'normal' again. i had a low blood sugar reading at work, and it felt like my trip was back, so i almost panicked and didnt take care of the low blood sugar (bad to do).

Anyways. moral of this story? If there is ever a next time I will start 2-CI at a low dose, and I'd only take it with other substances if I want a real powerful trip. 20mg was too high for a beginner.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54772
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 22, 2008Views: 10,225
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2C-I (172) : Overdose (29), Post Trip Problems (8), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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