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The Rematch
2C-T-2 & Syrian Rue
Citation:   Pashasan. "The Rematch: An Experience with 2C-T-2 & Syrian Rue (exp51688)". Apr 17, 2006.

  oral Coffee  
    oral Kratom  
    oral Kava  
    oral Kola Nut  
    oral Pseudoephedrine  
  25 mg oral 2C-T-2 (gel tab)
  2.5 g oral Syrian Rue (extract)
[Erowid Note: Combining MAOIs with other psychoactive drugs carries serious medical risks and can result in extremely unpleasant side effects, overheating, nausea, confusion, heart problems, and even death. Please see Erowid's MAOI Vault]
All preparation has been made.
Apt clean. Showered and just went for a quick jog round the block. Doing a little yoga and stretching. Just finished 1 hours of Zazen meditation.
All counter measures in place. Xanax and Valium placed around the house (in bathroom, kitchen. Living room)

1 gallon of iced coffee
1 iced Kratom
Note: coffee was made with a little kola nut and Kratom was mixed with a little kava kava

Note I am not on any medications currently. I have a background of bipolar desperation but would say im nether manic or depressed right now. I am a Caucasian male and in good health I donít smoke and have no unusual diet. I did take some Sudaphed about 4 hours ago and have been drinking caffeine in the form of green tea all day (about 5 cups), which is normal for me.

Will try to make some type of report every hour or two. After my first experience with Syrian Rue and 2ct2 I am going into this very positive. I do not think this combo will prove overwhelming and am expecting a good trip

6:45 dosed both at same time. Usually I would have taken SR first and let it take time to settle in but have encapsulated the 2ct2 in a 1/2 hour gel cap. Should allow plenty of time for the SR to digest and make its way into my system b4 the 2ct2 has a chance to do so

Well letís see what happens

Hour 1

So little to repost its not even funny.

The effects at this point are barely noticeable over the hppd. A not to that. B4 I started playing with these 2c compounds my hppd was almost gone completely. I havenít done any lsd in a very long time and a mushroom doesnít really effect the level of persistent visual felid disturbance. I canít blame it all on the 2cís I had about 500mg of 4-ho-amt that I was getting into a lot. And at the 5 and 10mg range for a good trip 500mg is quite a bit. I was sharing out a bit too a few close friends but these RC seem to have a lot more in the realm of persisting effects. I have played with mescaline lots of years ago, and hppd always fades in a few months. Iím hoping that this will be true with all phens. It doesnít bother me much it acts as a constant reminder that there are prices to be paid for the things we put into my body. Also keeps me in mind that these visual disturbances are probably reflective in kind to other long term effects of these compounds, both good and ill.

Even as I write this I begin to feel the 2ct2 begin its climb. AS I go into hour two I brace for a quick come up. Heheh I write this in Word and then transfer to Usenet, all the squiggly lines under all the words are starting to move and become animated. Anyone who has ever read one of my posts UN spell checked can imagine there are quite a few of those little lines to dance around the screen. IT is particularly cool looking on my set up. I donít think I ever mentioned this b4 here but a few years ago I bought a Mitsubishi mega view pro. Itís a 42Ē vga ctr monitor. So basically a 42Ē computer monitor that I use as my entertainment center. Itís a nice set up.

Anyway nothing to really say so ill writes more later

Into hour 3 and 4

Well I can again substantiate the potentation effects of SR on the 2ct2. I feel at this point that I am experiencing the effects of the chem. at almost 3x what I should be, or normally would be in the absence of the SR. But now I am starting to experience so of the side effects I noticed in the experience reports I have read. They almost seem to be a negative quality associated with this chemical. The effects of potenation are well documented but so is the almost universally negative feelings about it. To some existent or another all the reports I have read seem to be imbued with a singular malaise. While all of them speak of the ability of this drug to increases the potency of other chemicals, it always seemed to me that there was an air of negativity to them. I had always attributed this to the increased effects being far more than expected and as such the negative reactions were brought on by the intensity of the primary chemical that the SR was enhancing. But now having experienced this substance... im not so sure.

I am experiencing a strange sense of paranoia. I am not tripping badly but there seems to be this weight around my heart. I am feeling no sense of euphoria at all. Over the last hour I have been plagued with doubt and even a few thoughts that could be categorized as nothing less than self loathing. Having dealt with depression all my life I have become very good at separating my self from my negative feelings and looking for the real impetus behind them. And these negative feelings I am placing squarely on the door step of Mr. Syrian rue. Something about this substance is slightly off putting. Iím not sure if itís the synergy of the chemicals or if this is inherent in the effects of harmaline and harmala.

Anyway a quick rigorous mental shakedown and a quick reality check can fix that right up. I have found that when very very altered the worst danger is over thinking my situation. Let the sober mind deal with the harsh realities of life, it is better equipped to deal with them.

Qualitatively, the visual hallucinations are not affected much by the Rue. There are subtle differences in texture and vividness but in most ways it is a very standard mescaline esque trip. I fully did not expect the reportedly mild visual aspects of the harmaline to shine thought the veil of mescaline. Very much like a less bright star being out shone by a closer brighter one. But I donít liken it to the stars being blotted out by the sun, because with the right attention to detail I can pick out visual chrematistics that real much more associated with harmala/harmaline. The most obvious of these is the trails, or tracers. Unlike LSD and other Tryptamines mescaline has never proven to be much of a producer of these trails for me. With the addition of harmaline to this equation they are pronounced and vivid. And personally speaking quite fun to play with.

The only negative aspect of the trip that I can tell so far is that the colors of the visual hallucinations is quite a bit diminished. A question of tolerance has been raised and rightly so. So I cant definitely state that this is the doing of the SR, and may be a side effect of having used these chems so close together.

AS I write this I must add that most if not all of the feelings of paranoia have left me. Employing the time honored tradition of the mantra 'who gives a fuck anyway' coupled with 'Breathe..Relax..Let Go' has freed me of the negative shit that was plaguing me at hour three. Oddly enough this is also an observed effect in the experience reports I have read. That being that given time that most people were able to enjoy the experience after awhile. This of course makes me throw a few thoughts to the psychosomatic, and wonder to what existent the things read in advance is affecting my objectivity. Who knows these things? Quantum Mechanics theorizes that observing a thing to closely will alter the very makeup of the thing you wish to observe, changing it into something else. So I will follow suit and not scrutinize my own observations to much, instead just let them exist in there own way.

Hours 5 and 6

FUCKING WOW. Ok soooooooooooo yeah. And I mean Yeah! Ok im not bragging here, but I have a lot of experience and wow. This is like a really amazing experience. I would not suggest this to anyone who isnít really together because... fuck me I can barley think enough to type this out. Had to hand off the responsibilities of typing to a friend. Nearly overwhelming psychedelic. I hesitate to talk too positively about it because I wouldnít suggest this to anyone else at all. I would actually say it is a profoundly bad idea for 99% of the population. Nooo make that 99.999>% but it is very much nearly overwhelming.

There is zero choice in what I am seeing and hearing. I can not choose to disassociate with the effects of the drugs at this level. I am maintaining an analytical point of view as best I can but the urge to forget about this and just experience is Undeniable.

I want to get a few ideas down but then I feel I will just have to give in a bit here. First of all the colors I made reference to have come back and ten fold. Much more so than this substance normally has to offer. In this respect itís almost the luminescence that Tryptamines has to offer. The patterns have taken wonderful clean but vibrant hues of red and blue. Really quite a thing to see.

The world is literally plastic that can be molded by the merest concentration. Even the air is visible and malleable. This is in no way representative of a normal 25mg dose. Again I am very experienced and this verges every moment of being far far far too much. And may still be, as even in hour 5 this is continuing to build. If this were to go bad I donít know how long I would have to wait to get my shit back together, but im not thinking about that. Just letting this wash over me and allowing it to happen. . There is no fear of this just a very powerful respect. This would be very much associated with an 80mg dose of the primary chem,

But god smiles on those who come prepared. Friends are here this time, they no what to do and when. Good hands. Very glad I didnít go it alone this time.

Will be awhile b4 I can add to this... For now I need to just go be apart of it

Note if your viewing this out of chronological order I just realized that hours 5 and 6 were never posted .. this has been rectified

Christ is it hour 7 already? Or is it 8?

Well ok well now. Back at the keyboard. But only because I feel I should say this now. I get why this is a bad idea now. Iím back in control of my faculties but at hour 7 this could possibly get bigger than it is now. Itís just that the CNS canít get ride of the chem m so it like it just keeps piling up in my brain. I know itís just a mater of time b4 my body can replicate enough enzymes to mop up the 2c compound that is up there. Itís a big source of comfort that my liver is in good functioning order to deal this eventual if not seriously delayed blow to the veritable ocean of backlogged shit in my CNS. As is I am afloat an ocean of hallucinogenic state. IT may be interesting and is very nice, but I cannot even begin to imagine how bad this is for me. This combination of MAOI and 2c is very powerful but potentaiting by stunning the bodyís natural defenses is just a really bad idea I feel. Surely just consuming more of the primary chemical is a better idea. And if it isnít available, maybe reading a good book instead.

I do hope this stops building and begins to slack off... im ok now but who knows in 4 or 5 hoursÖ Iím enjoying this very much now. But even more so because I know that I will never use an MAOI to potentate a 2c compound, or indeed any other psychedelic, again. OR at least till I can find a big chunk of reserch to read up on that deals with this subject specifically.

So Qualitatively. How is this to see? IT is almost to much to type. I literally can barely make out the keyboard in front of me. It is odd to be this lucid in thought while so incapacitated in vision. I have always been very analytical on Phenethylamines.. far more so that Tryptamines. But this is just silly. But it makes a good deal of sense. Most psychedelics for me are only disorientating in bursts. I find my ability to reason boosted not limited. Still this is very powerful and is a little disconcerting. I cant go into to much here as it is all very subjective. Patterns colors all very inline with a normal 2c experience. The lest fulfilling part of this experience is that there was little or no synergy. This simply affected the perception of a well know chem. Throwing off time frames and accustomed dose apperception faculties. Although the experience is much amplified , it remains unerringly a 2c experience. And while that is a unique and wonderful thing, it is in the end limited to what it is. There is no great awareness .. no epiphany, no other side to break through to. Just another level of perception looking back at our own. And maybe that is an epiphany of its own sort. Not new but one we all have always know since that first time we started to ďcome downĒ from our first real introduction to the world of the psychedelic..

Well im off again it takes me so long to hunt and peck these things out that I guess its hour 8 now. I think ill go check the MAOI interaction list for acetaminophenÖ shit.. some say yes some say noÖ fuck it. I have a headache, at this point I seriously doubt that one Tylenol will be the straw that breaks the back. But that im even vaguely trepidatious of adding one extra strength placebo to this equation should serve as a waning to others who might think this is a good idea. At this point.. I am humbled.

Hour 9 and10

Yeaeaeaeh lets hear it for reversible MAOIís!!

Here at last it ebbs. Fucking worried there for a bit. Iím in now way out of anything yet but its begun to fade in intensity. At hour 9 a marked decreased of immersion into effects. I chose the 2ct2 compound originally to try this with because it is rather short acting, or at least the most so of the tweetios I had to chose from. As I have noted in other posts, the duration of this 2c for me is usually 5 to 6 hours, with the peek at about hour two lasting to hour 4 with a rather abrupt come down to baseline. Here at the amazingly prolonged hour 10 does a perceptible lessening of intensity observed. Indeed I believe this is because SR is a reversible MAOI, this means my body did not have to produce new enzymes to break up the 2ct2, this being the primary difference between reversible MAOIís and non reversible MAOIís. I am absolutely drained at this point.

IT should be noted to those of you who read my fist post on this combo that the SR I took today was refined a bit further and was probably a bit more potent than the first extraction I outlined.

This is my last post tonight as I feel there is little to add in reference to the quality of the experience. Now it is a waiting game to see about duration of effects. I will wrap up in the morning as to after effects and duration. As for now I think a little CEV apreatiation and some meditation would do me very well.

I have a class at ten so I may not get around to posting a wrap up till late afternoon. I doubt any real new information is forthcoming. All that needs to be said about my opinion of this combo already said. All I can say is that I hope this reads as a warning, and not as an enticement. Not only is potentateing with a MAOI effective but a really bad idea. It may have worked this once with what I hope to be limited prolonged effects, but I can not imagine what the long term effects of constant use in this manner would entail. I can only imagine that the damage would be far incommensurate with any benefits gained in increased potency and duration.

For this entire report and as I have said b4. I did not just do this. All imagined while sitting here. And even in my imagination, I can only speak for the syrian rue seeds I have and the sample of 2ct2 I have. I certainly would hope that nobody would see me as authoritative on any of these matters, as I am not.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51688
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 17, 2006Views: 19,466
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Meditation (128), Syrian Rue (45), 2C-T-2 (53) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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