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Lightsped Thoughts
Supplements, Amphetamine & Cannabis
by blueAries
Citation:   blueAries. "Lightsped Thoughts: An Experience with Supplements, Amphetamine & Cannabis (exp50948)". Jan 23, 2021.

350 mg oral DMAE
  1500 mg oral Tyrosine
  100 mg oral Tryptophan - 5-HTP
  100 mg oral Vitamin B-6
  6 shots oral Coffee
  300 mg oral Vitamins - Niacin
    oral Alcohol
    insufflated Amphetamines
  500 mg oral Valerian
  200 mg smoked Cannabis - Hash


I've been planning a trip to Amsterdam with a few friends for spring break coming up here in a couple of weeks. Historically a seasoned stoner, I've been off of the pot mostly for the past few months (wow, what a shift in cognitive ability!). I thought it might be a good idea to start gearing up for all of the time that will likely be spent in coffee shops in the 'Dam...

My daily regimen with vitamins/supplements is 130-260mg DMAE, 100mg vitamin b6, a multi-vitamin, hemp seed oil, 500-1000mg L-tyrosine, 1-3g L-arginine, rhodiola extract, caffeine throughout the day, 5-htp at bedtime, occasionally some valerian for sleep. Yesterday I wasn't too excited about getting up early to go to work (working early mornings at a coffee shop isn't soo bad compared other possible jobs I guess) so I decided to double up on some of my supplements for fun. When I take more DMAE than normal with more L-tyrosine, L-arginine, and whatever else, more espresso, it gives me a slowly evolving lift in my mood and energy level throughout the day, similar to that of amphetamines. Essentially while making lattes and such I felt as though I was flying on maybe 45mg of quick-release Adderall, but with a much more pronounced euphoric edge, while completely lacking any negative physical effects, except for the common DMAE shoulder and neck pain.

Even with such an elevated presence and sensation of existence there was no comedown. It's nice being able to have fun occasionally without having to pay for it later. Anyways, towards the end of the day, my creative intuition was starting wear thin as I was putting together various pieces to a trance track I've been working on, I started getting a little hungry and had some dinner. I was in a bad mood from breaking up with my recent girlfriend (damnit I love her, but she did what she needed to for her own success, so I have to respect her wishes) and found myself generally a little over edgy with my parents. I don't like being an asshole to them, but with recent family events it's kind of hard not to lose it a little. Anyways...a couple of beers with dinner, a small glass of porto back down in the studio, then decided to go out and ease myself from those bad feelings inside (probably mostly due to lack of sex ;-).

Washed Adderall with various solvents, dried/evaporated, mixed with powdered sugar and Lidocaine (to ease intranasal pain). I chopped up about 15mg of the stuff (about 10mg amphetamine equivalent) and up it went into my head. Sitting in front of my monitor speakers with various devices flashing lights in my face, my keyboard waiting to be fondled, I found myself picking up a neuropharmacology textbook of mine and diving nose first into it...Adderall used to be my friend for ADD, but meditation and nutritional supplementation has replaced it (and does a much better job actually). Thoughts of the girlfriend keep invading my sanity, popping into the forefront of my mind, prodding my consciousness, annoying me! I thought I'd take a little walk and get rid of it........

So this trip coming up to Amsterdam will inevitably be filled with pot smoke, mushrooms, possibly DMT, Absynth, all sorts of other stuff that's harder to find in California. Since the last time I smoked any herb was over two weeks ago, I figured I may as well start getting used to it putting over .2g of really fine grade Bubble Hash (produced by a FOAF) on top of a bowl of mugwort...I didn't have any bud, so...

After a brief clearing of my mind (I didn't want to get hung up on the aftermath of my breakup while stoned out of my mind, as sometimes I can get kind of depressed while high) while standing on a little local beach right by the shore, I took the first lungful of absolutely the sweetest and juiciest tasting hash I have had in a long time. Yummy! A minute or so later, I resumed hitting it and continued for another couple of hits. Oh yeah, before going to this little beach I had taken some DMAE in liquid form (about 50mg worth), 500mg valerian, 100mg 5-htp, 50mg vitamin b6, and 300mg vitamin b3. I was set! I was hoping to get more of a philosophical experience from superloading with THC than the post-daily and somewhat useless stoniness I used to frequent, and boy did I ever! Just a few minutes later, walking back to my car, my mind started racing like I have never experienced with any of the aforementioned substances alone. I came to some very useful realisations about myself, my attitudes toward some things, and other useful stuff. In particular, I seemed to figure out the point of living in the present, rather than the past. You can probably tell that losing my girl has been very painful for me, as I keep bringing it up, but I have to somehow implement what I learned last night into that - Instead of obsessing over what I have lost, or what I no longer have - what HAS already happened - why not just put it in the past (where it belongs) and think, experience, live the present, and think about the future? Sounds great! I just need practice.

Once I sat down in my car about 10 minutes after smoking, I started really spacing out like I often do when I'm stoned. I just sat there, listening to the music that was playing, letting it carry me from one emotion to the next, pondering each and every sound, taking tastes from a Nerds on a Rope candy. I started trembling or shaking a little, in an anxious way, like I was shivering, but almost every muscle in my body was tense. I could definitely feel the Adderall coursing through my head, and the DMAE exaggerating the mental effect, however I hadn't experienced this physical reaction before, this tenseness. I couldn't help but to grit my teeth as I clenched my jaw repeatedly, my eyes darting all over the place, thoughts racing. I found myself forgetting to breathe way too easily. This frequently happens when I smoke a lot of herb at once
I found myself forgetting to breathe way too easily. This frequently happens when I smoke a lot of herb at once
- not too comforting. My heart started racing as well (which herb makes me do often also) to around 200 bpm or so...faint, fluttering palpitations. I have read about DMAE acting in part to protect the brain when its oxygen supply is somewhat cut off, and what was interesting about this event was that instead of flashing in and out of consciousness when my breathing gets too shallow, I would just sort of fall back into my mind instead of keeping awareness of my physical surroundings. Tumbling, turning, hitting and bouncing off of various thought patterns and psychological markers on my uncontrolled descent through consciousness, until finally I'd gasp for air again - the rush of oxygen temporarily bumping me back into reality.

I made the connection with DMAE and the oxygen loss deal for obvious reasons, but another interesting note is DMAE's effect on dreaming. Sometimes if I've been drinking (beyond social use), or I have to get up early and won't get enough sleep due to it being late, I will take DMAE right as I turn the lights out so that I have an excess amount of Acetlcholine available when I get up in the morning. When I mentioned slipping in and out of my physical reality, the feeling was more like an intense dream than anything I can think of. DMAE also has a reputation for enhancing the effects of most psychotropics - and in my experiences it most certainly does. Mixed with cannabis alone, it resembles a very mild onset of mushrooms. Mixed with alcohol, the buzz comes on much faster and the hangover diminishes. Mixed with caffeine, it feels like long-lasting cocaine, but no unpleasant edge, and much more happiness. Mixed with amphetamines, it basically defines crystal clear. No pun intended.

I decided to try to enter a state of trance through meditation, as this was becoming too overwhelming to enjoy. As I began to focus on my thoughts, they somewhat exploded, taking my consciousness from one corner of my brain to the absolute opposite, then down somewhere else, and over to another extremity. It was utterly and completely a mind trip not of my choosing. Things kept flashing in and out of my awareness like a deep and uncohesive Salvia trip; any insight from then on, though possibly relevant, was covered up by the next string of thoughts moving in to invade its space. As I was slowly able to focus more on my breathing, letting my thoughts move right through me, detaching myself from my emotions, letting go of what was bothering me, disturbing me, distracting me, what was in my face, I found myself slowly regaining control of my being. After about forty minutes I was able to concentrate and relax enough to drive about a mile home (I would have walked to the beach, but it was just too cold out).

Exhausted from expelling so much mental energy, I collapsed into my bed as soon as I got home and slept until about 2pm the next day, about 12 hours. The time from when I blew the powder to when I went to sleep was only about 2 hours. It's about 11:00pm (the night following this experience) and I have had a little bit of a headache that's lasted through most of the day, nothing major though. I have been in fairly good spirits, no different than normal really, maybe a little above normal actually. I've corrected a lot of typos while writing this tonight, so I'm not sure if it is related to last night, or if I'm just tired. I have felt however, a lasting sense of general peacefullness through the day. It was nice out - warm, sunny, I went to work to get my paycheck and my tips for the week - the ride through downtown was going at a medium level, beautiful women all around, fresh air in my face, gray leather under my butt. The sunset tonight was profound, it looked so warm and fiery going behind the coastal mountain nearby, it tasted like grapefruit with fresh mint. It was a good time to ponder last night, how it related to myself, what to gain from it, if anything.

Peace, and give respect to all substances, even those legal ones.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50948
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 23, 2021Views: 661
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Cannabis (1), DMAE (151) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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