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Lifting You Up
Cacti - T. pachanoi & Hashish
by Spine Snake
Citation:   Spine Snake. "Lifting You Up: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi & Hashish (exp4695)". Dec 31, 2001.

100 g oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (fresh)
    smoked Cannabis - Hash  


In the first week of the new year my best friend (F), a close friend (T) and a friend of his (B) met for our first experience with San Pedro, which would be our first experience with a drug other than cannabis as well. We had a whole house to ourselves, looking forward to an evening of fun and hoping the cactus would work...

- about 19.15: after cutting the cactus in four equally sized pieces and spending half an hour or so on peeling the skin off (which worked better than we had expected; if you're careful and do it slowly you can peel most of the skin off in one piece...but it's gonna be a slimy experience) and getting rid of the spine, we weighed the portions of cactus flesh we had, and it was about 120 g for everybody (which would be about 7$ a portion).
Then we came to the question how we should ingest it; we agreed that we wanted to consume the fresh cactus, so we tried eating a tiny piece of the flesh...boy, that was disgusting, I had never eaten anything worse. I figured DRINKING the whole thing might be better, for it'd just slide down your throat; so I threw my portion into the mixer and mixed it till I had 120 g of green slime with tiny pieces of cactus in it...not really a sight to wake your appetite. I sipped a little bit of it, and yes, it slid down, but there was still the aftertaste, which was as bad as eating the thing, so I started adding all kinds of things like orange juice, lemon juice, lemon extract and even sugar to the slime. But that was no good either; the disgusting taste was so strong that it could only slightly be decreased by the added fluids. So all in all I just doubled or tripled the amount of disgusting - tasting, juice...I'd soon really hate me for that...
F decided to drink it pure, B to eat one half and drink the other one pure, and T to do the same as I...

- 19.30: Now we started to ingest the whole was awful. It took F and me almost 45 minutes to pour down the slime. Even worse than the taste itself were the tiny pieces in the soup, which wouldn't get down immediately and always made you gag...
About ten minutes after we had started F and I started feeling a little 'tipsy'; it was as if we had drank some alcohol, not much, just as much to make you tipsy. And soon the nausea was felt. It was in a bearable range, no trouble keeping the stuff down, though within this range it was rather strong. I left some of the stuff over, it was just too bad, so I probably had about 100 g.
B and T spend about 20 - 30 minutes ingesting it; T stopped in the middle of his portion, B (being a rather tough guy) had it all down within that time.

- about 20.30: Within the last quarter of an hour the nausea had faded away and we smoked the hashish till we all were middle - stoned. Then we settled down to watch 'Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas'. I had already seen that movie once, fully stoned, but you just can't get enough of it...The other ones were new to it and loved it right from the start.

- about 21.30: The effects of the hashish slowly vanished.

- 22.00: I felt waves of energy pulsing through my body, mainly my abdomen and legs; not that strong, but clearly detectable. After a few minutes this settled into a mild body buzz, like the one you get from smoking cannabis. It would stay on that level for the next seven to eight hours.

- about 22.45: When we turned the light on again in the TV room, the colours seemed brighter and slightly more saturated. We decided to go for a walk, and though it was alraedy dark outside, it was pretty cool; the moon was shining brightly and illuminated the clouds around it. The house was located in a little suburb on a hill, and the view over the sparkling city in the valley was just fantastic. We walked down into the city, and then we were fully convinced that the mescaline was having its effect on us. Only a good week after christmas, the gardens were illuminated by the chrismtas - candle - stuff, and the yellow light on the green of the trees was just so enticing...and the body buzz was still same level.

All these effects couldnít still come from the hashish, not from the amount we had smoked. So we walked through the city and stared at the beautifully lighted historical buildings in our city, and the moon and so on. We sat down for about half an hour in a local pub to eat something, because we were building up a huge appetite. The whole atmosphere was enhanced peacefully. On our way back F and I were talking and comparing the effects on us. We were wide awake, and our minds were very clear, way clearer than a high on pot. Additionally our heads were only filled with Ądivine' thoughts; we started talking about the movies of the seventies. Weíre both film freaks, and films of the seventies have just a certain atmosphere that films of today lack completely. Back at home we started watching ĄApocalypse Now', but didnít really concentrate on the movie (though itís great, just what we had talked about), for we had gotten into a discussion (more the confirming - each - other kind of discussion) about how boring the nineties are (were) compared to the seventies.

F is 18, Iím 19, so we didnít experience them, and probably itís true what Duke says in ĄFear & Loathing' (that no piece of music, no style of clothing etc. could replace the feeling of actually having been there), but compared to our generation, even the little feeling one can get from these things is a blast compared to our generation. What Iím struggling to explain is that our minds were like cleaned up, now actually knowing what was good and what we wanted. Just...divine, donít know how to explain it better. The conversation went on till about 8.00 in the morning, when we finally fell asleep.

Altogether the experience was a very pleasant one Iím eager to repeat. We didnít have any hallucinations or visuals, but what we had was already great. It was a very cleaning, Ąspirit - strengthening' experience. Go and try it for yourselves.

But the next time I'll try a different kind of ingestion; maybe dry the pieces, then grind them to a pulver and wash it down with orange juice...I'm rather reluctant to repeat the slime thing...

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4695
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 31, 2001Views: 12,903
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Cacti - T. pachanoi (64), Cannabis - Hash (93) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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