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A Day of Color
by Mauldric
Citation:   Mauldric. "A Day of Color: An Experience with LSD (exp37628)". Nov 15, 2005.

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)


It was the day before Saint Patrick's Day. It was spring break. I had about one month earlier purchased two hits of LSD from a friend's friend at a small get together. I have tripped on just about anything you can think of multiple times before this, but this would be my first LSD experience. I was very excited that I had finally found some LSD because it is VERY hard to find in my particular area. I had spent almost 6 months researching LSD and reading reports and all that jazz to help prepare myself. I always read facts, and then reports constantly before I try a substance. Some people like to clean their house, do yoga, pray, etc, to prepare their minds; I like to read reports online and study.

I was at my house on this fine, cloudy and slightly chilly day, when I dosed at 12:30. I placed the first hit on my tongue and let it sit until it got soggy to the point of disintegrating, I decided to swallow it just to get my money's worth. I repeated again with the second piece and did the same with it. Then just in case I licked the hell out of the inside of the plastic sack they had been sitting in (I'm not a rich person so I will do anything, even if rediculous, to ensure I get all that I can out of it).

I was told by the dealer that the two hits were probably very light doses and I may only experience little tripping to none at all. I bought them anyhow because, when it's rare I CANNOT pass it up. I did not let this affect my mindset, I went into the trip not hoping I would trip my balls off and also not thinking nothing might happen. I was unbiased. I waited and stared out the window while I played guitar. I stared for a very long at the stillness of the cloudy day outside when I realized I had almost gone into some sort of trance type state. I discovered that I had been sitting on the couch staring at the same spot while playing the same monotonous tune for almost one hour! It was 1:30 now and I was beginning to realize that my trance-like state was being induced by the LSD. This excited me.

After I realized what was happening the excitement started boosting the trip up very quickly; the more I got excited the more I started to come up, and the more I started to come up the more excited I got. You get the picture. I put the guitar down and layed down on the carpet. I was eye level with the carpet and realized it was now wobbling and undulating smoothly and slowly. As this continued everything in the room started becoming disproportionate and awkward. My first visual occurred here: A small end table's legs looked so warped that they almost looked twisted up like a twisty tie. As soon as I noticed this it took one step towards me...and then another and another. This was a very powerful hallucination because something that was across the room from me had actually walked over to me and was standing beside me bent over as if it were staring at me like a curious animal.

I stayed on the floor and shut my eyes to avoid seeing the slightly disturbing image of a table staring at me. I was fine with it, but I didn't want to see it anymore at the time. As I lay with my eyes shut I felt a huge shadow appear over me (which startled me because I live alone). I opened my eyes to see my cat standing next to the end table also bent over and staring at me. This blew my mind for some reason and I got that amazing 'soaring upwards' feeling one gets in the stomach and head while tripping sometimes. This painted a huge grin across my face and I began laughing hysterically. I shut my again only to hear immediately 'Psst....Psst... Hey A (we'll call me A), can you understand me?' I opened my eyes to see the cat staring at me curiously and I realized it was the cat who said it. Again she said without moving her lips 'You can understand me right now can't you?' In amazement I replied 'Yes, I can Pandy. I think it's because i'm in a heightened state of mind.' She almost looked like she smiled and said 'You can always hear my thoughts in this state.' She turned and walked away. By this time I had already experienced more realistic hallucinations than I ever have before and was very surprised and pleased that the acid was going so strong and pleasantly.

Many other odd things happened like that for quite sometime inside the house. I put on the Jefferson Airplane album 'Bark'. I got my weenie dog out of his cage and played with him and we danced and romped like crazed people for at least an hour. And not to leave it out but there was some kind of a talking eye on Wester's (the weenie dog) back. It only mumbled and twitched and spoke giberish though.

At this time my mind was racing, I could not decide what I wanted to do. It seemed like every thought (which were hitting me at a rate of about 400 per second) was the greatest idea I had ever had and how badly I wanted to carry out that idea. I was so confused on what to do that I actually just paced all over my house headed to do things and when I would get there I would see something else I wanted to do. I was really having a FUN FUN FUN time.

It was now time to go outside. I went into my backyard and looked at all the beautiful colors. Everything was just a few shades off from its normal color. This was awe inspiring it was so beautiful. Blues were more violet than blue, yellows more orange than yellow, reds more pink than red and so on. All very mellow almost pastel colors though. It was a pastel day. The grass seemed to have order to it instead of just a lot of grass growing everywhere. I got the impression that every piece of grass was working with one another to form some kind of a huge pointless undescribable geometric pattern. Everything seemed 'right where it should be' as I said aloud. I never figured it out if it was real or not, but I was amazed to see and hear what seemed to be millions upon millions of black birds everywhere; flying, in the trees, on the other houses, on the ground. The sky was black with them. The next day there was no bird poop anywhere to be found so I kind of think it was all fake. But who knows, it did rain a little bit later that night.

I took a walk around the neighborhood several times that day. Trees looked like swirling thorns with bulbs at the base of each branch and twig that swirled constantly in an upward motion like that of a twirling candy cane tube that you see outside of an old fashioned barber shop. Cars, houses, people, mailboxes, all seemed like they were flattened or stretched horizontally like you can do with photos on a computer. My basic mindset the whole day was utter amazement and love for everything I saw. Everything seemed perfect. My mind was taken over by the sheer beauty of the day. This was very cleansing for me because I now know that most of this beauty was there all along, I just never took time to really think about it. I now perceive color not necessarily differently from other people, but I see everything from color to life in general a little more in depth. It's very hard to explain but basically as trippy as it all was the trip just showed me it was there all along. It gave me a feeling that my eyes had been opened and I saw with a new light and appreciation for everything. And this is still in affect to this day. It changed me forever. I no longer take anything for granted, I can see good and beauty in everything no matter how terrible or ugly it may be.

I must apalogize for how long this is, but it would actually take me at least another 3 or 4 full pages to complete the trip (what is actually able to be put into words anyway). To cut it short many more things I happened, a thanksgiving wreath followed me home from a gas station I was at buying cigarettes, I smoked a small bowl of weed, which erupted about a 3 hour long ego trip that was much needed, and was quite cleansing. I got in the hot tub and thought all my flesh had melted off and was floating at the top of the water, which didn't bother me because I had in mind that I was only tripping and it was actually very amusing. I could see my heart beating about 3 inches out of my chest (a little scary for a while). I heard crickets, was surrounded by them, picked up on high pitch frequencies, saw it rain backwards (rain shot out of the ground past me and into the sky). Also I listened to the Beatles 'Abbey Road' which I now consider the most psychedelic album ever created.

Altogether I tripped from 12:30pm to 10:30 pm. About 10 hours altogether. No bad experiences the entire time (due to reading experience reports online). Always keeping a happy and positive mind going into tripping, I think that's the key. Nothing can go wrong. I have been changed forever by this wonderful substance, but I plan not to use it anymore because of spiritual reasonings in my heart. I'll stick to the cannabis and shrooms I believe. Oh yes, one more thing, every time I smoke cannabis now I have miniature ego trips, sometimes harsh ones, and I don't mind it. It always seems to point out what is wrong in my life and how I can be a better person to other people and teaches me how to become closer to my God. that is all folks. Happy tripping! peace

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37628
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 15, 2005Views: 21,721
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LSD (2) : Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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