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There Are Two Colors In My Head
Alcohol & Cannabis
by cherryred
Citation:   cherryred. "There Are Two Colors In My Head: An Experience with Alcohol & Cannabis (exp20971)". Mar 12, 2003.

3 cups oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  2 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
    oral Pharms - Methylphenidate  


About 2 months ago I had quite an experience that was both enlightening and frightening at the same time. My friend K and I were supposed to go to a party, and I wasn't sure I was up for it.

Naturally, I just sucked it up and went along, and when we got there it only about 7 of us. Myself, K, S, A, B, and two other girls I didnt know. We all went out into the garage and had a cigarette before beginning what would be an insane night.

I started out by just having a few cups of Everclear (190 proof) and orange juice. After the third one I was pretty plastered. Now in the past, I have mixed Weed and Alc at the same time, and it's never really turned out that good. My vision blurs very badly after just 3 or 4 beers so you can imagine what the effects would be if I mixed weed with it.

We went downstairs and shot pool until B announce that they were going to smoke a bowl of 'some really good shit' in the garage. I went out there, very drunkedly I might add, and plopped down in a lawn chair. After one bowl I was just completely gone. I decided in my stupid head that I should smoke another, so that I did.

I remember turning around to my friends and saying 'I can't come back now. This is it,' and walking out the garage door to the drive way. I lit a cigarette and admired the world around me. The first thing I experience was a sort of 'night to day' transition. It was slightly raining outside, and I just felt like it was daytime. It's hard to explain, but it's sort of like flashing a camera in the dark - you see things in the light very quickly, but you know it's dark. I became very dizzy and lay face down on the driveway. The dizzyness I probably account to the cigarette, it often gives me a funny feeling in my brain when I'm high.

I became a puddle on the driveway. My brain connected itself to other parts of itself that were not meant to be and I believe I had a mental breakdown. The world appeared so incredibly beautiful and intreguing, and yet I couldn't help but feel sad. I started to cry and sob and choke and got on all fours and vomited four times onto the pavement.

When I got up the entire world was a haze. It spun and spun, and didn't stop. A car passed by, and at the same time I saw a reflection of it on the rain-soaked road. I pictured the world as a single plane, and I believe that the world had become flat and stretched on for millions of miles.

I went inside the house to try and find everyone but I could not. I didn't know where they went, and I completely and totally freaked out. I thought that perhaps the armageddon had occurred, the eastern sky had split open, and Jesus had come to take all of the Christians and I was left here because I was not one. I started to cry again and felt my stomach drop millions of miles.

I crawled up the stairs into a guest bedroom and pulled my clothes off and got in bed, feeling ripped in half. This is the way I imagine it:

Marijuana, obviously, is a drug that slows me down; while Alcohol (in me), speeds me up. I felt like my mind was being ripped in half, and a song by Radiohead came to my head (Everything in Its Right Place) where he sings the line 'There are two colors in my head' repeatedly.

The darkness engulfed me and I don't remember really anything of what happened after that except getting up once to use the bathroom, and the agonizing feeling of the world spinning. The axis of the earth had pierced me and I was clinging to it, watching myself spin.

I passed out at what I would assume to be 3am, and awoke at 9 or so by my friend K, and explained to him what had happened. He told me that I freaked out in the garage one time and tried to clamp a plastic bottle of paint thinner into a vise because 'I knew what I was doing, I do it all the time'.

I got dressed, put on my shoes and went downstairs where K handed me a Ritalin to help me wake up and recover from what had happened. I stepped outside, and in the morning haze, I stood with my left arm hugging myself, smoking a cigarette and looking at the captivating stormy blue sky.

Words of advice: be careful before you mix drugs, especially ones that will counteract the other; you may be in for a wild ride. This event had proven to be life-changing to me, and I haven't mixed alcohol and marijuana to this day.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20971
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 12, 2003Views: 19,147
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Alcohol - Hard (198), Cannabis (1) : Difficult Experiences (5), Health Problems (27), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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