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Stupid Move, Payed for It
DXM, CPM & Cannabis
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Stupid Move, Payed for It: An Experience with DXM, CPM & Cannabis (exp15141)". May 7, 2004.

T+ 0:00
12 tablets oral DXM (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:59   oral Chlorpheniramine Maleate  
  T+ 4:00   smoked Cannabis  


[Erowid Note: Most Coricidin contains CPM (Chlorpheniramine Maleate) which can be dangerous in high doses. See DXM Brand Warnings for more info.]

To start this report off, know that I have not had THAT much experience with many Hallucinagins, although I am always interested in trying new things. I have eaten shrooms on many occasions, and dropped acid once.

I had heard about DXM before,and wanted to try it, but i wasn't down with drinking a bottle of nyquill, and knew of no other way of trying it. A couple friends of mine had told me they tried Corciden, a cold remedy they got from our local pharmacy. The fact that it was pills eased my mind a bit, so I was down for taking it. I just had to get my hands on some. Which was easy considering I Work and a pharmacy.

A couple days later, while still thinking if i should try it, the opprotunity came in school. A couple of friends were taking it in school at our lunch period, so I figured, without having much knowledge of the drug at all, that I would do it then. After inquiring how many pills I should take, I settled on 12 pills. Considering my friend was popping 16, and another popped 8.

Now, I had lunch 7th period, which is just about 12:00pm, I had work that same day at 5pm. Stupid, stupid move.

As school ended I still was feeling no effects, School ends at 2:02 so I figured, 2 hours, no effect, I might as well forget about it and try a higher dossage for the next i wanted to try it. After school I went to a friends house, I arrive around 4pm and like always, decided to smoke some weed before work. Me and a friend finished smoking at about 4:30, we shared a pretty fat joint. This is when things got wierd.

I had gotten up after sitting down for a while, I did not feel high, I just had a weird type of dizzy feeling. I shrugged it off, and went to work. Now I live very close to my job, so i just walk their. As the minutes passed this dizzy feeing started to get more intense. I tried to shrug it off, thinking in my head that it Cant be the Corciden that I had taken many hours ago.

I arrived at work, and started to feel Completely trashed. I could not see straight, and was having trouble walking. My stomach was killing me, so I went into the back room. I sat down and realized that if anyone had seen me, they definitly would think I was on something. I went into the bathroom and tried to splash some water on my face, but I couldn't even manage to direct the water to my face. My pupils we're dilated, and I felt like complete garbage. I stayed in the backroom for about 15 minutes until a fellow employee, which is a friend of mine with come Corciden experience.

I talked to him for a bit and told him that something was wrong. After a little bit longer, A nasueus feeling came over me and I ran into the bathroom and threw up. After this the dizzyness died down, and I started to get my head straight. I went back into the store and found my manager screaming at me for being 15 minutes late. I looked like hell, so I told him I had just gotten sick and was going home. I went back to my friends house, it took a good 2-3 more hours for me to feel straight again.

This experience with Corciden was horrible. I probably will never try it again. I recieved NO visuals, and felt like hell. I dont know why it took so long to kick in, but Corciden affects diffrent people very diffrently. I suggest if you are thinking about trying DXM, don't mess around with cold pills for the high.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 15141
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 7, 2004Views: 43,852
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Chlorpheniramine Maleate (164), DXM (22), Cannabis (1) : Various (28), Health Problems (27), First Times (2)

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