My Pearly Acid Bubble
Citation:   nuttyshaz. "My Pearly Acid Bubble: An Experience with LSD (exp12607)". Feb 10, 2005.

T+ 0:59
0.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:30 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 0.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:59   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 9:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 9:00   smoked MDMA (pill / tablet)
Over the last year I've experimented with many different substances, and have consequently had some very memorable experiences. But my first trip on acid (about a year ago) was definitely the most exhilarating, and it happened more or less by accident. I lived with my boyfriend marc at the time, and it was a friday night. We'd planned on getting some X but unfortunately left it far too late and were unable to obtain any. The situation was looking grim and we were both very disappointed, until a friend rang and said he had some acid, if we wanted that. Well, I'd never had it before but am always up for a new experience, and LSD has always interested me. So we said yes, collected it and settled down at about 9 o'clock, both of us very excited. We lit some candles, put on the lava lamps and organised the computer so that we could play some music, it was all very cosy. Marc decided that we should take it easy, only taking half a hit each at first. It felt very strange on my tongue! However, after half an hour, neither of us were feeling any effects, so we decided to take a whole one each. Then again, after another half hour we took a final half.

By now 1hr 30mins had passed and I was beginning to feel slightly strange. I couldn't decide if I was tripping or not, and desperately wanted to be, the whole thing seemed very disappointing. I kept saying things like 'I might be tripping, that cord could look like a snake' but in reality it was just wishful thinking. And then...Marc said something, and before I knew it we were both in hysterical fits of laughter, my cheeks were killing and I couldn't figure out what was so funny but that just made it funnier! Still no trips as yet and I was beginning to think this was all we were gonna get, fun tho it was. How wrong was I?

By the time 12o'clock rolled around, I had irrevocably lost touch with the world as I knew it. I remember looking at the end of my cigarette and realising that there was a little animal sitting on the tip! it was truly amazing, as the cigarette burned the animal kept changing shape, sometimes it was a bunny, sometimes a cat, always moving, and always friendly. Thoroughly transfixed I tried to show marc, but he was still in fits of laughter. Well I stayed like that for ages, just gazing at my cig, then the plant on the table caught my attention - it was electric green with pink spots! and this time when I told marc he could see it too. All around me everyday objects were changing shape, and colour took on a whole new meaning. I had descended into 'acid vision.'

I have a habit of writing when I'm on drugs, we had a doodle book specifically for that purpose, and I found myself writing 'cabbage, cabbaged, cabbaging' over and over again. Not very productive I know but no other word could explain the way I felt. I felt unplugged, my coordination was gone and I could most definitely not talk coherently at all. Trying to eat a cracker I found that my hand just kept missing my mouth, my brain could not compute the two in connection with each other. It was truly terrifying, I just sat there and said 'I feel insane. This is how it must feel to be insane.' Marc instantly agreed with me, and we had quite a discussion about it, both realising that we had gained a strong empathy, pity and understanding for the mentally disturbed. It was not that we felt bad, but that was only because we knew that this loss of touch from reality was only temporary. To feel like that all the time, so disconnected and lost, would be horrifying. The most simple of things, making a cup of tea or even sitting up were suddenly almost impossible, the messages between our brains and bodies were just messed up, missing their targets.

Marc wrote a poem at one point; and to this day, when I read it I get chills down my spine because it was just so RIGHT, everything he wrote fitted our emotions perfectly, although to someone else it would make little sense.

The most profound moment of the trip came at about 2o'clock. We had stopped talking, both lost in our own fantasies. The atmosphere was so calming, the lava lamp was casting lazy swirling shadows aroud the room and an amazing song, PPK, Resurrection (the full version), was playing on the computer. I was sitting on the sofa, marc was standing by the fireplace, and I can honestly say that for the first time in my life time stood still. The only way I can describe it is that I felt like me and marc were inside a luminous pearl, or a bubble, completely removed from the world in our own little plane of existence. Neither one of us spoke, we just stayed in our positions, perfectly still, and I felt that this was the way it should always be. Each note of the song tugged my heart, transported me into a realm I have never before imagined, just a perfect little bubble of RIGHTNESS, where my surroundings were arranged in the most perfect way they could possibly be. It wasn't euphoria, it wasn't happiness, it was just rightness, which I discovered was the most important thing in life, finding that balance and holding on to it.

it felt like this moment lasted forever, but in reality I think it was only a few minutes. Marc suddenly moved, and I came out of my trance, but the feeling of awe remained, and is with me to this day - whenever I hear that song I just go quiet and remember my beautiful epiphany.

My sense of time was warped, and it seems to me that the next few hours passed in a flash. we spent a long time comparing trips, both seeing the ceiling ripple and pulsate, just laying there bathed in love for each other and the world.

There was one brief, but horrific, moment when I found out just how wrong things could go on acid. I'd heard of 'bad trips' but nothing had prepared me...I snapped out of one of my little head journeys to find marc looking at me - I have never seen such an expression of abject terror in my life. 'help me' he moaned. 'I'm on a bad one..' I just froze, I could not speak or move. It was like he was transferring his emotions to me, I was suddenly knocked over by an unbelievable feeling of uncontrollable fear and uselessness. 'Why won't you help me?' he kept asking, and I just shook my head, unable to form words or even to go to him. That's when I saw something out of the corner of my eye, something big and dark moving across the ceiling. Although I refused to look directly at it, I could feel its shape and hostility and it was getting closer and closer. I freaked completely, shaking my head from side to side and crying, then marc was there hugging me. As he moved away I saw that his face was covered in pulsating green lines, they were all over his eyes and forehead, he looked like a devil! I couldn't look at him but couldn't explain why, and then he hugged me again and just whispered that it was going to be alright, I was gonna be ok - and I snapped out of it. just like that, just because he loved me, everything was perfect again.

But the experience taught me that acid can be very fun and enlightening, but when it goes wrong I really DOES go wrong. However, a little bit of reassurance is all you need, just stay calm and still and be positive and it can be dealt with very quickly - always make sure you are with a close friend, in a very safe and comfortable environment.

At about 6am we remembered that we had half a pill left from last weekend (X), and decided to smoke it, with some dope, just to chill us out. That was nice, the two are definitely a good combination, but by this time we were both tired and so didn't really notice many of the effects. We just spammed out, watching tv, thoroughly at peace, until 8ish when we both crashed out. Making our way upstairs in the dark I was utterly transfixed by my mobile fone (if u are ever tripping look at your mobile in the dark, it's cool!). the screen was lit up and as I moved the fone the screen left electric trailbacks, and then totally separated itself fron the handset, becoming a spinning ball of light! I swirled it round, and the light literally became a planet spinning round and round in the air, I felt like I could touch it!! I sat in the hallway for ages just waving my fone around and giggling, until marc dragged me to bed.

There is much much more that I could say, many more trips I could describe, but I think you get the gist and I have waffled on for far too long! I would just like to say that I think that LSD is an absolutely incredible drug, and side-effect wise much less damaging than speed, coke, pills etc. I felt no depression in the ensuing weeks, no paranoia, nothing really except a mild feeling of unreality, which quickly passed. And I also had several small blackouts, but cannot say which drug caused these. I can't exactly say that I would recommend LSD, simply because the effects vary so greatly from person to person and trip to trip. but I can say that it was an incredible experience for me, beyond anything else I've ever felt. I plan on doing it again as soon as possible!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 12607
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 10, 2005Views: 33,264
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