Boost to Body and Mind
Cacti - T. bridgesii
Citation:   Ghost. "Boost to Body and Mind: An Experience with Cacti - T. bridgesii (exp113292)". Jun 27, 2019.

10 in oral Cacti - T. bridgesii (tea)
Woke up at 2:00am. Got a small woodfire going in the backyard fire pit and drank the tea. It took about 15 minutes to drink it down. Took a couple of puffs of cannabis to help with the nausea and sat by the fire until sunrise.

This was an energetic, clear, mildly euphoric trip. The bodyload felt wonderful. I kept alternating between sitting next to the fire and getting up and pacing around the yard. I had lots of energy and could have walked for miles no problem. My body felt great.
My body felt great.
Felt strong and nimble. Did a lot of stretching. My muscles and joints felt at peak form. My body just felt so good.

The horizon started to lighten up at around 5am. The sun broke the horizon and rose at 6am. I was starting to peak as the sun rose. The peak lasted a few hours. This was a lower dose trip than I often take. I was not looking to be challenged. Was more so seeking healing and rejuvenation. And that's exactly how it felt. My mind felt SUPER SHARP AND CLEAR. Very strong feeling of a nootropic effect. My memory and reasoning faculties were extremely acute. Feels like I gained more brain cells or pathways. That feeling of mental acuity has stayed with me in the two weeks since this trip.
That feeling of mental acuity has stayed with me in the two weeks since this trip.

This trip was a boost to my body and mind. Felt wonderful and sharpened everything.

The trip tapered off by early afternoon. The glow remained for the rest of the day and somewhat into the following day.

It never felt so good to be alive. There was mild emotional euphoria, but not to a great extent. I felt "happy" but not exuberant. It just left me feeling totally refreshed and sharpened and very alive. I truly believe that these cacti are good for me. Looking forward to the next experience.

[Reported Dose: "10 inches brewed down to 10 oz. of tea"]

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113292
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 27, 2019Views: 1,226
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