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Workup to 20mg - a Collection of Reports
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Workup to 20mg - a Collection of Reports: An Experience with DOF (exp112843)". Erowid.org. Feb 10, 2019. erowid.org/exp/112843

1-20 mg oral DOF (powder / crystals)
    oral Alcohol (liquid)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
      Smarts - Phenibut  
A Workup of DOF, an Obscure and Potentially Psychedelic Amphetamine
by Xorkoth

Several years ago, I was fortunate to stumble across some people who were making several psychedelic amphetamines in the DOX family, so I jumped at the opportunity, since I have a great love for the DOX class, DOC in particular. I find them varied and fascinating in their potency and duration, and in the nature of their effects. I picked up three rare-to-unheard-of chemicals from these people, including DOPr, DOiP, and DOF. I already knew that DOPr was a winner, and there are a variety of modern reports, as some of this DOPr was distributed on blotters. I found a smattering of reports on DOiP. But on DOF, the only mentions I can find are some uninspiring mentions of no psychedelic effects, only simple stimulation, in some experiments done with human recipients, and Shulgin's estimation that it wouldn't produce any worthwhile effects.

I have already published several reports on DOiP and one on DOPr. This is my submission for DOF. I began by taking a .25mg allergy test, and then a week later I started with 1mg. I decided to go up to 2, then 4, and then add 4mg each time.

1-18-2016 - 1mg initial trial

12:30pm (T+0:00) - Ingested 1mg orally in alcohol suspension. Not expecting anything.

2:09pm (T+1:39) - Maybe a faint hint of generic DOX feeling, but quite possibly placebo.

2:59pm (T+2:29) - My stomach feels slightly off, a bit burpy, reminds me of how it feels for other DOXs. Possible faint glow. Very subtle if anything but the stomach thing is discernable for sure. Not discomfort, just a certain feeling, which if it were increased, could become discomfort. No perceptual or mental effects.

No further observations of effects. I noted the possibly-placebo faint DOX feeling for the rest of the day. Sleep came without issue at a normal time for me.

1-21-2016 - 2mg trial

2:38pm (T+0:00) - Ingested 2mg DOF orally in alcohol suspension. Wondering if previous trial's faint sensations were placebo; if not, then this dose should at least repeat the same. Since the best data I could find (admittedly seemingly just speculation) suggests a dose may be more in the 20-40mg range, it's very likely the last dose's faint effects were placebo, and that this dose will do nothing, as indeed, will my next handful of doses. I must proceed carefully in any case since this molecule is basically a huge unknown.

No effects noted.

5-12-2017 - 4mg trial

12:00pm (T+0:00) - Ingested 4mg orally in alcohol suspension.

No effects noted beyond probably placebo.

1-10-2019 - 8mg trial

9:47am (T+0:00) - Ingested 8mg orally in alcohol suspension.

10:06am (T+0:19) - Faint stomach sourness a la DOX effects. But, it may be from alcohol - I only saw my 1mg/mL solution so I ingested 8mL of vodka. Of course, afterwards I found my 10mg/mL solution. In any case, I possibly feel a slight alteration building but could easily be placebo at this point.

10:30am (T+0:43) - Pretty sure I do feel something. It's a glow about the forehead. I feel altered, it reminds me of the beginning of a psychedelic buzz except it's just in the feeling, a warm pulse in my hands and head. I feel good, at peace. No feeling of peripheral stimulation, but there is something going on.

10:40pm (T+0:53) - Okay I think it's beyond a doubt. The feeling is growing although not strong. Slight euphoria, I feel faster and more motivated but not actually stimulated. I do have a bit of that stomach weirdness that DOXs give me. Not nausea, I think of it as "sour stomach". Just a sort of weirdness, burpiness. Not really even unpleasant, just a sensation.

11:05am (T+1:18) - Found some batteries for my heart monitor and I thought it would be a good idea to get some vitals. I took it three times over the course of 5 minutes and got these results:

  • 132/65, 65bpm

  • 133/73, 59bpm

  • 132/75, 59bpm

I didn't think to take my vitals before dosing, but this seems very close to my typical sober resting place of 120/80, 60bpm.

11:17am (T+1:20) - I feel a sense of excitement, no particular reason for it, but the day feels interesting to me. I have been in a winter funk lately, relatively bored most days and unable to drive myself anywhere, resulting in a case of cabin fever, so this is noteworthy. I'm about to start working on a Java application I created for work that's one of my best accomplishments here, it's had some errors I ran into for the last 2 years when I was trying to get it working with multiple languages. I'm going to dig back into that. Rather than feeling dauntingas it has other times recently, it feels fun.

12:04pm (T+2:17) - Getting hungry but I have to wait for my girlfriend to be ready to run errands. We need to pick up some kerosene and food. I'm working on this project and inexplicably, the images stored on my company's servers are unable to be read by standard I/O operations. But images elsewhere work just fine. The Internet isn't much help so far. I mean I think it's because of my work VPN so I found a solution that I can use to make it work on my machine, but I need this to work on a variety of peoples' machines. Grr...

12:47am (T+3:00) - Still more of the same. I've been talking to my boss for the last 45 minutes trying to figure out an unrelated issue with a different project. No problems with socialization and the whole thing has been rather enjoyable. During the same time, I figured out the issue in the other project I'm working on. So I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Mood is really positive, I actually am enjoying this quite a bit. It's mild but very present.
I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Mood is really positive, I actually am enjoying this quite a bit. It's mild but very present.
The body feeling is, for lack of a better term, "DOXy". It reminds me of the body feeling of DOiP or DOET but much less intense, but with that sort of transparency/lack of vasconstriction that those have (versus DOC which is much more present in the body).

1:34pm (T+3:47) - This is on the edge of psychedelic-feeling, in the body and mind. Absolutely nothing visually. Quite comfortable. Good mood. Honestly this is fairly recreational. I'm gonna try playing some music later but for now I'm enjoying this work project, and it's almost time to go run some errands. It hasn't shown any signs of decreasing in strength yet.

3:18pm (T+5:31) - Still going. Back from errands. Possibly a slight drop-off in intensity. Still feeling good, a bit less mood boost. I feel like I would get really high if I smoked weed. I'm going to refrain until I see when this drops off on its own. Weed really intensified and brought back a peak with DOiP and these don't feel entirely dissimilar.

4:05pm (T+6:18) - I've been making good progress on my work project, checking things off my list of upgrades. But now I'm up against the main one which is going to take many hours of work, basically redesigning the whole thing to deal with multiple languages. Smoking one hit of weed now. Okay so I changed my mind. I would like to see how they interact, and whether the weed brings out anything psychedelic in this state. It does feel kind of like a psychedelic stimulant. Before taking the hit of weed, my heart monitor says I am 135/75, at 52bpm.

4:22pm (T+6:35) - Okay I feel high, and on DOF, but I don't see any sort of potentiation or synergy. Normal weed stuff, alteration in thought patterns, a higher level of baseline anxiety. Nice body feeling. I felt compelled to go back and put in T+X:XX to all my time stamps, and I did all the math in my head, which felt fun to do. I don't really feel like pressing on with my work project as I reached a good stopping point, so I will go play some piano.

4:50pm (T+7:03) - The music enhancement is very real, which is great. It feels like more than weed. It resembles when I play music on a low dose of a psychedelic such as LSD, where both physical and mental connection are greater. This would probably be a great drug to take for band practice. My discipline in playing was greater and I just wrote the basis for a song. The DOF seems to aid me in maintaining focus and discipline. Similar to Adderall in that way actually. Which is funny because the rest of the day I haven't been reminded of Adderall. My heart vitals are 130/72, 61bpm. So basically the same, though I feel like it should be higher now because I just got pretty into music.

5:47pm (T+8:00) - I've hit the 8 hour mark. It's definitely weaker but still active. I was thinking it might be over by 8 hours in, since 8 hours is the upper range for unsubstituted 2,5-DMA, but apparently not. I feel quite nice. Appetite is entirely unaffected, I just ate a big dinner salad and it was delicious. I can tell nothing else is going to develop here, and it's on its way out. It's really been surprisingly nice so far. I think next trial will be soon, and at 12mg. If the effects are replicatable, I might be a little happier that I have a gram of this than I once was. Today was nice, easygoing, kind of like a stimulant but without any of the negatives (not even increased BP/HR) and with a bit of a psychedelic sparkle. It might end up being a nice tool for the box.

6:47pm (T+9:00) - It's mostly dropped off now.

7:37pm (T+9:50) - I would say it's down now. I feel pretty much normal.

Thoughts the next day: well, I didn't really expect effects at 8mg, but I got them, and they were nice! Nothing profound or paradigm-shifting, but a nice day enhancer with some minor psychedelic qualities, and a reasonable duration. Very clear-headed, doesn't get in the way, feel as much like a low dose of Adderall as it does a very low dose of LSD or something of the sort. At least at this level. I look forward to my next trial. Probably 7 days from this one.

1-13-2019 - 12mg trial (+phenibut)

12:30pm (T+0:00) - Ingest 12mg orally in 1.2mL of alcohol (10mg/mL). Very bitter taste which made my face scrunch up involuntarily It has only been 3 days since my last trial but I have a free day and I want to see whether tolerance plays a factor as much as other psychedelics, since this feels only quasi-psychedelic so far, or if it's more like non-psychedelic amphetamines where you can use them with less time between without building much tolerance. I am either going to go hang out with my friend for a few hours, or stay home and finish chainsawing up a fallen tree and splitting wood/carrying chopped rounds up a hill. Depends on if he gets back to me.

I am mildly physically dependent on phenibut currently, working on tapering down. I take it every other day at lower and lower dosages. Today is the first DOF trial where I am taking phenibut. Total dose is 3 grams spread into 4 doses with an hour apart between dosages (first dosage at 11am, last at 3pm). I expect they will mix quite nicely as phenibut mixes nicely with almost everything. I mention it since it is relevant, but this is a maintenance dose for me and will only really take away the withdrawal that was starting to creep in.

Just took my baseline BP/HR readings and it's 130/66, 61bpm.

12:50pm (T+0:20) - Possible first alert. Something just changed and my body and mind have attained a slight glow.

1:05pm (T+0:35) - I'm definitely starting to come up now. BP/HR is 136/78, 60bpm. Slightly higher, or maybe just normal variation.

1:30pm (T+1:00) - This feels stronger than last time. I have a bit of a psychedelic come-up feeling, in that aside from a rising motivation and light euphoria, I am yawning occasionally and wanting to stretch my muscles. I also have the feeling of needing to empty my bowels that I associate with stimulants. Although I do usually get that with DOC as well. This actually reminds me of DOiP and DOET a lot right now. I am certainly willing to call this a psychedelic state... it goes well beyond "simple stimulation". It seems like I am almost getting visuals. At the moment this reminds me of nothing so much as my 12mg DOiP trial except it feels less distracting and less intense. I feel more motivated to do things, and more energetic. And with that, I'm going to go outside and split some firewood. BP/HR reads 124/73 at 60bpm. Basically the same.

3:00pm (T+2:30) - I just got back inside from chainsawing/carrying big tree trunk rounds/splitting. I think DOF is a good drug for this sort of work. I got myself very into a meditative zone and just pushed through it. My body felt very healthy, I just felt like I could make it work for me how I needed it to.
My body felt very healthy, I just felt like I could make it work for me how I needed it to.
I didn't feel in any sense of danger at all using a chainsaw or axe. Very in control and pretty sober-minded. I feel peaceful, content. I only came in because my elbow started to hurt from repeated axe impacts and strain from hundred pound or more tree trunk pieces. This is my second day in a row of doing this, a sizable red oak tree fell about a month ago, it had rotted at the base and blew over in heavy wind, and I've been cutting it up since then. While out there just now I counted its rings and it has about 60 so it was older than I expected. Yesterday some of the rounds I had previous cut were dry enough to split. I really, really enjoy splitting wood, it's great exercise and there's a great tangible reward (firewood) and it's really satisfying to swing a wood-splitting axe over your head and slam it down onto some wood and have it explode into pieces. That felt like therapy!

3:20pm (T+2:50) - Playing music for the past 20 minutes was even better therapy. I really found it easy to play what I'm thinking. I was falling into no-thought zones easily where I was just playing and observing what was coming out and realizing I was no longer in control of it. I really love being able to get to those places and I was finding it effortless to do so just now. So this is now two trials in a row where the music enhancement has been very real.

Still no visuals, but my visual static is cranked way up. I think some amount of my extremely peaceful and centered emotional state right now is from the phenibut, but it's certainly not just that. I've just taken my BP/HR and it reads 116/64 at 80bpm. My heart rate is up because I just basically worked out and then played music but strange that my BP would be down below normal. But could be the monitor because the next 2 times it gave an error, it gets weird sometimes. I always measure 3 or 4 times in a row and take the average.

4:30pm (T+4:00) - I would say this is definitely a psychedelic. But a psychedelic with virtually no side effects or any bells and whistles. None of the spiritual either, but just a wonderful serene state with crystal clear thoughts and gentle introspection. Like a stimulant, except there is a warmth and character to it that elevates it above a simple stimulant, as well as none of the typical stimulant side effects, including increased heart load.

5:30pm (T+5:00) - I really like this stuff. My girlfriend got home a while ago and there is a faint bit of not feeling total ease in socializing but nothing major. It's more like whenever it's my turn to talk, it feels like I have no time to decide what to say so it's slightly flustering (this is an effect common to psychedelics for me and not any other class of drugs). This got better as we talked for a few minutes. I went outside and carried 8 more tree trunk rounds up the hill, and split one of them. I didn't feel any of my previous 2 days of work while I was doing it, I wasn't even getting too out of breath until the end. I only stopped because my elbow started hurting again. The manner of energy and endurance DOF gives me reminds me of mescaline, where I don't feel sped up, but I do feel like I could run forever. Now we're going to eat a little dinner and try to go see the new "Bohemian Rhapsody" movie at the "brew and view" which is a local pizza and brewery place that has a small movie theater. I'm quite hungry, there really isn't any appetite suppression at all.

7:00pm (T+6:30) - Definitely on the way down, but I feel the same, just a little bit less intense (not that it was ever intense). We decided we're going to see a 10pm showing of "Princess Mononoke" instead. It's really striking how peaceful I feel. Everything is in its right place. Not in some sort of synchronicity type of sense, but much more simply. It is good, I am good. I have what I need. I have someone to love, food, shelter, friends... this is good. It's good to remember that.

8:45pm (T+8:15) - Music remains so very wonderful to play, the flow state very accessible. I still feel the DOF but not very strongly. It has left me with a residual, comfortable glow. I started reading a new book by an author I love whose series I just finished and have been getting very absorbed in it. In about a half hour my girl and I are going to go see the movie. Pretty excited about that!

12:30am (T+12:00) - Got home, going to try to go to bed. Still feel a faint glow of DOF... longer duration this time.

Thoughts the next day: What a fun night! I smoked a few hits of weed before we left, in preparation for the movie, and first we went out to the grocery store. I was having a great time making witty quips and interacting with the cashiers. Then at the movie, there were a lot of people, and this guy sat down next to us that me and my girl both later agreed looked really familiar, like we'd met him before. He introduced himself and we got to talking, basically the whole time until the movie started, pretty fun and easy conversation. He was a nice guy, and it was fun to meet someone new and converse, and I felt at ease doing so.
t was fun to meet someone new and converse, and I felt at ease doing so.
We ended up talking about all sorts of stuff, all the way up to the nature of the universe (due to the content of one of the movie previews).

Then Princess Mononoke came on and it was glorious. I remembered when it started that I saw it a couple of years ago with my girlfriend, but that was at home, and anyway I remembered only about half of it. I enjoyed the movie very much, it was beautiful and thought-provoking. After the movie, we went home. I still felt the remnants of the drug, just a comfortable body and mind glow. I felt relaxed, but my mind was too active to sleep, even after reading for an hour. Eventually, at 2am (T+13:30), I took 0.5mg of etizolam, and faded into sleep pretty quickly after that.

Well, raising the dose to 12mg made some differences. First of all, the duration was longer. It seemed that the plateau just stretched out compared to my 8mg trial. Also, it pushed it into more fully psychedelic territory, although it was psychedelic only in the mind and body. There were no perceptual differences at all, no sense of being able to go deep, just a very beautifully peaceful, content and thoughtful state. The mental state I found myself in at 8mg was very pleasant but this 12mg trial was more fully developed. I honestly completely loved the way I felt. And I have a great afterglow today, too. The whole thing was subtle and graceful and very useful. The phenibut, again, likely increased this aspect so I will have to try another similar dose next on a non-phenibut day, but I know my body and mind and phenibut only has a subtle effect on me these days due to dependence. There was a lot more at play than phenibut, for sure.

Another thing I noticed is that I felt so content with my state that, at the brew and view, where everyone was drinking beer, I did order some pizza, but I had absolutely no desire whatsoever for beer. I was feeling like alcohol would just muddy up the subtle but beautiful state of grace I had found myself in. That is significant for me because I have a hard time resisting alcohol in general. I am hopeful that I can at times take this for band practice. Not only is the music enhancement wonderful with it, but if it suppresses my desire for alcohol, it may be able to help me break that pattern. My bandmates all drink and it is band practice that really ultimately led me back into liking to drink years ago, after many years of barely ever doing it or feeling attracted to it. More recently I basically only ever drink at band practice or if I go out to a show. I'd like to cut the band practice drinking out. I may have found an ally for that, we'll see. Phenibut alone makes me really enjoy alcohol and more likely to choose to drink it due to greater impulsiveness. The utter lack of draw to alcohol was very noteworthy and distinct.

1-18-2019 - 16mg trial

11:00am (T+0:00) - Ingested 16mg DOF in 1.6mL of alcohol.

11:50pm (T+0:50) - Coming up smoothly now. Had sex for the last 30 minutes, started coming up partway through. Probably good for the erotic, this one, but it hasn't developed much yet so possibly not. I was going to wait to try to initiate it until later but I've been preoccupied with sex for at least the last 24 hours.

12:30pm (T+1:30) - Mostly up. So far not much different from 12mg. I'm going to probably take less notes this time as I have already written two rather full reports and I want to focus on what is different about 16mg over 12mg.

3:00pm - Still feels the same as the 12mg trial. Still good for all the same stuff (splitting wood and working). It's rather background. I may have a band practice tonight in which case I will be testing out whether DOF is indeed good for band practices, and for making me feel content without beer when everyone is drinking.

Thoughts the next day: I didn't end up going to band practice after all. This trial ended up being no different from the 12mg trial, except less euphoric, which does go to show that the phenibut played a role, or else I should wait longer between doses. It was still quite pleasant, the same aspects I described in previous trials were present. It was less novel since I had already been there, which may also explain why it seemed less interesting to me. I had a nice time and I fell asleep at about 1:00am, at T+13:00. My text trial will be 20mg, or maybe like 22mg, since adding 4mg didn't seem to appreciably change the effects. It may be that there is a ceiling effect with this stuff, but hopefully the next trial will shed some light on that. If 20-22mg seems about the same I will probably conclude my exploratory trials with this, though I will certainly keep it in my toolbox as it is nice stuff.

1-28-2019 - 20mg trial

12:00pm (T+0:00) - Ingested 20mg DOF in 2.0mL of alcohol, after 10 days without any drugs except marijuana, and alcohol once. About 3 hours ago I had 100mg of caffeine and ~80mg of theobromine (in standardized cocoa extract). Once again this is rather a snap decision to do this trial. I knew I would be trying 20mg soon, but I was waiting for when it felt right. It feels right. I definitely have band practice later so I am going to test out whether this is good for that. I already seem to have confirmed DOF is good for playing music for me, but I haven't tested yet whether it will work well for actual band practice. I won't be drinking alcohol to also test out whether the elimination of desire to drink happens again. BP/HR reads at 114/64, 61 bpm. Then immediately afterwards, 107/64 at 71bpm. It is possible my monitor is acting as these readings are lower for everything but heart rate than they normally are. I do feel entirely calm though, and it feels like my heart is resting easily. I did not have phenibut today.

12:30pm (T+0:30) - First official alert. That now somewhat familiar DOF feeling has begun to sparkle at the corners. I feel a warm, calm sensation building in my chest and head, with some pleasurable tingling in my extremities. I daresay I feel quite good.

1:00pm (T+1:00) - My head is buzzing pleasantly and my body feels lovely. It's a velvety feeling, very soft and rather entactogenic. I have the suggestion of visuals; things don't seem quite still, there is faint rippling and increased indistinctness and movement in the peripheral. My mood is quite good. There is even a slight tendency to want to unfocus the eyes and stare, which is a symptom of pleasurable/serotonergic drugs for me. This feels right between an entactogen and a psychedelic. I was about to say euphoric stimulant, but it's really not particularly stimulating. It kind of reminds me of MEM right now.

1:30pm (T+1:30) - I'm quite high. The body feeling is more intense than any of my previous trials. There is a strong buzzing through my body and head, and a feeling which is not anxiety but it could be if it were stronger. It's pleasant but just slightly edgy. It feels a little more hectic than my previous trials. Still quite chill and clearheaded, but a little bit less so. I feel more off baseline and less entirely comfortable. My stomach also feels slightly off. Just took my HR/BP and it's reading 123/74 at 54 bpm.

2:15pm (T+2:15) - I spent the last 45 minutes playing piano which did a lot towards channeling the energy. However it is a bit much, I'm thinking in the realm of 12-16mg is going to be ideal with this. I am certainly higher than I was at those levels, but it has come with an increase in anxiety and the development of some restless limb energy. The body feeling is more intense, and it's partly pleasurable and partly edgy. I'm not having a bad time by any means, in fact I was just feeling quite blissful while playing music. I just find myself wishing for that same state I found in my 12mg trial. I don't think this has added anything substantially positive over that, and it has brought out other aspects that are less ideal. My visual static is kicked way up, and there is the suggestion of a light morphing effect with eyes open. No color saturation or anything.

3:15pm (T+3:15) - More of the same. My eyes are a little watery and I have some limb restlessness, almost slightly withdrawaly feeling. Possibly it's an early emergence of phenibut withdrawal but that would be odd as I am quite familiar with the timeline of that, given I'm slowly tapering. More likely it's a side effect of 20mg of DOF. I kind of tire of this state but I'll have quite a few more hours of it so I might as well try to relax. Playing music is the best thing to do right now. Hopefully it will be a little bit worn down by the time band practice starts because at the moment it is rather distracting and I don't feel very sociable.

4:30pm (T+4:30) - The intensity may have just dropped slightly for the first time. I'm finding myself quite prone to anxious thought right now, and my body feels clenched from it. Band practice is going to be interesting. When I played earlier there was a nice feeling in it and I felt that my creativity was enhanced, but that was when I hadn't been anxious about things for hours. I think I'll be able to translate this energy into music though. I have various worries and traumas in my life lately and it's hard not to dwell on them right now. But sometimes that ends up making the best music. We'll see.

Thoughts the next day: Band practice ended up going pretty well. I was able to socialize fine, I felt a little self-conscious but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I felt self-conscious while playing, too, but I did feel creative, and afterwards we listened to everything and it was some of the best playing we've done with our new band configuration, very inspired. I did end up having a few drinks to help relax because I was tense and anxious and my body was very clenched, so my attempt to see if it would reduce my desire for alcohol wasn't a success. I didn't drink too much though, and I have a tendency to drink more than I meant to and have some regret the next day. But today I feel like I drank an appropriate amount (4 drinks over the course of the night). Towards the end of practice, around 9pm (T+9:00), the intensity really dropped off enough that I started feeling quite comfortable, much more like I felt the entire time at the lower dosages. I stayed pretty late and hung out with my friend while we listened to music, and then got a ride home. Once I got home, I wasn't feeling tired so I stayed up and read until 3am (T+15:00), at which point I got in bed, and fell asleep pretty easily.

So, 20mg was too much. It was certainly more intense and more psychedelic, with the visual realm even just beginning to show itself. But the body energy and the character of the effects was not so benign anymore so I don't think it was worth it. The stimulation, while it didn't seem to increase my heart rate much, became quite evident in my limbs at this dosage. In lower-dose trials I was a bit confused why people would have reported stimulation, as I didn't find it stimulating, but since those people were given 18mg, it makes sense to me now.


I have decided I've worked this substance up enough to compile my notes together and publish this report.

Going into this experience, I did not expect much. There are a few reports in literature of relatively drug-naive people being given 6mg x 3 dosages (18mg over a span of time) and they reported "simple stimulation". That, coupled with Shulgin's hypothesis in PIHKAL that DOF would be more or less the same, qualitatively, as unsubstituted 2,5-DMA, but probably more potent, really made me think this was unlikely to be worthwhile at all. Yet still, I found myself with an obscure rarity, so I felt I had a duty to the world to check it out and report back, even though I expected to report "simple, boring old stimulation". And as it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is it reasonably potent (not for a DOX, but in terms of dosage, it's still lower than most psychedelics), its effects absolutely go beyond simple stimulation in some lovely ways.

As to why test subjects reported simple stimulation in experiments, rather than what I am reporting? I think it points to the lack of vocabulary or reference points in those who are not drug explorers, as well as in those who only have a couple of data points to compare to (ie, LSD, amphetamine and mescaline and nothing else). I could see myself, if I were still 18 years old, only having tried a couple of drugs, not really describing DOF as psychedelic. It does produce a feeling of stimulation, though it is not really speedy. But it also has all the hallmarks of a subtle psychedelic. I believe it's similar to how a lot of people back in the 60s and 70s reported DOET as certainly active but not psychedelic. Having tried DOET, I can say for sure that it is psychedelic. But its effects are rather perplexing in that I was tripping, and rather hard, but there were few, if any, of the normal sensory distortions or cosmic thoughts to go along with it. It makes sense to me that people might fail to detect what exactly DOET, or DOF, is doing, if they haven't had a lot of experience with altered states. But for me, DOF at the correct dosage has proven to be a nice day enhancer, thought provoker, emotional sensitizer and music enhancer. I'm happy to have it in my toolbox.

I would say that this substance is rather subtle, but with very real effects. When taken in the 8-12mg range, or maybe even up to 16mg, there are virtually no downsides other than I do wish it was a bit shorter (it's short for a DOX, the shortest one I've taken, but still rather long). The difference in effects from 8 to 12mg was most notable, and I feel there was a substantial improvement in the 12mg experience. Raising it to 16mg did not seem to bring out anything further, and 20mg became uncomfortable. At no point were the effects anything above a solid +1, maybe light +2, at any dosage. I could conduct myself well and felt mostly mentally sober but with increased fluidity of thought. Its best effect was on my mood and just the overall sense of what you get from, say, a low-dose LSD trip, where you're not really fully tripping, but everything seems to flow better, there is a mood enhancement, thoughts move easily, creativity is enhanced. That's the nature of the effects of DOF for me. It is not a material to go deep with, or see visuals (though there were slight visuals at 20mg), or trip balls. It's a material I will continue to use as a day enhancer, and a music playing enhancer. A pleasant companion to my day. It was interesting to me that at 20mg, it did seem to still be developing into more... as I mentioned, I had faint visual alterations, and I also noted that the body feeling began to border on entactogenic, with quite a bit of pleasure in my sense of touch, at least at first. Unfortunately the negatives that developed outweighed these positives.

In terms of chronology, it consistently gave me first alerts about a half hour in, and then started to really kick in by an hour, and then steadily grew in strength to reach a peak by about hour 3. Then it continues until about hour 6, where it very slowly starts to drop off. The plateau/tail end seems to last a little longer as the dose is increased, but by about 12 hours it's basically over with some lingering difficulty getting tired. In my 8mg trial, it seemed to be pretty much totally down by about the 10th hour. All in all, pretty short for a DOX, but still not a short-acting drug by any means.

I hope some others are able to try this material at some point and share their results. One data point isn't really enough to go on to be able to definitively say what this drug's action is. I could react to it differently than most. However I think it's safe to say that DOF may be an interesting chemical. It is for me. It's nothing Earth-shattering or deep. It doesn't come anywhere near the top of my list of favorites. But it is worthwhile and enjoyable, and I'll use it again in the future.
However I think it's safe to say that DOF may be an interesting chemical. It is for me. It's nothing Earth-shattering or deep. It doesn't come anywhere near the top of my list of favorites. But it is worthwhile and enjoyable, and I'll use it again in the future.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112843
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Feb 10, 2019Views: 2,888
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