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Very Highly Recommended Perplexing Somethingness Xorkoth DOET & Nitrous Oxide 2016 Jan 09
Very Highly Recommended First Low-Dose Trial and Observations Xorkoth DOPr 2015 Oct 09
Very Highly Recommended The End of the Rabbit Hole - Beauty and Terror Xorkoth 2C-E, Cannabis, Choline, DMAE, Kratom & Piracetam 2005 Dec 23
Highly Recommended Head On Xorkoth 2C-N nitrate 2022 Jun 15
Highly Recommended Subtle Grace, Gentle Power Xorkoth 2C-N nitrate 2022 Apr 05
Highly Recommended A Lovely Introduction at 32mg Xorkoth Allylescaline 2021 Sep 03
Highly Recommended Peace and Quiet Xorkoth 4-HO-McPT 2021 Jun 03
Highly Recommended A Surprisingly Encouraging Foray Into the Unknown Xorkoth 5-Chloro-AMT 2021 Jan 13
Highly Recommended Pleasant Glow Xorkoth 5-MeO-MET 2020 Sep 02
Highly Recommended Pleasant, Then Unpleasant... A Likely Underdos Xorkoth Ephenidine 2019 Aug 24
Highly Recommended Graceful and Kind Xorkoth 4-MeO-MiPT 2019 Feb 25
Highly Recommended Workup to 20mg - a Collection of Reports Xorkoth DOF 2019 Feb 10
Highly Recommended Into The Flood Xorkoth Ibogaine & Tabernanthe iboga (Total Aklaloid Extract) 2014 Jun 05
Highly Recommended Death, Responsibility, and the Void Xorkoth Psilocin & 2C-B 2007 Oct 19
Highly Recommended Beautiful Introduction to a New Substitution Xorkoth 4-HO-MET 2007 Jul 31
Highly Recommended 3 Trial Dosages and Reactions Xorkoth AET 2006 Dec 16
Highly Recommended Ascending Through the Crossroads of Twilight Xorkoth DOC 2006 Aug 09
Highly Recommended An Amazing Night of Connections Xorkoth 2C-B-Fly, Cocaine & Cannabis 2006 Jul 03
Highly Recommended Reptilian Collective Consciousness Xorkoth DOC 2006 May 09
Highly Recommended Interesting Combination with Unique Features Xorkoth 2C-C, 2C-I, & Kratom 2006 Jan 23
Highly Recommended Enter the Lifeforce: Ascent to Enlightenment Xorkoth Mushrooms 2005 Oct 27
Highly Recommended Profoundly Altered Xorkoth 2C-E & Cannabis 2005 Oct 25
Highly Recommended This Is Changing My Life Xorkoth 2C-T-2, Cannabis & Kratom 2005 Oct 15
Recommended Intense Energy, Calm Contemplation Xorkoth 4-HO-EPT 2020 Dec 08
Recommended For a First Trial, I'm Fairly Impressed Xorkoth Methoxpropamine 2019 Nov 25
Recommended Inconclusive Mixed Bag of Effects Xorkoth BOD 2019 Oct 30
Recommended Smooth as Silk and Warm Like Sunshine Xorkoth 2C-EF 2019 Jul 09
Recommended Revealing Tofu's Inner Light Xorkoth 2C-D 2019 Jun 20
Recommended Trial #2: Appreciation of the Ordinary Xorkoth 4C-D 2019 May 09
Recommended Not Bad Xorkoth 2-Methyl-2-Butanol 2019 Apr 25
Recommended Zen in a Glittery Powder Xorkoth Ariadne 2019 Apr 20
Recommended Difficult Yet Promising Xorkoth DOiP 2019 Jan 18
Recommended Light and Clear Xorkoth Pentylone 2019 Jan 15
Recommended Beautiful Introduction to a Multi Purpose Tool Xorkoth MPT, Deschloroketamine & 3-MeO-PCP 2017 Dec 09
Recommended Fully Psychedelic in the Most Subtle of Ways Xorkoth Proscaline 2017 Jul 18
Recommended Summary of 4 Trials - A Most Curious Stimulant Xorkoth 3C-E & Various 2017 May 13
Recommended Unexpected Synergy and Pain Xorkoth 4-HO-MET & 4-Fluoroamphetamine 2016 Sep 24
Recommended At Last A Psychedelic Hike and More Xorkoth LSD 2016 Jan 10
Recommended Stunning Visuals Peaceful Euphoria Xorkoth ETH-LAD 2015 Nov 17
Recommended Worrisome Side Effects Xorkoth 4-Fluoroamphetamine, Methoxetamine, 2C-T-21, Cannabis & Etizolam 2014 May 12
Recommended Cosmic Singularity Xorkoth Methoxetamine & Cannabis 2014 Mar 02
Recommended Magical Healing Journey Xorkoth Cacti - T. peruvianus, Kratom & Cannabis 2007 Oct 18
Recommended My 'Worst' Trip Xorkoth Mushrooms 2007 May 24
Recommended Discovery of a Blissful State Xorkoth 2C-C & 2C-T-21 2007 Mar 13
Recommended An Odd Occurrence Xorkoth Cannabis & Kratom 2007 Mar 02
Recommended Prophetic Dream Xorkoth DOM 2007 Feb 12
Recommended Energy Realignment and the Joy of Life Xorkoth 5-MeO-MiPT 2007 Jan 30
Recommended My Psychedelic Weekend Xorkoth LSD, 2C-B & DOC 2006 Aug 25
Recommended Initial Trial - Empathy and Pleasure Xorkoth 2C-B-Fly 2006 Jun 05
Recommended High-Dose Difficulty Xorkoth 2C-T-7 2006 May 31
Recommended Explorations and Reptilian Encounters Xorkoth DOC & Kratom 2006 May 29
Recommended Empathetic Breakthrough Xorkoth 5-MeO-MiPT & Cannabis 2006 May 19
Recommended The Third Eye, Spirits and a Contact High Xorkoth 2C-I 2006 May 12
Recommended Beautiful Xorkoth DOC 2006 Jan 27
Recommended Psychoanalytical Self-Abuse Xorkoth 2C-T-2, Cannabis & Kratom 2005 Dec 23
Recommended Further Psychic Repairs Through Psychedelics Xorkoth 2C-I 2005 Oct 28
Recommended Completely Altered Xorkoth DiPT 2005 Oct 19
Recommended Further Explorations of the Mind Xorkoth 2C-T-2 2005 Oct 18
Recommended Subversive Herb - A Follow-up Report Xorkoth Kratom 2005 Oct 14
Good Golly Miss Molly Xorkoth DOPr 2019 Dec 03
First Trial Surprisingly Potent Xorkoth DOIP 2016 Dec 29
Curiously Deep Xorkoth 4-HO-DPT, MXE, 4-HO-MiPT & Cannabis 2015 Nov 10
Two Ways Xorkoth MEM & 4-HO-MiPT 2015 Oct 28
Everything Xorkoth 4-AcO-DMT, AMT & 2C-B 2007 Nov 03
Spiritual and Emotional Battery Xorkoth AMT & Various 2007 Jul 30
Methcathinone Experiences and Mixtures Xorkoth Methcathinone, Caffeine, Ephedine, Dextro-amphetamine & Alcohol 2007 Mar 02
Impressions of Iprocin after Second Attempt Xorkoth 4-HO-DiPT 2007 Jan 04
A Novel Headspace Xorkoth 2C-T-7 & Ketamine 2006 Apr 05
A Healing Trip to Remember Xorkoth 2C-I, Alprazolam, Ketamine & Cannabis 2006 Mar 23
The Tale of the Accidental Trip Xorkoth 2C-I & Cannabis 2006 Mar 18
Introductory Expedition Xorkoth Syrian Rue & Cacti - T. pachanoi 2005 Oct 21
One of My Favorites Xorkoth Kratom & Cannabis 2005 Mar 18
Love and Respect (First Trip for Girlfriend) Xorkoth ALD-52 2019 Jul 02
Phenibut A 10-Year Comprehensive Synopsis Xorkoth Phenibut 2017 May 06
A Synchronistic Cohesion Xorkoth DOC, 4-HO-MiPT & Methoxetamine 2016 Nov 13
Extreme Pain Xorkoth Heimia salicifolia (Sinicuichi) 2006 Mar 17
Soliloquy In Blue Xorkoth 2C-T-2 & 3-MeO-PCP 2016 Oct 09
Beautiful Goodbye Xorkoth LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy), Cannabis, Piracetam, 5-HTP, Alcohol, Oxycodone & Kratom 2006 Feb 14

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