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The Trifecta
Kava, Lactuca spp. & Cannabis
by J.P Holmes
Citation:   J.P Holmes. "The Trifecta: An Experience with Kava, Lactuca spp. & Cannabis (exp112244)". Oct 22, 2018.

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral Kava (extract)
  T+ 2:00   smoked Cannabis - High THC  
  T+ 3:30 200 mg oral Kava (extract)
  T+ 3:30 250 mg smoked Cannabis - High THC  
  T+ 6:00 500 mg vaporized Lactuca spp.  
  T+ 6:00 50 mg vaporized Kava  
  T+ 8:00 500 mg vaporized Lactuca spp.  


Drug Report

Drugs used: Kava Kava 5x extract, AAAA Cannabis, Wild Lettuce

I have started using kava and this is one of my earliest trips. I feel as though I have experienced very little reverse tolerance. I assume this extract is made from the roots because of its golden yellow colour and Iíve done the math to find that this extract contains between 30% and 70% kavalactones, this is the possible range of potency. I believe this is one of the more potent kava extracts, it didnít come cheap. I used milk and water to mix my kava, I find it helps get the water soluble and fat soluble kavalactones into my system better and there is less wasted kavalactones. I mix with water first, then add milk, I find this also helps make it more potent.

The Experience:
My intent was clear, I wanted to experience a new ďhighĒ if you will. I wanted to get rid of my daily anxiety and have an overall better quality of life.
9:00 am - I started off the morning with 0.15g of kava 5x extract. After 20 minutes I noticed very calming feelings or rather the lack of anything but feeling clear consciousness, and a light sedation and mild body high. Iím hanging out listening to music and feel the music is very nice although it is not a genre I usually like.

11:00 am - I decide Iím not experiencing enough with the kava alone and want to kick things up a notch. I smoke a bong hit of roughly 0.25 of high quality Ice Cream Kush around 20% THC. I go through my morning routine and the high that comes is wavy. At moments I find things funny I wouldnít normally, such as staring at the oven mitt on the counter. I find I think about and remember things I donít normally, meanwhile the high keeps me feeling completely at ease, calm and relaxed like being surrounded by warmth of a Jacuzzi. I reflect on my life and troubles Iíve had and decide they are not worth the stress and I then feel better about my current situation. I feel as though facing my problems was easier on these substances.

12:30 pm - Around lunch time I feel myself getting hungry as I had not eaten breakfast to allow for quicker absorption of kavalactones but I would like to take a second dose of kava. Note that the effects of the first drink had not worn off yet, and I was still buzzed from the kava, cannabis mix. I proceeded to drink another 0.20g of kava extract in some milk and water. I had another 0.25g bong hit of Marijuana.

This is when things got a little crazy. 20 minutes later I started feeling like the people I was watching on the computer where trapped inside the screen, I was still smart enough to know this was false but I couldnít help but feel like that. I believe it was the marijuana that caused this thinking. I kept zoning in and out of awareness with what was in front of me and found myself to be feeling very spacey and dreamy thinking about things in my mind.

3:00 pm - I ate some food and then went and vaped a 0.5g of dried wild lettuce with .05 of kava. I felt opium like effects instantly. I will be trying this method again soon. Before I finished the bowl in the vape my mother asked me if I wanted to come shopping with her. She needed some fabric. I had been feeling like getting out of the house so I went with her. Driving there was a trip, the cars movements felt like being on a roller coaster ride and at times we where only going 40km/h yet this didnít seam to change the sensation. The car ride was a blur, I remember nothing of it but those sensations.

3:45 pm - Once we arrived at the store, I started feeling concentration slowly coming back as I believe the kava was hitting me full force now as I didnít wait for the onset of effects before leaving my home. Extreme sedation followed by waves of joy and happiness overwhelmed me. I had to hide behind some curtains because people kept seeing me smile for no reason and Iím sure it freaked them out but I did not care, I was loving every second of this experience. My mom had to come find me and was laughing when she saw my feet behind the curtain. The fabric store has very pretty and unique designs which made the visuals of the kava extra trippy, by this time I was seeing colours from the kava and I noticed tracers, I assume this is from the fact that I have consumed cannabis and acid before.

5:00 pm - I got home and felt very relaxed and sedated still, my mind was at ease and calm, I experienced some hallucinations where a picture in which a man, the static picture, was MOVING. At first I saw a lip quiver, then facial expression changed, I was tripping. I decided I needed some more so I tried another .5 of some wild lettuce in the vape. It helped calm the hallucinations. And I felt tranquil all into the evening.

9:00 pm - By the time I went to bed I was what felt like being completely sober asides from a new sense of control over my anxiety and few after effects which I found have stayed with me since I have started kava. I did not notice any withdrawals or negative feelings associated with a comedown or a normal marijuana come down.

Using these substances is a great joy to experience, I will happily ingest more again but maybe not in as high of a dose and in as many doses as I did, smoke less marijuana and more wild lettuce. I found the trip to have many very clear self righteous moments for me and it was enjoyable with lots of good feelings with some intense trippy moments where I had mild fears. I would recommend this to a friend. 7/10.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112244
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Oct 22, 2018Views: 2,926
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Kava (30), Lactuca spp. (153) : Combinations (3), Various (28)

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