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I Don’t Know if I Care to Repeat It
4-AcO-MET, Mushrooms & Varenicline
by Mcmillan 7654
Citation:   Mcmillan 7654. "I Don’t Know if I Care to Repeat It: An Experience with 4-AcO-MET, Mushrooms & Varenicline (exp111669)". Erowid.org. Mar 5, 2018. erowid.org/exp/111669

T+ 0:00
    Varenicline (daily)
  T+ 0:00 0.5 oral Oxycodone (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00 12 mg oral 4-AcO-MET  
  T+ 1:00 16 mg oral 4-AcO-MET  
  T+ 1:00 0.5 oral Oxycodone (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:45 25 drops oral Passion Flower (tincture)
  T+ 2:21 2.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 3:10 25 mg oral 4-AcO-MET  
  T+ 3:45   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


Me: I’m a fairly happy 53 year old male that has been dealing with severe and chronic back pain. I recently had surgery to correct the problem and I am recovering very well and will be back to a normal active healthy life in a few more weeks (I hope). I look forward to it very much. So, recently I have been living a hermit-like life with inadequate physical exercise, but normally my life is great and I have a rewarding and challenging career that I enjoy.

Also, I am currently in the process of quitting smoking, so I have been taking Chantix (varenicline tartrate) for 2 weeks and am supposed to physically stop smoking tomorrow. The Chantix affects the nicotine receptors in your brain.

I do not use psychedelics often but do have a fair amount of experience. I grew several batches of Golden Teacher mushrooms a number of years ago and they were very potent. I loved the effects and loved the hobby of growing them. They changed me in terms of life outlook and reduction of ego which for the most part is a good thing. Ego produces so much BS and trouble in the world. I became a happier person with a renewed sense of ambition and purpose.

I purchased some 4-AcO-MET out of curiousity, since its effects are purported to be similar to psilocybin, and that is my comfort zone.
I purchased some 4-AcO-MET out of curiousity, since its effects are purported to be similar to psilocybin, and that is my comfort zone.
I have no desire to try ayahuasca, peyote, heroin, meth, or anything along those lines.

Trip Location: at home, curtains drawn, thermostat set to 80 F
Stomach close to empty, had breakfast 2-3 hours ago

T minus 1 hour maca powder 2 g and half a Percocet

T+0:00 (1 PM) 12 mg 4-AcO-MET with OJ

2:00PM Feeling quite nice…feels fairly similar to having eaten around 3 grams of dried shrooms except not quite as rich or heady and I did not feel as “weighed down". Took another 16 mg of 4-AcO-MET plus another ˝ a Percocet and a standard dose of Ashwaganda which is an herbal remedy for sleep problems and anxiety/stress.

2:45 PM Took a standard dose of some passion flower tincture (its mostly ethanol)

3:20 PM feeling good, but more lucid than I wanted…was wondering if the 25 drops of ethanol had something to do with this.

3:21 PM took 2.5 grams of cracker-dry shrooms, ground up in my coffee grinder, mixed with OJ, and down the hatch they went…blecch.

4:10 PM took another 25 mg of 4-AcO-MET as I just wasn’t feeling high enough. I called a female friend (who I would like to trip with one of these days) and left a message. Probably a bad idea.

4:45 PM smoked a small amount of cannabis…..feeling quite messed up but pleasurable….nothing bad has occurred, no anxiety…I have a premium sound system and had been playing yoga/meditation/chillout music music for awhile, which was great, but at this point I put on “Are You Shpongled” by Shpongle. It is just ridiculous how good this stuff is on psychedelics…how do they do this? Bonus- I put the album on ‘repeat” and never know by listening if it has started actually repeating….there is zero repetition in the music itself.

5 PM noticed a bit of a headache so took 1 Advil….I am now peaking…. The pot and shrooms have really gotten me where I wanted to be. My thoughts were only lasting about 1 second before switching to a different thought
My thoughts were only lasting about 1 second before switching to a different thought
…..about every 10 seconds I thought “I feel like crap” while the other 9 seconds was just random blissful mental noise, for the most part
6:15 I have been completely fucked for 2 hours now. I’m sitting with my eyes closed and mouth open, going mmmm…mmm. I then felt like I was going to pass out due to lack of food, so I proceeded to make a little tuna salad which proved to be a very challenging task esp. Dicing the onion. In retrospect, I’m lucky I didn’t accidentally cut myself. I had to stop twice due to mental distraction/feeling very crappy, and then I almost fainted/passed out. The feeling is a little scary and is due (I believe) to a sudden drop in blood pressure. I laid down on the cold kitchen floor tiles which felt good but I was thinking “I better not be OD’ing.” I did not feel real panic however. I was too messed up to feel panic. But it did occur to me that I hoped nobody would find me like that, as at this point I was naked (I like to be naked or wearing practically nothing when zooming if its warm enough and I am alone) I am a sexual and sensual person, I guess that’s why I like it.

6:20 I am trying to eat the tuna salad but it doesn’t taste as good as I expected. I end up making a bit of a mess of tuna salad on the table. I don’t get around to cleaning it up until at least an hour later. I am now satisfied with the experience and am now ready to start returning to normal. But that was not meant to be just yet.

6:30 Vomited several times then concluded that while rinsing my mouth out, ice cold tap water was the best thing on the planet. I had been having cravings for nicotine for a couple hours now, even though I did have 2 or 3 cigarettes since my trip began. Damn that Chantix! On Chantix, I always feel like I just finished a cigarette which is not a wonderful feeling. I put on a nicotine skin patch which may have been past its expiry date. It didn’t seem to do anything for me over the next hour, at which point I took it off.

6:40 Wishing I could fall asleep on the couch but kept getting sidetracked. Then had a cold Coke, thinking it was utterly fantastic. Then realized most of the thoughts I was having (well, the term “thoughts” may be a stretch) seemed to center around “nicotine vs. The anti-nicotine”. Signifying the struggle with nicotine that I am dealing with. The mental alphabet soup sloshing around in my brain continues to spawn and spew rapid-fire non-stop random incoherent “thoughts” . Overall, not bad and not good thoughts. Not really hitting any emotional extremes, which for me is fine as I’m a fairly emo guy anyway. On this trip I did not experience much in the way of strong emotional feelings towards family/friends although I did think about how I MUST make a point of spending some more time with a good buddy of mine.

7:30 PM peak has ended, starting to slowly come down

10 PM Back to baseline…throat is very irritated and I have a nasty headache.

Overall, I don’t know if I care to repeat the experience. I preferred psilocybin since I did have some negative side effects such as the headache, and that night as well as the day after, I had intense pain in an area in my ribs on the side of my body, I think it is from when I vomited, I must have strained something. The next day I felt somewhat mentally and physically hung over.

I did not have any OEV’s or CEV’s during his trip which was very odd considering they are apparently very common on this substance. Correction, I did have a little cool CEV’s which were completely enmeshed with the Shpongle for a few minutes. I have had the same effect while on shrooms but in those cases it was definitely better since I normally take around 6 g of shrooms for a good trip.

I definitely feel that the experience would have been better if I was in a better state of physical health with no pain, and was not taking Chantix (which makes me feel kinda weird to begin with) but regardless I don’t think I will purchase any more research chemicals.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111669
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 53 
Published: Mar 5, 2018Views: 1,479
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4-AcO-MET (711), Mushrooms (39) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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