Very Lovely in Moderation
Kratom, DXM & Cannabis
by Natt
Citation:   Natt. "Very Lovely in Moderation: An Experience with Kratom, DXM & Cannabis (exp110138)". Dec 7, 2021.

T+ 0:00
45 mg oral DXM (capsule)
  T+ 0:45 5 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
  T+ 1:00 1.5 - 2.0 bowls smoked Cannabis  
A Very Lovely Experience in Moderation

I've been a fan of kratom for about 3 years now. I've always enjoyed the plant, but was turned off of it for awhile due to some very bad nausea and effects it produced at the end of my freshman year of college. 

I don't really do drugs frequently, however I did have a 'try everything for the hell of it' phase in high school. Today I just smoke weed and drink like most others, but maybe a Xanax bar or some cocaine on special occasions. I am an athletic student, so I like to stick with legal or mild substances. I have basically no opiate tolerance, I've only used 10/15mg strength, which can still kick my ass.

I had been dabbling with the new strains of kratom I obtained, working my way up to find a solid dose. This stuff seemed potent, therefore I decided to stay under my old tolerance cap (which was 7-8 grams at the time). I was already familiar with DXM as a potentiator from previous experiences. I decided the red veins of kratom were more up my alley, since they produce more sedating, classic 'opiate effects'. 

I took a little over a standard dose of DXM, 3 gel caps with 15mg each, and waited roughly 30-45 minutes. As I was beginning to feel a very mild stimulation/spaciness from the caps, I weighed out 5 grams of Red Vein Borneo and ingested via the toss and wash method. 

At this point, I was excited... yet nervous, after all this WAS the combination that turned me off the substance for a year. I had been craving an opiate high for a few months now, but I don't like the concept of pills or the stigma associated with them unless prescribed for something trivial such as wisdom teeth or a minor sports injury or whatnot. Regardless, those things are $1/mg on the street, way too expensive for a student. That's what I think, at least. To each their own. 

00:00 - This is the point where I ingested the RVB kratom. Baseline, but a little off from the DXM. 

00:15 - Packed a bong bowl, smoked over the course of the next hour on the phone while talking to a friend about his breakup. No real effects other than a couple hits of cannabis and the DXM.

00:30 - Starting to feel a mild warmth and euphoria from the kratom. Conversations became very 'genuine' and my thought process began to change for the better. Positive emotions intensified. The effects were coming on strong no doubt, however, my stomach feels OK, so I knew I most likely was not going to vomit. That's success in my book. 

00:45 – Still on the phone, mild opiate confusion (in a good way) began to set in. Began to lose my focus and was becoming a little loopy. Still functional at this point. The warmth and euphoria had increased significantly over these 15 minutes, my muscles became very relaxed, I became slightly clumsy as well. Breathing slowed down and got deeper. Friendliness took over, I was feeling quite nice. 

01:00 – One hour in, I decided I was going to get some coffee. As I walked to the lounge, it became hard to grip things, such as the styrofoam cup. I must have dropped it 3 times. Got back and smoked some more weed, which simply added to the high in a very pleasant and psychedelic way. I ended up not drinking the caffeinated beverage, as I was enjoying the heavy opiate buzz and did not want to kill it. 

01:15 – Tried to play some video games with my friend, but I was actually completely smacked off this combination. I became very sedated, and I could not process what to do in the game without getting distracted or confused or lost. Loads of warmth and euphoria/painkilling effects took over, but along came some mild dizziness.
Loads of warmth and euphoria/painkilling effects took over, but along came some mild dizziness.
Was feeling almost exactly like 10-15mg hydrocodone/a slightly dirty oxy. That's really the most accurate way to describe it. At this point, I could tell I had taken just a little too much. Hot flashes, hands shaking... nothing bad though, I knew I was OK and overall the plant is very safe and was still enjoying the ride. 

01:30 – It was about 11:30pm at the time, and I just had to lay down on my bed for a bit, because I really could not do much else. I was there for two hours feeling amazing. I was stimulated enough from the DXM that I could keep my eyes closed without falling asleep instantly. I could hardly feel my legs on top of each other (also in a good way), and that bed became the greatest thing in the world. Not a single care, no worries at all, just at absolute peace with myself and happiness. 

03:00-03:30 – I couldn't move once I got into it, but I just laid there with all of the effects in the latter until I passed out at roughly 1:00 or 1:30 am. No vomit, no nausea, mild dizziness if I wasn't in bed. Overall, an absolutely perfect experience for an occasional user like myself.

To conclude, the high was very pleasant and relatively easy on the body with minor overindulgence effects, although somewhat short lived (overall about 4-6 hours, peak effects lasting about 2 hours). Very sedating with a mild nod, actually. I am not sure how much cannabis I ingested, but I do know that I only smoked about 1 ½-2 bowls max, which holds about .3g packed 100% to the brim, which these were not.

To be honest, I don't think I will even seek out other opiates after this, if that says anything. A guy like me can get 10 strong experiences from the same price as a single oxy 15mg, PLUS I can order it online at the comfort of my home and is legal. 

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110138
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Dec 7, 2021Views: 1,384
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