First Trial Surprisingly Potent
Citation:   Xorkoth. "First Trial Surprisingly Potent: An Experience with DOIP (exp109477)". Dec 29, 2016.

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T+ 0:00
200 mg   Caffeine  
  T+ 0:00 2 bumps   3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 5 mg oral DOIP (liquid)
  T+ 4:10   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:25 400 mg oral Theanine  
  T+ 5:03   buccal Tobacco  
First Trial, Surprisingly Potent
by Xorkoth

I'm a man who loves and is fascinated by the DOX class of substances, the 2,5-dimethoxy substituted psychedelic amphetamines. A while back I had the good fortunate to discover where I could get my hands on four rare or even unresearched DOXs, including DOPr, DOiP and DOF, and just a few doses of DOET. Thus far I have tried the DOPr once, to promising results. DOET was very interesting but also puzzling and a bit off-putting. I haven't tried the DOF, and DOC is tied for my favorite psychedelic; I have used it at least a hundred times since 2006. I have also had DOM a handful of times as well as DOI a few times and DOB once... however I can't draw a lot of conclusions about them as during that time I was taking psychedelics way too often and had a lot of tolerance built up. I also had Aleph-1/DOT once, at a very light dose, too light to get much idea of how it would be, and the rest of my sample degraded in solution, unfortunately. I've also taken too many other substances to count, over the course of the past 15 years, 14 of those years including various psychedelic tripping.

So, I had decided DOiP would be the next one to try, since it does have some human use recorded, unlike DOF which has none at all that I can find (nor much to go on to estimate dosages). In reading the bare handful of crappy several-line reports and one single mention (of dubious believably) of a 100mg dose that resulted in an amazing trip, I was expecting the dose to start to get interesting around 20mg, so I decided on a 5mg dose, expecting it to be threshold at best and that I'd work up in subsequent dosages until I found significant activity. I decided to do it very abruptly, out of nowhere, while I was coming home from an errand, since I didn't expect much, figured I'd get an underdose out of the way. I had just worked out and I was feeling quite good, and I knew I had no plans other than finishing work (I work at home) for the rest of the day and night. I wasn't expecting what I got, and the next time I take this I will take it in the morning with more intention.

Trial 1 - 11-2-2016, 5mg orally

Going into this experience I had had about 200mg of caffeine earlier, and I had also taken 2 small (1-2mg) bumps of 3-MeO-PCP as part of a multi-day very small dose run, I use it this way sometimes to inspire a light hypomania which aids in the creative process. When using it this way, I don't get dissociated, because the doses are so small, but it gradually alters my state for sure. So it's probably a factor to some extent in this trip. I wanted to make my first report on this without any confounding factors but I decided to try this on a lark, so I apologize. I plan to do more trials, and the next one will be this same dosage without any 3-MeO.

2:50pm - Ingest 5mg orally in alcohol solution. Expected to be a threshold dose. At work, staying home the rest of the day.

3:27pm - Alerts almost for sure, a warm glow is starting to emanate. Slight stomach weirdness reminiscent of DOC, nothing even annoying, just noticeable. Mood is good. Work is fine, plenty of focus, no different from usual really.

4:41pm - No real development, still a mild warm glow. No appetite suppression, a big salad was delicious, and also got rid of the slight sour stomach. Going to finish work and start labeling my drug collection and putting it in vials.

7:00pm - I just smoked a hit of weed, and it brought on a light, generic psychedelic amphetamine-style feeling to me. I am undeniably altered over baseline, the warm glow is still there unabated, but now I have a slight head change too. It's that sort of state where I find myself staring at something intensely without realizing it. Everything looks a little more intense though there is no visual change. I think if I was around other people now that I would stumble a little with speech. I have noticed that I am able to focus in on tasks quite strongly, not that I'm any better at them, but my concentration on them remains more unbroken than usual. I've been making labels and putting my drug collection into amber vials for organization and beauty, and it's taking a long time, but I'm pretty engrossed in it. I wonder how long this will last? I seem to recall that it lasts for a shorter time than other DOXs, which would be nice as I sort of just spur-of-the-moment took this in the middle of the afternoon. My body is entirely comfortable, I don't really feel any bodyload or stimulation. BP 116/70 and 89 bpm. That surprises me, I feel pretty relaxed but my heart rate is up a good bit. I have had caffeine a couple of times today and I just smoked some weed so I'll try again in a little bit. Either that, or DOiP is more stimulating than some other DOXs. 89bpm is a pretty significant rise over my typical 60-70 resting bpm.

7:15pm - Took some L-theanine (400mg) because thinking about my raised bpm has made me more aware of it. I have a bit of a sense of being unsure, unsure about what to do, unsure where to put my energy. I don't feel compulsed to limb movement, it's more like I want to be doing something different. Perhaps I would not notice if I was hiking or something. I'm going to stop labeling my collection and try Bluelight instead. And then I'll try music. It's night time so outdoor activities aren't an option unfortunately.

7:31pm - I've been putting quite a lot of thought into several Bluelight posts. It's really nice focusing on that, I feel a lovely empathetic feeling, and I find myself wanting to really say things in a certain way to best communicate what I mean. I bet conversing with a friend would be great. BP is 110/77 and 73bpm, so it's lowered over last time. Also my blood pressure is actually slightly lower than my usual 120/80. But just slightly, could be a point-in-time thing or even equipment variance (my reader sometimes gets wonky) though it's been giving the same general numbers over and over now.

7:53pm - There is an undeniable trip happening here, the weed really brought it out, as is typical. Everything I'm doing feels more intense, I just read a few reports, and they really resonated with me. I felt very immersed. I can still function normally but I'm definitely on drugs right now, at least I can tell. I am getting brief moments of a sort of dull anxiety related to wanting to do something. Actually, you know what, it could be nicotine withdrawal. I quit smoking cigarettes 5 days ago and today I've only had a little bit of dip once, quite some time ago. This actually does feel a good bit like nicotine cravings being experienced through a slightly psychedelic filter. I just put a dip in, we'll see if that changes anything. Putting on some music now to try listening to music on DOiP.

8:18pm - Well, damn... 5mg of DoIP I guess is really a trip for me!

I put on the rehearsal set that my band played before our last show, and it was exactly the right thing to do. Closing my eyes and listening to the music really brought out the best in DOiP's effects. I was hearing the music so crisply and cleanly and deeply, and the emotional response to it was greatly heightened. In fact, the whole time I basically felt just like I was rushing on an empathogen, I almost could have dropped into that place and time with no other context and thought I was on methylone. Euphoric tingles everywhere, and emotions from the music cause deep emotional responses in me, bringing up memories in some cases. Since I was listening to myself/my band, a lot of what I was thinking was about things I did well that I can bring into my playing more, and I was also honestly just basking in the warmth of knowing that the last 2 years of work I've put into music are really paying off, I really didn't have any complaints about anything I did, there was a lot of really beautiful stuff that was executed well, and the rest of the time I was doing really nice pocket support stuff, and I'm just really proud of myself. Sometimes it's good to acknowledge when you're doing something right, and pat yourself in the back.

The feeling of this drug right now is actually most similar to DOPr of the DOXs I've tried. It's a warm glow that seems to be radiating out from my solar plexus. However unlike DOPr this one comes with energy and a not insignificant amount of physical stimulation. It's not a jittery stimulation but it's coursing through my limbs. It feels euphoric but kind of edgy too. It's a surprisingly strong physical response, it makes me wary of taking this too high. There are no visuals, but when I closed my eyes I saw a variety of dim visual static and moving blobs, more than normal. But there was nothing really developed there, at least at this dose. The main effect seems to be a significant amplification of emotion and empathy, and an increased receptiveness to stimuli. For me music is by far the best input I've given myself so far, it is producing a very satisfying and deep response in me, I would say to a greater degree than most drugs do. I could really see it being great for hanging out too, the only thing that would be better than listening to music right now would be listening to music while hanging out with my friends. But I don't want to drive, and it's kinda late to start that anyway, plus I saw them yesterday and will see them again tomorrow.

I noticed that the music and my response to it was getting my heart really pounding, and when this was happening the effects felt the strongest, as if they were rising with my heart rate. I've experienced this on a lot of different things but it's quite pronounced here. Now that I have taken a break to write my observations, my heart rate has gone down some but it's still moderately elevated above normal. The heart rate increase of this so far is greater than that of DOC, DOPr, DOET and DOM, but closest to DOET, which also quite noticeably raised it. I can't speak to the comparison between the others. My hands are quivering slightly when I try to hold them still, and my body in general has a faintly quaking quality, like I am holding myself tense just a bit but I can't seem to not do it. It's not unpleasant but I could see it becoming negative if it were significantly stronger. There is some minor jaw clenching too. I have read reports of people taking more like 20mg of this to trip, and I am having trouble imagining myself wanting to take that much. Someone claimed to have taken 100mg and had the best trip of their life, but that seems downright foolhardy. I may try 10mg next time but I may do less of a jump because there is definitely a real body presence here, of a more stimulant nature than the other DOXs I have experience with
there is definitely a real body presence here, of a more stimulant nature than the other DOXs I have experience with

I am going to go back to listening to music now for a while.

9:26pm - Music continues to be good. I have been talking to a friend on texts, and it's been nice, it feels good to be able to be there for someone. Now I'm deeply pondering the strange thing that is monogamy. I definitely feel it, I would have a really hard time with my girlfriend having sex with someone else, it would feel really bad, I would feel jealous and possessive. But intellectually I like the idea of total sexual freedom, and I even think it makes sense. The feeling of ownership over someone else disturbs me, mostly because I feel it, despite logically thinking that no one has the right to feel like they own some aspect of another person. I wonder how much of monogamy is innate, and how much is cultural programming. And when you get down it, the distinction between the two gets pretty chicken-and-egg. Humans are shaped to a tremendous degree by social programming. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. To understand a person you must also understand their culture. Everyone steps out of that to varying levels, in various ways, but none of us are ever free of it completely.

I have noticed the effects lessen in intensity recently, which is good. It's about 6 and a half hours in, so a little drop is a good sign. The tense feeling has lessened quite a bit, the overall state is more comfortable now. It's shifting slowly into a really nice introspective place. I feel like thinking about myself, and other things, and adding to my understanding of them. My mind feels sharp, and my flow of words is very good. The euphoria has reduced, but even during the peak it wasn't a given, but rather a response to music, or I suspect, things that inspire me in general. I have no doubt looking at some beautiful art would have brought on similar feelings. I feel quite good though, my mood is stable and calm and above average, and my mind is engaged.

10:06pm - I just began preparations to cook 2 bratwursts, as I'm hungry. I've been hungry for some time, but I haven't really been wanting to actually make food, and I still don't, but I decided to just do it. I've also petered out on bottling and labeling my psychedelic collection after 6 vials were filled and labeled. It takes a while and I'm finding it a lot more engaging to converse and think and listen to music. It's not that I won't finish it, I just realized (and accepted) that I'm not going to be spending hours on end with laser focus in a fit of excitement until it's done.

11:10pm - I've been watching episodes of South Park, right from the golden age of it, and it's been great, such a smart show, and I am finding it wonderfully insightful and hilarious. I also ate a couple of sausages, which was nice, no appetite suppression at all. In fact I'm still a little hungry, so I'll make something else soon. The trip is definitely winding down, but still present for sure. I don't think I'll be sleeping for a few hours yet, if I get to sleep by 3 I'll consider it a success. But, if it does fade out like I suspect it will, it means there's a DOX that can be taken pretty comfortably in a day without disrupting my sleep. I hope that's the case. I'll definitely take this again, it's been surprisingly well-rounded and warm. A bit jovial, but also thoughtful and earnest. It may turn out that I like this one quite a bit. A bit of additional chatting with a friend has just gotten me thinking about music again and it's making me feel very warm and vibrant. I am playing with a lot of people, it's awesome. I get to be friends with a band who's really starting to make it, and that's really cool too. And a friend may be moving here who played bass with and was certainly the best fit of anyone we've tried. Plus, my band is made up of people I am very close with and love, and we are creating something very unique and we all feel extraordinarily creatively satisfied. Thinking about this stuff got my heart rate to go up a little again along with some rushes of pleasure. DOiP really seems to facilitate an intense emotional response, that's been consistent throughout the whole time.

12:30am - There is definitely some residual stimulation. It's not bad but I'm starting to want it to be gone so I can sleep soon. I've just been watching episodes of South Park. I'm not feeling much of the earlier rush of awesomeness. I feel pleasant but if I had a benzo I'd probably take it in a half hour or so. But I don't, so we'll see what happens.

4:00am - I've been laying in bed watching TV for hours now. I tried a few times to turn it off and sleep, but to no avail. Now I feel like I could actually sleep, so I'm going to try. If I hadn't wanted to sleep, like if I had taken this 4 hours earlier, I probably wouldn't have minded the light residual stimulation.

* * * * *

And I did sleep at last. I woke up to my alarm at 8:30, and promptly dozed off and woke up a few more times until about 10, and got up to work. This morning I feel quite good actually. A faintly warm glow in my body but no residual stimulation at all, it could be my imagination resulting from a slight lack of sleep. Mentally I feel normal.

I have mixed feelings about DOiP after this trial. First of all, I found it very surprisingly active at 5mg. I was really expecting a threshold experience if anything. There aren't many reports but what I remember from reading the available info is that people were taking it up to 20mg. I realize that my microdose 3-MeO-PCP probably did affect it somewhat, but I have trouble believing it caused there to be a trip when there would have been nothing before.

DOiP is certainly less potent than many other DOXs, but the trip it gave me was quite powerful in some ways. It seemed very focused on my emotional and mental state, and at this level was not visual at all. But it was quite stimulating. This stimulation was both more and less than DOC's stimulation, a strange juxtaposition. DOC raises my blood pressure and heart rate a little, but mostly it just gives me a lot of limb energy, which can be good when I want to do something physical, but bad when I'm trying to sit still or sleep. DOiP raised my heart rate substantially, especially when I was peaking and rushing to the music, it reached points where it was pounding and I was unable to not notice it, but my limbs felt nice and peaceful, I felt no need to move.

The peak of this drug felt very much like an empathogen, but with a much greater degree of mental clarity and a calmer overall state of mind. The peak happened while listening to some of my music, around 8pm (T+5 hours approximately), and it was certainly the highlight of the experience, though I think had I smoked weed and listened to music earlier, the peak would have probably been noticeable earlier. I was feeling so amazing and euphoric, and there were rushes that were so pleasurable it was giving me goosebumps and making me feel awe. It was more of an outright, drug-induced feeling of euphoria than I've felt from another DOX, really I generally only expect to feel something like that from an empathogen, or perhaps AMT (which is at least half empathogen in my book).

At the same time, though, there was an edgy, slightly uncomfortable aspect to the feeling through the entire peak section, which was probably 3 hours long. I felt a vague sense of underlying anxiety running through it, which I wondered might be from nicotine withdrawal but I don't really ever feel nicotine withdrawal to be honest, and after I had a dip it didn't change. It seemed related to the clenched feeling I had in my body; I seemed unable to slightly unclench my muscles, especially my torso, and it was a strange feeling. I was quivering slightly and the feeling was just a bit uncomfortable. But I simultaneously felt really good, it was also a very pleasurable and physically euphoric feeling. So definitely somewhat of a dichotomy. I want to emphasize I was having a good time throughout the peak, I don't mean to imply I was feeling anxious, it was just a faint undercurrent of anxiety, I believe triggered by the physical clenching feeling and the fact that at first i was sitting there without any suitable input.

Emotionally, I felt absolutely enhanced. It was like I was feeling everything at 1000% intensity, thinking about an emotional situation I was reading about would give me chills and make my eyes water with emotion and my mind would go off on tangents about it as they relate either to my life or to humanity in general... I would become completely absorbed for a moment, and it made me feel so good, such a satisfying experience. I chatted with a friend on and off for hours, and I'm glad he reached out then, because it was really nice to have someone to communicate with directly. I really felt his situation as he was explaining it and it felt good to be there for someone. There was definitely an enhanced sense of empathy. I also was feeling great about myself, definitely an ego boost as from an empathogen but with a definite psychedelic twist too, psychedelic not in an out-there way but in an intensely analytical way. I thought a lot about my music and the work I put into that, and it was both useful and gratifying.

Mentally, like I said, I felt very analytical, but mixed with an equal amount of jovial empathy. Particularly after the peak, I felt quite introspective in a useful and positive way. I wanted to talk about stuff and reflect on my experience. However, by about midnight (T+9 hours or so), I pretty much just felt residual stimulation, the mental effects were more or less gone. This is good because it indicates that we actually have a DOX with a shorter duration on our hands, and that's great because I love DOXs, but they do last a bit too long. I used to disagree with that and think DOC's duration was perfect, but as I've gotten older, I feel that it lasts too long by a few hours. The residual stimulation of DOiP did keep me up for a while. However, I took it at almost 3pm which is quite late in the day for a DOX. If I had taken it at noon even, I think the duration would have been perfect.

To compare it to some other DOXs in effect, I'd say it's actually quite unique in that it felt more intensely empathogenic. Some aspects of it reminded me of DOET, actually, specifically the slight clenched and simultaneously pleasant and edgy body feel, and the intensity of feeling that was happening. However, DOiP was also very rewarding and pleasant mentally, there was a lot of content and a lot of euphoria, unlike the strange absent neutrality of DOET; DOET seemed to produce a heightening of empathy in a strangely neutral and content-less way. It reminded me most of DOPr in terms of body feel, that warm glow emanating from the solar plexus that feels calm and peaceful, but it had significantly more stimulation than DOPr. I can't really comment on the comparison to the mental effects because my one DOPr trial thus far, at 2.55mg, was not at the same level of strength as this, I never really had much develop mentally with DOPr, but the body feels are similar. Aspects of it reminded me of DOC, too, although less closely for sure. DOC, at least when compared to this dosage level of DOiP, seems much more classically psychedelic.

Also, DOC, as I mentioned, produces a lot more movement-style energy in me, but strangely, I find no aspect of the DOC body feel to be actually uncomfortable or edgy. Also DOC is still the only DOX I've encountered that has that magical second-stage plateau, where the euphoria and empathy and such actually get stronger and then last for a very long time. With DOiP, there was a peak, relatively surprisingly far in (although that was the first time I smoked weed, and weed really kicks things in that aren't there all the way), but then after the peak was a relatively abrupt (for a DOX, it still took hours) drop-off of mental and emotional effects.

So, there you have it. I will try this again at 5mg soon, without any 3-MeO-PCP that day, to test whether I will get similar effects at this dosage again, but we may have a relatively potent, shorter-acting, quite nice DOX here with DOiP. I wasn't expecting much, but I really enjoyed this trip, it was pretty wonderful, it was just as much a roll as it was a trip. At the same time, the clenching and increase in heart rate do make me a little concerned about raising the dose much and a little hesitant to repeat. It's not that they were bad at all, just very noticeable, and it makes me feel cautious about raising the dose. I mean I will definitely try this at maybe 8mg next, after trying it again at this level. It could be that that part of it is some interaction with 3-MeO-PCP, or something I ate that day, or the caffeine I had had earlier. It definitely increased my heart rate after I smoked weed. So, I won't try to draw too many conclusions until I can try it again. Overall I have pretty high hopes for this, but DOC still ranks number one so far.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109477
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Dec 29, 2016Views: 4,301
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