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The Experience That Made Me Drug-Free
Ecstasy with Adulterants
by Cmick
Citation:   Cmick. "The Experience That Made Me Drug-Free: An Experience with Ecstasy with Adulterants (exp108641)". Jun 11, 2016.

2 tablets oral Bad/Suspect Ecstasy
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
    repeated smoked Cannabis


It was a very warm May night and my best friend, along with 2 other friends, decided to do some ecstasy. I've never done ecstasy before, so I didn't know what the pills were supposed to look like, or how much to take. My best friend said the pills we got were triple stacks, which meant that one pill actually contained 3 molly pills total.

When I finally had one in my hand I felt nervous, as the 'pill' was small, dark green, and cube-like. I had never seen something like this before, ever. I saw my friends each take 1 and I took it upon myself to do 2 (because I tend to have a high tolerance for drugs-even if I have never done them-due to past drug abuse issues) around 10PM.

We were driving, on the way to the river, to smoke by the view. We smoke 4 or 5 blunts there and I was pretty high. I did not feel any effects of the pill within the first hour. Around 11 PM, we are on our way back to my side of town and decide to pull over, park, and roll up 4 more blunts. I still only felt high off the weed, no feeling of the molly yet. I was starting to get worried I needed to do more, so I took one more pill around 12AM. My best friend and I had to be at her house at 12 and when we got there we set our shit inside and decided to take a walk.

Probably at 1230AM was when I began feeling effects of the molly. At first, I just felt really alive - like I was in touch with my inner soul. My best friend and I were literally walking around, chain-smoking cigarettes with the filter dipped in molly powder. With a dead phone, no weed and a pack of cigarettes. We decided to go back to her house and sit on the back porch. On the walk home, I began feeling extremely nauseous. When I finally got into the house, I checked the clock and it was only 12:49AM...we had only been walking for 45 minutes which we thought we had been out for hours! My perception for time was totally depleted and my heart was pounding and racing. I chugged a small cup of Gatorade and suddenly became freezing. I cuddled up in a blanket and watched TV for about 10 minutes. Then, I felt too hot for the blanket and ask my friend if we can go outside now.

At 1AM was the beginning of the peak of my high, as my mind was jumping from thought to thought but my brain just couldn't produce the words to talk. I sat there, oddly quiet, regretting all the cigarettes I had just smoked. My stomach felt like someone released a cage full of butterflies in there. My head felt completely empty, my legs were numb, and my whole body looked purple. I almost freaked out, but just chalked it up to a hallucination. 2AM and I NEED to puke or shit. I feel like I have to shit so I go inside to the bathroom and to my surprise, I cannot feel any body part under my bellybutton. I am trying to push shit out, heart rate increasing, anxiety induced, and my brain literally cannot function well enough to tell my shit to come out of my asshole. So, I just figured I have to puke. Spending 35 minutes trying to vomit, I go back outside thinking fresh air may help me out. I walk around her backyard, just trying to throw up and its in the back of my throat but just won't come up. This is when I start to freak...bad. 3 o'clock in the morning I began to have issues breathing. No matter how calm I told myself to be or how many times I reassured myself I could breathe, I couldn't. Every now and then I could get a huge deep breath, and that only made me worry more.

Very panicy, I call my mom to come pick me up (me and my best friend live 3 streets over from each other). She arrives and immediately knows I'm on drugs. She gets me into the bathtub, and I'm then able to get myself to puke. I throw up 5-10 times, then I really couldn't breathe. My mom took me downstairs and took my blood pressure. She said my heart rate was 229 BPM. I was then rushed to the hospital and there, I was given Zofran for nausea and Ativan, a muscle relaxer. They did a drug test and surprisingly, it was negative for everything EVEN MARIJUANA. My mom and I both knew that couldn't be right, I've been smoking weed everyday for 5 years. So, once I am a bit calmer we are discharged from the hospital. My mom then went to the store and bought a 10-panel drug test. I tested positive for marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, and heroin. I have never done heroin and I did cocaine once a few years ago. I knew the marijuana and ecstasy would show up, but cocaine and heroin? That's messed up someone would sell that to someone and NOT tell them there's heroin and coke in it as well.

This experience has made me quit a long 6-year cigarette habit and has also made me want to AND swear to myself and family that I will NEVER do any type of drug EVER again.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108641
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jun 11, 2016Views: 3,448
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MDMA (3), Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (567) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Health Problems (27), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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