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Speaking Without Words
LSD & Cannabis
by Chunkymonk
Citation:   Chunkymonk. "Speaking Without Words: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp102880)". Feb 16, 2020.

T+ 0:00
0.33 hits sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:45 1 hit smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 3:30 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 5:45 1 tablet oral Benzodiazepines  
  T+ 6:45 1 tablet oral Benzodiazepines  


I am casual drug user who does some E and weed and K every 3 months or so. Partially due to the fact that itís hard to score where I am and also I donít want to let drugs affect my work so I only do them when I am able to take a couple of days off to recuperate.

I have always wanted to try LSD but I could never seem to find what I deem as a reliable source till this one time. Got it off some friends whom I trusted and decided to give it a go. I was alone as it was not convenient for me to trip with others at that time so I did 1/3 of a blotter. I definitely didnít want to end up doing too much. My pals told me that the blotter was strong so I erred on the side of caution.
I definitely didnít want to end up doing too much. My pals told me that the blotter was strong so I erred on the side of caution.

I had a lot of trepidation due to all reports on bad trips that I have read. I definitely have a lot of demons in me and fucked up shit pent up inside so in a way the odds of having a bad trip was going to be pretty high. I am a pessimist and an eternal cynic who is only truly happy when I am rolling on some good E which is my favourite way of getting fucked up.

T + 0
Curiosity got a hold of me nonetheless and I placed that 1/3 of a blotter under my tongue, laid down on the couch and put on some nice soothing trance tunes. Not my favourite but I read setting is important so I wanted to be sure I was truly relaxed.

And there I laid for 2 hours, staring at the fan on the ceiling with my headphones on. I didnít feel much except for some nystagmus. I was suspecting that the blotter was bunk and I got jacked. I was debating with myself whether to do the rest of the blotter but I thought better of it and decided to wait a little longer. I could always go back to doing some E if this LSD thingy falls through.

T + 2hrs 15mins:

I felt the body load come on and it was not pleasant. My body temperature felt like it was fluctuating and I was experiencing nausea. My body felt weak and my mouth was parched. I got up and looked at my dog and there was a pool of blood around her. I looked at the walls and there was blood oozing out of the crevices. These visuals didnít scare me as I was still lucid and I knew it was the drugs fucking up my eye sight.

The experience was similar to what I had when I tried 2C-B. I tried 25mg of 2CB once and hated it. None of the euphoria that people talked about. No connection to music whatsoever. Distorted vision, nausea, unstable body temperature, anxiety and when I was done with the body load I just came back down with nothing. Didnít enjoy myself in anyway way shape or form.

I waited another half an hour to see if things would change but it was just more of the same. At this point I was pissed at the fact that I am going to have to endure a 10 hour 2CB bad trip instead of a 3 hour one. What a fucking waste of my off days!

T + 2hrs 45 mins
I decided to smoke some weed to see if I can just turn this thing around. I did one hit from a gravity bong of some pretty good buds and that calmed me down within 2 mins and.

I sat down on the couch, no longer feeling anxious and put on some music again. The chilled out tempo electronica didnít seem to do it for me so I decided to switch to some cheesy Makina tunes. (high beats per minute happy hardcore type of music).

And so my ride began.

I closed my eyes and was transported to a stereotyped psychedelic world that you see portrayed in the media about acid. I was enveloped in all the moving colours and patterns and I watched with fascination as I felt the Ďsmoothnessí of this world I was in. I canít find another word to describe the feeling I had while having those visual. I was just overwhelmed by how smooth everything around me felt.
I was just overwhelmed by how smooth everything around me felt.

When certain parts of a song connected with me emotionally I could feel the energy start from the base of my feet, surging stronger and stronger and it courses through my body and culminates to an explosion of fireworks when it reaches my head. There were different colours associated with different emotions. Red was for jealousy and envy, yellow was for joy and contentment, white was for sorrow and grief.

At one point, a bastardized version of Adeleís ď Fire to the RainĒ was playing and the melody was so poignant that it brought forth all the pain and sadness and I covered my face with my hands and I was bauling uncontrollably inside but there wasnít any sound coming out of me. I was lucid enough to know that though I was tripping in wonderland.

T + 3hrs 30mins

Decided to step off the magic ride when I realized that with all that emotional energy coursing through me, I was totally drenched in my sweat. I told myself I had better check on myself every 30 min or so to make sure I was not dehydrated. Good thing I had isotonic drinks with me so I would be able to replace my body salt content also. By now I was no longer seeing blood everywhere and was much happier since I got to experience something magical for my troubles.

I stepped out to have a cigarette to enjoy a little of the night sky. I felt perfectly normal sitting there with my cigarette and unless you looked at my pupils you couldn't really tell that I was on anything.

I then got back into the house and sat on the couch to experience the silence. (It was 3 am in the morning now) and that is when I had the strangest experience ever with drugs.

T + 3hrs 45 mins

I started to pantomime.

I was perfectly conscious and sober in my mind at this point when I felt my hands started to move and gesticulate. I could tell myself to stop but I decided to just let go and see where this is going to take me.

My hands would gesticulate to every thought in my head.
My hands would gesticulate to every thought in my head.
I was having a full on conversation with myself about all the things in my life, the stories, the analysis, the justifications, the excuses, the lies that I have ever told others and myself and others to me.

It was a very emotional experience and could feel my facial expression change with the emotions but the whole time not a peep came out of me.

Out of the blue, I would stop talking to myself and start acting like a clown. Making stupid faces and contorting my body in strange poses. (I was just glad I was home only with a dog who doesnít care what you do with yourself. There were times I looked like someone going through an exorcism.) Every 15 mins or so I could and would stop myself to get a drink of water as I felt that I was losing water through sweat. But at the same time I didnít want to suffer from water poisoning so I would try to a piss to see how much water I had in my body.

T + 5h 45mins

This went on for another full 2 hours and it didnít seem to be abating. I can stop myself from pantomiming to do something but once I am done focusing on performing a task it would start again. Any thought that came into my head would have a corresponding gesture and set off a chain of other movements. Listening to music didnít help because the melodies would set off certain movements and they were even more intense and tiring at this point.

I climbed into my bed to try to somehow sleep but no dice.

Even the thought ď Stop this! Calm down.Ē Has a movement that comes with it so evidently I wasnít going to be able to stop it for very long. At this point I could feel that I was very physically tired from the sometimes very strenuous uncontrolled body movements and I really wanted it to stop.

I remember telling myself at this point, ďFuck psychedelics, I am sticking E!Ē I controlled myself long enough to check on the internet using my cellphone on how to abort an LSD trip. I was in luck as I had some benzos with me. Popped one and I was out of it in about 15 mins and I popped another after an hour to get to sleep.

I woke up after about 5 hours of sleep the next day and surprisingly with not too much of a hangover. I did lose quite a bit of weight from all that water lost. But I had no appetite whatsoever for the rest of the day. Immediately after the experience I really didnít want to try LSD again. If this is what I experienced on 1/3 of a tab I just wondered what would happen if I did a the whole thing. I donít know how much there was in that blotter but really, how much can you get on one blotter let alone 1/3?

I tried to find out if others have had similar experiences as I did with the pantomime but I couldnít find anyone either among my friends or on websites such as this one. I am sharing partly to see if anybody has had the same experience.

All in all the experience didnít change me at all.
All in all the experience didnít change me at all.
Now with a little time between me and that experience I am ready to try LSD again. But I might candyflip to see if itís any different and will make sure I have enough benzos with me in case it gets really unpleasant.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102880
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Feb 16, 2020Views: 1,976
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LSD (2) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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