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Unexpected Hemorrhoid Remedy
Citation:   bloodfreak. "Unexpected Hemorrhoid Remedy: An Experience with Kratom (exp100242)". Jan 23, 2014.

3 joints/cigs smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    oral Kratom (tea)
This report is about a non-psychoactive beneficial effect of Kratom.
I currently suffer of hemorrhoid. It's the second time I have this symptom, first being 16 years ago, at a time when I was a heavy tobacco smoker and relatively heavy drinker.

Supplements and other drugs used at the time :
l-tyrosine (500mg/day in the morning)
vitamins b complex (half of officially recommended dosage in the morning)
5htp ( 5-10 mg at night, 3-8mg in the morning)
nicotine gums ( 10-15 X 2 mg through the day)
cannabis (3 cigarettes of lo-mid grade pot at night)
Centella asiatica tea ( 1 tbsp for 2 liters of tea drunk in 4 or 5 times during the day - I've had more effective Centella in the past...)
Flax oil (1g/day)
Raw garlic ( 2g /day)

This spring, for professional reasons I had to take many long rides by train and by car with some social moderate drinking and smoking. Suddenly, the same vein of my rectum that had swollen 16 years ago started to swell again. It was unexpected and I felt it to be a bit 'unfair', as I had a healthier lifestyle than in the past.

I started to drink a lot of Centella tea (Gotu-kola) and it helped a bit, but not as much as I hoped. I had the painful hemorrhoid for 5 days when I wanted to spice a little my usual evening relaxing pot smoking. Having a drink was out of the question and I reluctantly brewed some Kratom tea. I usually don't think of Kratom as an herbal medicine, more as a recreational/work mild psychoactive, with potentially unpleasant effects when overdone and a small but real addictive potential. I had the usual good effects of Kratom: empathy, pot enhancement, moderate stimulation mixed with relaxation, nice warmth and so on.

Best of all: 30 minutes into the effects, I noticed that I felt no more discomfort in my anal area.

I was very pleased with the analgesic effect. Kratom is supposed to have some and a friend of mine successfully manages back pain with this plant, but I'd never noticed that effect myself until then. Something cool was that this effect lasted after I came down and even better, the mild skin itching which usually takes place at that time was sparing my ass. Even better: I felt less pain the next day as well.

Discomfort came back the following 48 hours, perhaps because I ate a bit too fat and spicy. 4 days after the first experience, I drank some mid-strong Kratom tea again, and the whole thing happened exactly the same way. Plus the swelling has slightly regressed compared to earlier the same day and the vein is far less sensitive to contact. And again, it lasts the next day (today).

I don't know if Kratom has anti-inflamatory properties, or blood-vessel protective ones. I don't know if this is just the Kratom or a synergy between kratom, Centella, garlic, tyrosine, whatever. But it is obvious to me that this isnt a mere temporary analgesia. This was totally unexpected. I drink kratom once or twice a week with few interruptions for years and I've never noticed this property or other healing ones before.

Since I'm working with plants, I've always found an herbal answer to whatever new sickness hits me, while my experience with western modern medicine has been far less successful. I'm grateful to the wonderful plant world.

February 2018 Update:
Since, I had minor hemorrhoid crisis (usually once or twice a year, during spring), none as bad as the one described in above.

Everytime I feel the coming of a crisis, I brew and drink a light kratom tea. It stops the crisis very quickly. In fact, discomfort never goes worse than the point it is at the moment I start drinking kratom. Sometimes, it stays this way for 2 or 3 days, sometimes, it goes away the next 24H.

I did some search and found that kratom has anti-inflamatory properties. In addition, it may have an action on blood vessels or blood stream, as I noticed an improvement of my partial erectile dysfunction.


Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100242
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50
Published: Jan 23, 2014Views: 11,460
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