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Reports from Jul 18 2000 - Jul 18 2000
(14 Total)

Recommended Holy Hyperspace Freek-Out Saint Erick DPT 2000 Jul 18
Recommended Showing Me My Place in the Universe Triode DOB 2000 Jul 18
Too Much of a Good Thing GoneBoy GBL 2000 Jul 18
Weed of Visons S. Johnson Cannabis 2000 Jul 18
Weed from Holland Jon Cannabis 2000 Jul 18
GHB overdose? tM GBL 2000 Jul 18
My Big Scare Chris Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) 2000 Jul 18
DiPT in Cuba Jimmy DiPT 2000 Jul 18
Imaginary People Crazy Steve Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) 2000 Jul 18
Spiders and Moths and Flies, Oh My Jeff Dimenhydrinate & Alcohol 2000 Jul 18
Walking Coma Sinnlos Diphenhydramine 2000 Jul 18
Using Speed/Crank the Smart Way RaginAsian Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 18
Foxy FX Sweet 5-MeO-DiPT 2000 Jul 18
The World of Speed Skip Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 18

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