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Showing Me My Place in the Universe
Citation:   Triode. "Showing Me My Place in the Universe: An Experience with DOB (exp1545)". Jul 18, 2000.

2.5 mg oral DOB (powder / crystals)
Two good friends and I decided to take a weekend and trip on DOB. My
initial expectations were of a trip very much like 2C-B, but spanning
sixteen to twenty hours and fueled by the presence of amphetamine.
What occurred was something not entirely different, but not something
I'd been anticipating.

[T+0h] Saturday noon. After I munched on a breafast of bacon and eggs,
we three wanderers each ingest 2.5mg DOB dissolved in distilled water.
Mixed with orange juice; taste imperceptible. Here goes.

[T+0:30] First twinges of a psychedelic drug in my system.

[T+0:45] The psychedelic is clearly taking over my brain. Interacting
with the world around me is difficult. If I know nothing else, it's
that I'd better get the hell outta public view.

[T+1h] Two of the three of us arrive at a Safe location. We have a
friend who'd volunteered to drive us around that weekend, and so we
wait for him to get ready to take us home. We step inside (out of the
sunlight) and immediately my field of vision explodes into
characteristically 2C-B visuals. I notice as well a wave of
amphetamine crash over my body, and I am soon feeling like the
strongest man alive. I help my chauffeur lug some very heavy cargo to
the van -- effortless. This shit is SPEEDY. I am smoking pot because
I am compulsed towards it; it seems like a good idea to head off any
GI discomfort at the pass.

[T+1:30] We two arrive at home and meet the third, who's been coming
up on the same schedule. At this point, when I am in a darkened area,
I am completely unable to distinguish visual effects from real
objects. Amphetamine high is still CRUISING.

[T+2h] I am so amped, I could gnaw the head off a puppy. Fortunately,
the fact that my entire perspective is moving, breathing, pulsating,
billowing, and crawling keeps me from doing anything useful. More
smoking, and it is noticeably hard to keep it together long enough to
pack a bowl. I am floored.

[T+2:30] I am thanking my lucky stars that I am going to have to
interact only with people I know very well for the next 20 hours. I
am quite sure that I am having a good time, though -- still feels like
2C-B, but HARDER.

[T+3h] I would trade a kidney for a pack of Bazooka gum. I have been
becoming more and more disoriented with my surroundings throughout the
whole three hours, and it is here that I would call myself 'lost' in
my own house.

[T+4h] A delightful, non-tripping-his-eyeballs-out friend shows up,
and we three enjoy talking to him. I think it is at this point that
the trip begins its second leg; the 2C-B visuals start to fade (very
slightly, at this point) and get the hell out of the way, and a very
profound, intellectual DOB experience begins.

[T+4:20] I pack a bowl. 'See you in 12 hours, guys.' *rrrrrrrip*

[T+5h] I can feel a slight tension lifted from my body as I
simultaneously feel my brain kick into high gear. I eat something
because I can somehow tell I need to.

[T+6h] Over T+5-6h, I am able to clear the visuals out of the way
(although they're still _very_ strong) and think, think, think. I
suddenly questioned every fact about reality I'd taken for granted.

[T+7h] The amphetamine din has settled into a dull roar, and I am
leading my appreciative brain through an odyssey of metaphysically-
deep insights into the real and perceived worldview I call 'Reality',
leaving open at every corner the chance for anything to be possible.
The three of us are happily and hungrily announcing and discussing our
current thoughts. We are settling down into a dark room in the middle
of our house, almost like a cocoon, each person in turn putting on the
music he believed to be perfect for the situation.

[T+9h] We are devouring any knowledge we can, eager to share our
amazing experiences and contemplations. We eat when we need food,
drink when we need water, smoke when it feels right. I feel as though
I'm overseeing my body at a higher level than I ever have; I have a
good and innate sense of how to take care of myself (food, water,
pot, music) without dwelling on the individual feelings and pains in
my body. It is apparent that the 'peak' (T+1-8h) has passed and the
effects are beginning a very slow, gradual taper. Three non-tripping
friends appear, and it is very comforting to see faces from the
outside world. We talk and enjoy each other.

[T+12h] Less visual, more brainy! DOB thoughts are leaving me
dumbfounded. I am anxious to wrap my brain around any scenario I can
conceive. I have a correct and instinctual understanding of
electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, organic
chemistry, algorithmic mathematics in such a way that I can simply
'feel' in what trend a particular system will act. By possessing this
deep understanding of physics and mathematics, the rules of my
universe, I can detect patterns shared among wildly different systems
(the ties that bind between social, chemical, and physical
interactions). I cook pasta for the six of us, and as it is
well-received I ponder the satisfaction of crafting something for my
friends and having it appreciated.

It's interesting to note that this experience was more what I would
call 'Ecstasy' than MDMA is. My past drug experiences were
embarrassed and belittled by the DOB's gravity, its unique
characteristic of allowing me to invent a constant stream of Heavy
Shit for my mind to happily plow through. I felt like I'd never
thought about anything so important; my most fundamental concepts of
reality were shaken to the core for the first time, and in comparison
it makes the visceral high of a 'quality' MDMA or mushroom trip seem
positively rude. Whereas MDMA might allow me to reach a comfortable
synergy with the people around me, DOB provided a glimpse of what it
might be like to achieve Nirvana, to exist as pure thought. When it
comes right down to it, this is why I ingest psychedelics. This is
what it's all about.

I had some very momentous insights into heritage and family ties, from
my relationship with my dad to my kinship with the creatures from
which I evolved. I was given a chance to grasp the infinity of the
universe; understanding its specifics was clearly out of reach, but I
understood why it was acting how it was acting, on the whole. DOB is
completely orthogonal to the emotional realm; it does not alter my
mood at all, and only allows me to enjoy it because I enjoy thinking.

[T+14h] 2am Sunday, and it is here that things really begin to screech
to a halt. Our conversation becomes less frequent, and I become more
introspective. It's time to let the music take over.

[T+16:20] 4:20am and I'm keeping true to the previous afternoon's
promise. We are content to keep ourselves warm, hydrated and fed, and
bathed in music. Very faint visuals. Coming down, no question about it.

[T+20h] It is around this point in time when each of us three dozes
off in turn; we're right on the tail end of the DOB's effects.

[T+22h] At 10am Sunday, I declared the DOB's mental effects 'over'.

[T+33h] After a full day of doing stuff and feeling generally ok, it's
sleepytime. :)

DOB tore me a new asshole. I cannot describe it without its power
making itself apparent in my speech; DOB will forever hold a special
place in my heart, a place earned as a Truly Psychedelic Drug. If
treated with respect, I believe DOB can show us how awesome the
human condition can be.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1545
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 18, 2000Views: 38,007
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DOB (19) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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