Holy Hyperspace Freek-Out
Citation:   Saint Erick. "Holy Hyperspace Freek-Out: An Experience with DPT (exp1068)". Erowid.org. Jul 18, 2000. erowid.org/exp/1068

250 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
So on tuesday erick set himself up horizontal w/ tape recorder, majik journal, h20, earplugs, blindfold etc. and snorted 250 mg. DPT. (the pure powder). foul taste and odor of product. after ten minutes very shaky, trembling, vibrating. the same vibrations that rock the skeleton spread to shake the whole room, he tears off earplugs/ blindfold. Pan has entered the innerroom: panic.

the air is dense w/ shifting dancing fractal shrimp, geometry of visions is sharp, sliding, No-Thing is solid (how was i ever fooled into thinking it was) No-Thing can be held in my hands for long. No place to observe from, no repose, cannot rest on blanket and pillow which are molecules racing up to light speed & the poor primate nervous system protests quantum physics-in-everyday-life: vomits fluorescent yellow & green into crystal bathtub. suddenly sucked into an alternate world: out on shimmering night streets with dark purple woman.

now back in room. how long was i gone? is this still going on? the worlds gushing alive. Next: he’s a yogi suddenly overwhelmed with psychick energy: third eye and crown chakra explode, eyes & mouth shocked open , doubled over onto knees: sky of room invaded blooming w/ fierce firewheels, mandalas send flaming electric shards to pierce repeatedly with real pain as real as any phenomenal skin mutilation, the jolts enter muscles, nerves; moan and screech in pain, helpless; Next World: a room with some guy, erick has repeatedly done work to arrange situations & experiences & experiments so as to entertain himself & then to write down what happens. this time hes gone too far: the experiment was too powerful and consumed the laboratory; the guy begins yelling : 'why the fuck did you do this for???' 'i dont know!' both experience terrible fear, breaking up simultaneously with the room into cells, molecules, light, shaking violently as in an apokalypse earthquake, conceptions burnt out of skulls by endless light the whole universe falls apart, all colors in electrik air whirl pool into a mandala, eaten up forever. that’s it, the worlds over.

outside now, watching. its very obvious the human world was as stable as a house of toothpicks, amazing it didnt fall apart sooner in history, but the hideous human angel hasnt been crawling along the planet that long at all. and now someone pulled the plug out accidentally. several times he find himself in a quasi-human world, with various bodies (man, wo-man, old bum, machine, teen girl, cartoon, etc) with a fully different set of memories and characteristics living some schizoid life for a few intense minutes then the whole thing would be eaten up into a mandala that throbs in space which would never fail to shock and horrify him. 'its cold out here where's home? i want to go back, wheres home?' Once, floating bodiless, no limbs to flail in protest he asked why was the wholeearth human-ape contraption ever even running? why does everyone have to struggle and suffer and get caught in animal-drama if its all gonna close down anyway and no-body gets no-thing? Answer: it wasnt what you thought it was, it was not a difficult test. the organic world is like a ride, a warm 3-D roller coaster. once you get on you forget you were ever anywhere else b/c yr so overwhelmed by the colors & nerve explosions & density of it all. from outside this is clear: the universe is such a festive holy space! to have meat bodies: what an opportunity for joy!

so meanwhile, inside the wheel, inside the earth world which goes on & on whilst a few escape momentarily to see it from afar as psychonauts or by deth: 'deth let you out', erick's body-vehicle was raging psychotic involved in all sorts of instinctive surrealism: with the source of attention chemically locked in other dimensions, the body continued to act upon itself and the environment, thrashing, howling, broke up an empty fish tank that was in the room throwing glass into the bathtub which it climbed into wearing thermal under pants and proceeded to use soap and glass shards to wash itself or something. perhaps it was enjoyable. maybe the glass looked very beautiful, maybe it seemed like flowers or sponges or pieces of the body of god. dont know, dont remember. but at this point, the neighbors across the hall called police & rescue squad b/c sound effects mimicked someone being severely beaten. Isnt the human world so funny? you cant go too far in any direction without someone coming in and scooping you up 'hold on, come back here'. the report that he was given was that everyone feared him, he appeared possessed, bezerk, amok, etc., it took 5 large men to subdue & 5 times the usual dose of Atavan to tranquilize the body. this seems humorous now, and theres no memory of it available for viewing, only a few lovely scars. an objective video recording of this trip would be the most amazing action film he could ever watch.

the closest memory he has of that scene is being one of a cult of beautiful wise children that sit up in wooden apartments smoking psychedelic mushrooms all day. We speak in a language that’s evolved from english &sci-fi lingo and is able to describe the otherwise incomprehensible experiences we share (one word retrieved into this world: “hysteroid” which describes a mixed state of hysteria and psychoid traits, as in: “I don’t know whats up with him, hes been acting like so hysteroid lately”). police came in, violent & ready to punish, and we were just like 'oh, those guys again' & ignored them . we knew there was no act more revolutionary than disassembling & reassembling reality in our own bedrooms. we were such perfect detached space explorers that the other poor humans’ cries of protest & fear were less than the buzzing of dizzy flies.
For the majority of the trip there was no knowledge of ever having ingested a supplement called DPT, or any idea of erick’s life. There were a few flashes of the room but it was wildly transformed into a savagely abstract version, with additional people, objects, new animals, furniture, etc. & there was a recurring experience of being someone who had gone insane & couldn’t control the seizure-dancing body as it was propelled thru life running at twenty times the speed and intensity of ever before: being thrown bodily upstairs and down streets, thru alleys and buildings and windows and plant life and especially drowning in infinitely deep rainbow oceans; morphing bodies and minds, faces exploding endlessly into a geyser of chaotic nature forms & information living so violently inside the present moment that there was no memory, no time for history, and no anticipation because every moment so incredibly bizarre and new that prediction would be ridiculous.

The auditory information was a constant experience of weird echoing sounds, electronicish sound forms physically emotionally visually present, many frequently resembling an unintelligible machine voices or terrible freakish animal screams or both.

One world contained a sleek futuristic version of erick and his friends, allies in a majikal group based on revelations understood in a space accessible with a certain chemical key. This space shows this world, tho thru a lens so different that it becomes almost unrecognizable. you enter a wild stream of information that seems to be the raw chaos that permeates everything always. We call the knowledge gained in this space and the state of receiving it “schizophrenic truth”. One level of it, as you come closer back to yr usual state reveals life as a ride on an everblooming point (Hadit), (or rather a continuous explosion of sensation channeled into the forms of yr body &environ), which is surrounded by infinite other pockets of experience, the collection of which is hyperspace (Nuit). We may access any of these points as rooms in an endless hotel, each room a universe, a complete life or both, & travel as transdimensional nomads thru alien territories until the chemical wears off and we slip back into our home base world with the obvious knowledge that it is one among infinite others inside the inconceivable freakyness of momma nature.

Erick woke at 6am the next morning vomiting charcoal in new orleans charity hospital attached to a cartoon yellow catheter. The charcoal was for the fruitless project of trying to pump his stomach. Supposedly the body was having seizures and later was put on a respirator. He signed a release form saying he would stop using drugs & collapsed into a taxi home wearing fat bleeding lips, a chipped tooth, many wide open smiling cuts, maroon bruises & the world famous asexual hospital gown. Once again, erick had found himself in the wrong culture: any good old south american shaman/ess would tell you that spitting, screaming, vomiting, seizing, thrashing, mutilation & visions of the body’s destruction & end are all part of the extraterrestrial voyage.

In the days following, the body was drained & weak & feared that the world would dissolve into a ruthless all consuming mandala & my precious animal incarnation would be game-over. this fear is extremely useful for enjoying the moment-to moment life. In the weeks following, each time he smoked cannabis, the DPT imagery would turn on in the visual display, and a few playbacks of 3-d sounds were witnessed. While in meditation, certain sounds, voices & images bubbled up which seemed to be parts of the trip and mental recordings of the rescue squad’s voices & roommate’s voice trying to communicate w/ him.

Even with the bloody drama and overwhelming emergency, erick regrets nothing and considers this one of the most potent & educational days of his earth life so far.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1068
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 18, 2000Views: 33,176
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DPT (21) : Difficult Experiences (5), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Various (28)

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