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Reports from Oct 25 2000 - Oct 25 2000
(16 Total)

Recommended The Mind Awhirl... Remedy=Chill 2C-T-7 2000 Oct 25
DXM Fucked Me Up The Baron DXM 2000 Oct 25
Once Is Enough Amber Cocaine 2000 Oct 25
One Day I'll Give It Up Anonymous Cocaine 2000 Oct 25
Demons and Bugs Michael L. Mushrooms 2000 Oct 25
A Mesmerising Experience on the Blessed Herb Bcdice420 Cannabis 2000 Oct 25
One Loooong Ass Trip! Rudiger Nutmeg 2000 Oct 25
Hallucinogenic Nutmeg Experience BC Nutmeg 2000 Oct 25
Tripping In Bed Konops Morning Glory Seeds 2000 Oct 25
They Call It Hippie Crack for a Reason Empire Nitrous Oxide 2000 Oct 25
Woah, This is Some Crazy Shit! Klassy Nutmeg 2000 Oct 25
Mixed Feelings, but Mostly Bad Jamie M. Nutmeg 2000 Oct 25
I Feel Like Barfing Whenever I Hear the Word Lindsay Nutmeg 2000 Oct 25
If It Doesn't Scare You, Its Not Acid J Mills LSD 2000 Oct 25
Hangover RK Ecstasy 2000 Oct 25
Knowledge is Power Madincraft LSD 2000 Oct 25

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