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One Loooong Ass Trip!
Citation:   Rudiger. "One Loooong Ass Trip!: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp99)". Oct 25, 2000.

18 nuts oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
Well, I don't pretend to be any kind of drug Guru, there is a lot of shit that I haven't tried, and there is a lot that I refuse to try. But this, my friends, at 63 cents a dose, is what everyone should attempt, at least once.

When it comes to 'legal highs,' I usually turn my back and promptly focus my attention on something else that is more deserving of my time. Usually illegal drugs. Because to be at all effective, it can't have the name 'legal' attached to it. This past weekend I had a ticket to a rave, and absolutely no cash. I had recently stumbled on readings on the net about nutmeg and its effects, this grabbed my attention and seemingly warranted a try.

I picked up my friend and headed to McDonalds for a chocolate milkshake, in which to mix my nutmug (not a good thing to put it in, I'm still looking for an appropriate mode of ingestion). I put in about 18 grams (I just ground them a few hours earlier, they were quite oily, a good sign from what I've read) and headed off to the rave at about 9pm Saturday night, the party started at 10. The party was really good, and by 11pm I started to feel the effects. It started off feeling like an alcohol buzz, mixed with a caffeine rush. This was all good, but I read that the effects don't peak for 9-12 hours, so I thought that I would smoke a bowl or two to calm down a little. The weed had no effect, my energy was at about 8 to 8.5 and stayed that way until about 1am, when I leveled out and was just having a real good E feeling, very happy to be there and energetic, all around good vibes.

At about 2 am, things started to get a little weird. I have been a participant in the recreational drug scene the past few years. Although I have taken my fair share of mind altering substances, I have never been on what I would classify as a trip. I've sat there and watched my freinds trip, and talk about what they are seeing, when I've injested just as much (blank) as they have, and felt nothing even close to what they were experiencing. This always pissed me off; just once I would like to get messed and see shit, and feel the ground slide under my feet. Anyway, it's about 2am and things are getting wierd, I still have the nice E feel, with the energy, but now I'm getting an acid spin on things (anyone who has done acid will know the spin that I'm talking about). People that are on the dance floor all around me start to disappear, and the only thing that means anything to me, at that point, is the space right around me in my little dance area. My dancing is also getting very different than my usual high energy version. It is slowing down and becoming very, very fluid. The music also is becoming somewhat flat, and sounding far away, the lights as well are not as vivid as they were earlier. This was kind of pissing me off, because this was not the way that I wanted my reality to be altered. Then I closed my eyes.

That is when the night really started for me. I closed my eyes, and somehow it seemed by eliminating that sense, my brain devoted all that energy to all the others. The music came alive, the sounds were like nothing I've heard before. The high notes would hit you like pins, and the bass would push you around, and every song was better than the last. This is what I was looking for, my very first full-fleged trip. My body was acting like it was on cruise control, I didn't have to think about dancing any longer. My hands, feet and body all did what they did, and all very smooth and fluid like. I was free to concentrate on the music that was sounding so good. Then the visuals started.

I have never had any visual hallucinations before, besides some tracers one time when I ate too many shrooms. The things that were going on in my head were intense. I was dancing on the floor, with my eyes shut, in my own little area (with definite wall-like borders). My body was doing who knows what (I felt as though I was detached from it), watching a 'video' play in my head. It was the coolest thing that I've ever seen. It started with just random thoughts, popping in and then staying there. They started to morph into other things, then they all just started reacting with one another and forming a video. Complete random objects were transforming into other complete random objects. There is really no way for me to decribe what the hell I saw in my head that night. I would see celery stalks that morphed into mannequin legs, that got squished into a tabletop that streched into a bus, etc, etc, etc. These were incredibly real and vivid things, the music at the same time was interacting with the objects, and the objects seemed to reflect the feel of the music, they both fit each other perfectly. I would find myself on the dancefloor, standing in a strange pose for I don't know how long (maybe 10 seconds, maybe 15 minutes), laughing at the video. It was all so strange because it was in my head yet everything that was going on was a complete surprise.

It's about 6am now and the trip is just starting to really kick in. My mind is everywere at once examining all the visuals, and taking in all the incredible music surrounding me. Somehow through all this I am able to keep complete balance, in my little area. While all these random thoughts were streaming through my head, once in a while a more 'major' thought would pass by and stick. I started thinking about how nice it would be to be sitting at home on the couch with my cat watching t.v., then I was there. I was sitting on my couch with my cat on my lap, I could feel how soft her fur is, how much heat she can generate and how she purrs when you pet her. INTENSE. Never have I felt anything like this before, it was so real, and dream-like at the same time. I could control my actions in this dream and feel all that I would if I were really there. I did this a couple more times, once I was making pottery, and another time I was cracking open fresh coconuts, with a machete (don't ask me). But all these dreams were so very vivid, and when they happened everything else disappeared, all the other visuals, the music, everything. I don't know how long they lasted for, but each time I snapped out of one, I was in some weird pose like a statue in my corner of the dance floor.

If the rave would have kept on going I would have been fine, but it shut down at about 8am. I was the last person on the dancefloor, and everyone was crashed out all over the place. The acid like spin on everything was still very strong 12hrs after I ingested, I had a lot of trouble functioning, and doing things like walking and packing up. The weather outside was crap, it's december and the winds at 60km/hr and it's 25 below. Fucking cold and I can't do anything much less drive. The whole thing would have been a lot better if I lived within walking distance to the rave, but I live out of town and could not see me getting home any time soon (real shitty). All I wanted to do was crash, and unfortunately the friends that I was with were all pissing me off. I just really wanted to be home at the that point. So we got to a friend's place and crashed until 3pm on Sunday, when for some reason we all had to get out. I was still completely out of it, I felt uncooridnated and things were hard to compute.

After a massive amount of shit (battery dead, dad had to come get us, dropped off friends, brother drove car home because I still couldn't), I got home and crashed at 4:30pm Sunday. At 9:30pm Sunday I got up to get some water. I could barely stand I felt so drunk, I hit the wall and wiped out trying to turn on the lights. This is over 24hrs after ingestion. I stumbled back to bed and didn't get up till 11:30am Monday. I was still feeling drunk, but not as bad, and spent the rest of the day in a fog till about 9pm that night, a full 48 hours after injestion.

This is definitely not something that you should do if you have an afternoon to kill. This takes planning, and I would do it someplace that you feel safe in and could stay for a couple of days. Work the next day would be impossible, don't expect to be able to do that for a good 2 days. Although I have never had a bad trip off of any drug (only positive experiences, knock on wood!), I could see this turning out bad because of the intensity of it. Some people who may not be able to fully let go and receive the experiance would have a bad time fighting with it. You really have to let go and go where it wants to take you. I would fully recommend this to anyone, but be careful if you have any nut allergies, that may be the reason why some people get so sick on it. I've read that people may be nauseous for hours, but that might be because they took it all at once in one mouthful. A slower mode of ingestion worked better for me, though I would like to find a better medium than a milkshake, maybe a strong flavored slurpy. Any-hoo, this is definitely a thumbs up experience, although it definitely won't be one that I will try again too soon (the length of it, is such a factor). But what other substance will do that for me for so long for 63 cents? It will be somthing that I will put away for special occations.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 99
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 25, 2000Views: 18,588
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Nutmeg (41) : Various (28), General (1)

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